It’s a puzzle! It’s a game! It’s Pajaggle!

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Pajaggle is more than just a fun word to say, it is also a fun puzzle, challenge and game. Play by yourself, against or with someone on one board or get more boards and make it a party game! So many ways to play and it is great for any age, how can you not love games like this?

First let me make it clear that this is a game…that is sort of a puzzle…it’s complicated but so much fun. The board is made out of polycarbonate plastics and has very similiar (yet sometimes frustratingly different) shapes which to me means not really breakable. I can vouch for this too because I have a 3 year old who tries to make everything a puzzle right now. She is one of those force the piece in kids. Luckily they have this neat little Key (it’s called a Pajiggler – I love fun new words too!) that you push through the bottom in a small hole and it pops out the pieces. They thought of everything!

2014-04-02 08.51.30 copyAside from being wonderfully durable the pieces come in their own baggies so you can grab it and the board (without the box) and take it anywhere. I like this because I can throw it all in my bag…I gave up on purses after my lovely daughter was born. This is great to take with us because my kids focus on playing it and are quiet and calm. That’s right…quiet and calm at the same time…both of them. I do love this game.

There isn’t much to the How To play or Setup but I will go over the several options you can play and how we play. I had to adjust for my 3 year old and teach her to not force the pieces in the spots but my 5 year old can play normally. Here is the intro from the company.

The only change now is the game contents vary. If you check out their website they have the version with a board, a set of pieces, cards and a timer but then they also have the Deluxe version with a board, 2 sets of pieces and cards. That option is awesome because you can simply download the timer app to still challenge yourself AND you can play against another player! Ok…now on to the Setup and How to of the game.

Setup: Solo, Tournament and Countdown

Open the box. Empty the pieces into a pile next to the board. If playing against another player they will use the same pieces. (In Tournament each player will have their own board and pieces) Prepare timer. (for Countdown set the timer for 1 minute)2014-04-02 11.54.27-2 copy

Play: Solo

Start the timer. Then Player 1 places the pieces in the matching holes as quickly as possible. Make sure the Pajaggle piece is saved for last. Once that is placed say Pajaggle! and stop the timer. If you are playing by yourself try to beat your best time (or 3 minutes) but if you are playing against someone it will now be their turn to try to beat your time. Fastest time wins.

This is my favorite way to play and I try to beat my best time each time. Sometimes I play casually though.

Play: Tournament

Each player should have their own board. Both Players start at the same time and tries to place the pieces in the matching holes as quickly as possible. First one to complete their board and place the Pajaggle piece in the center wins.


Play: Countdown

Set the Timer either on your app or the actual timer for 1 minute (or your chosen time). Player 1 then places the pieces in the matching holes as quickly as possible. Player 2 then has a turn and the person who has the most pieces in their spots within the time limit wins.

Setup and Play: Handwars (2 Players)

Divide the pieces into two piles either by size or number of pieces or both. The goal is that both players have an even amount of pieces but no one should have both pieces of a “doubler”. That is a large piece and its center piece. Place the Pajaggle piece in a spot where both players can reach it.2014-04-02 12.04.47 copy

Someone says Go and both players put their pieces in the matching holes as quickly as possible. First player to put all their pieces in wins.

I like to challenge my husband at this version because I tend to win at puzzles games. He is better at strategy games though.

Setup and Play: Chaos (Party Play)

You will need 4 different boards for this game. Place all the pieces in a pile in the middle of all the boards and each player gets their own board. The goal here is to place all their pieces in ANY board, not just the one in front of them. Again the Pajaggle piece is the last piece.

There are several other ways to play. You can play against other people, with multiple boards and even Strategic ways to play with people. Too many ways to explain so I explained the Solo ways and a few of the others. My husband likes the Strategic ways to play against me…he is better at that kind of game.

2014-04-02 12.05.49 copyI like to time myself and see if I can ever beat 3 minutes…I got 4:32 once…once. My son times himself…though sometimes he gets distracted and doesn’t stop the timer. It took him 30 minutes one time according to the timer. 

We have races with the different colors sometimes and while I do let him win occasionally he has beaten me a time or two on his own.  He comes closer more often than I care to admit. I kind of dread him getting older and better and beating me a lot.

When the Diva plays we take turns putting pieces in or she does it on her own. There is no timer and no time frame. That is mostly because she will do a few pieces and then get up for a few minutes. The mind of a 3 year old…when she does play with me we go back and forth find the spot for one piece from a big pile. 

Pajaggle has so many different ways to play no matter how many boards you have and each way is fun. Aside from playing with my kids I like trying to beat my best time the most. I really love puzzles and games and Pajaggle is both rolled into a beautiful single or multi player package. 

One more fact worth mentioning about the pieces, if you lose one you can contact the company and they will send a replacement. Free! I discovered this on their website FAQ after ended up two pieces shy. They have a replacement process and the instructions are on a page from their FAQ. Seriously Pajaggle takes care of their customers.

You can take it with you, leave it out for your kids (careful of the little pieces though), challenge yourself or bring it out during a party. So many ways to play and so much fun to be had for everyone of any age. If you get a chance to try Pajaggle you should…and then pick up a copy because it is hard to only play a couple times.pajagglereviewcomic2

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
~ Fred Rogers

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