Playing with Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Toys

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 was one of the best family movies I have seen all year. We went to the theater..not the $1 one either…twice to see it. All four of us. That is how good that movie was. We are having a hard time waiting for the DVD release but in the mean time we get to relive the adventure or change it a little with this awesome Bewