Our 2015 Indiana State Fair Adventure!

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We always love the Fair. Not just any fair but our state fair in Indiana. It is a sort of magical place where we get to eat fantastic and unhealthy food, ride tons of awesome rides (even if some scare the crap out of me) and learn lots of new things usually about animals or farming. We look forward to it every year and miss it as soon as we have to leave.

We can usually only go for one day but we go for the whole day! Well from about noon or 1 until about 10pm anyway. The kids are ages 4 and 6 and not only last the whole day but love every second and want to stay longer. There is so much to see and do…and eat there that you will want a full day or multiple days to enjoy everything. We do get to see a lot and go on a LOT of rides but maybe next year we will go two days…or more.

2015-08-20 18.56.18 copyLocated on the Indiana State Fair grounds, the Indiana State Fair is worth a trip to Indy at least once. It is the perfect end to a summer vacation and a great way to kick off the school year too! We went on a Thursday this year which is a lot less busy than weekends. We try to go during the week…which is why we can only go one day normally.

We always eat lunch first so we are good for awhile and we always walk around a bit to see what there is in some buildings and let our lunch settle before going on rides. Midway had an excellent choice of rides this year including a new one, Pharoahs Fury!

My son isn’t a fan of the big fast or flipping rides but my daughter who is not tall enough is…she REALLY wanted to go with her daddy on some of these rides! Kiddieland Midway is perfect for younger kids but my daughter outgrew that area this year. She is a big kid now and was able to ride the Crazy Mouse and go into the Treasure Island climbing ride. It is their new favorite.2015-08-20 16.46.17-2 copy

There is almost always a focus on farming but this year was the Year of the Farmer so I feel like there were maybe a bit more things related to farming. My kids of course loved this and I found out Soy is used in a lot more things than I thought.

We went on a tasting adventure with the Taste from Indiana Farms exhibit. You literally walk in and get to sample foods with ingredients(or possiby the whole thing) made from Indiana Farms. We discovered my son likes smoked sausage…which made my husband happy. The Diva and I were not fans but we liked the popcorn and chex mix with cinnamon! They even had honey and apple juice!

Once again they had the Little Hands on the Farm area where kids can pretend to be farmers. Gather fruits and vegetables, milk a cow, feed the pigs and drive a tractor! Ok a tricycle tractor but it was fun. My kids absolutely love this area! They even earn a dollar at the end to spend in the “store”.

 Unfortunately you can only buy a Milk or granola bar. Both are great unless you have a milk allergy and cannot have either like my Gentleman. He was a bit upset but they did have ONE orange juice which he didn’t like. I’m hoping next year they keep allergies in mind and maybe offer water or something as an alternative. I get why the milk…but he still had a great time.

We went into a building to learn about Soy and even went on a scavenger hunt of sorts. We had to find answers to a set of questions about soy and if we got them all right we got hats. The kids HAD to have those hats…so we discovered all kinds of information about farming and soy. Farmers use apps to help them on their farms…I had no idea.

The petting zoo ish area is always fun. The goats were as hungry as ever and one kept butting the other ones out of the way to get to the food. The kids of course loved feeding the animals and for a quarter a handful it was totally worth the couple of bucks we spent there! Plus goats are just cute.2015-08-20 15.03.05-2 copy

They had the 4H projects and winners in one of the halls and they had some really neat exhibits for it! A paper mache shark, a LEGO pirate ship scene, and even Back to the Future scene! Loved it all! Those kids did an amazing job.

We didn’t get to check out any of the concerts, Free or the ones you needed tickets for, but we DID check out part of the K9 Crew Stunt Dog Show. That was amazing! One dog jumped 7 ft over a pole! The other act we got to see was  The Stars of the Peking Acrobats. 

My kids now both practice balancing things on their head and juggling. I see gymnastics in our future as well.

The show was brilliant! Tumbling, juggling, acrobatics and an amazing balancing act were all just part of what they can do. Everyone in the audience was amazed and thrilled and couldn’t believe it was a free show! We did have to explain how they trained for a long long time to do those things and stop the kids from trying to balance on stacked chairs once….and to use pretend dishes instead of real ones to balance.

There were plenty of other free shows too. Farmer Jason, Xpogo Stunt Team, and Indiana Young Farmers Pedal Tractor Pull. You could also ride ponies or Go Karts! We didn’t this year because we try to do different things each year and I wasn’t ready for my kids to love the Go Karts just yet…they terrify me enough with their tricks they try. Check out all of our pictures…though we couldn’t get everything we did take quiet a few saw a LOT.

I mentioned some of the rides already but after a bit of looking and walking we rode about a dozen rides before taking a break to look and wander some more. My daughter had to ride both Ferris Wheels of course…my son and I happily watched from the ground.

INSF2015 (95)She gets stopped at the top and waves over the edge….giving me a heart attack and texting her dad to grab her so she doesn’t fall out. I might have been a tad paranoid as he assures me they are extremely safe and she was fine. I still panic but that is probably just me…I don’t do well with heights a lot either.

The Crazy Mouse almost gave me a heart attack. You look like you are going to fall off the edge and the thing spins around a bit while you are riding in it and jerking around corners!

The kids both assured me it would be ok and then made me take them one more time! Things we do for kids…it was fun though despite my fear.

My husband decided to try a bunch of the adult type rides this year. Only our son was talk enough but we knew he wasn’t going…the Diva needed to be convinced she COULDN’T go. She didn’t like that…she really really wanted to ride those rides but they had height restrictions or she would have!INSF2015 (84)

The Comedian (AKA My husband) rode almost all the crazy rides but he couldn’t do the spinning ones…he just can’t do the spinning much. However, speed and heights he has no problem with…crazy. Speed was basically a giant stick that went around in a huge circle with the things on the ends that spun people around in circles.

Oh and when you wanted to get off only one half could at a time so the other group was stuck at the top! I was not going on that…my husband thought it was great.

His favorite was the Screamer. He said it was the one that he wasn’t prepared for even after watching it which he loves. Firestorm was pretty neat but it just went in a cricle/ring. However, it went one way then the other then back and very fast in that circle… with pauses at the top…upside down. Yeah that’s a big nope for me and a “I’ll ride that again” from the Comedian.

INSF2015SO many fun options to choose from and great for so many ages! I cannot get enough of their rides..even the ones that scare me. My son loves the Treasure Island climbing ride and it is his favorite. The Crazy Mouse scared him but he liked it at the same time…kind of like me.

My daughter LOVES anything that goes high or fast so Crazy Mouse was a HUGE hit as well as the Ferris Wheel…both of them. She likes the Treasure Island as well and pretty much any ride she went on.

She’s my daredevil. I on the other hand preferred the fun house type “rides”. Moving floors, walking through a mirror maze and trying not to fall walking through a movies circle tunnel. Love those things!

We do play a couple games too. Midway has a great selection and most are fair for the price. Little kids will always enjoy the Duck game. Simply select 3 with Winner on them and you win a prize! You cannot lose on this. Another is the Hammer game where you thwack a hammer as hard as you can..again every kid wins.INSF2015 (34)

I love trying the ring toss game though. A few bucks for a bucket of rings to try to get ONE around the top of a bottle. Impossible nearly but I am sure someone wins…not any of us but probably someone. They had a Skeeball game which I totally had a chance at winning but you have to find that groove and we ran out of cash hehe.

Some time during the cycle of wander, explore, ride, ride, and play we ate at the fair. Fair food is pricey. Very pricey depending on what you get. It is also greasy, fattening, and all around unhealthy for you. However it is so so so worth it….so worth it. I always have to get corn. No matter what else I try I get corn on the cob.

The kids will usually get a Hot Dog, Burger or Pizza and my husband and I pick and choose. This year we got Pulled Pork sandwiches…I don’t like these normally but the fair produces the best food ever! Also, we have to leave with Kettle Corn…the biggest bag ever. Seriously my stomach doesn’t have enough room for the food we want to eat there. Delicious!

I can’t explain how amazing the Indiana State Fair truly is but I can try to show you. Check out the video of our Adventure!

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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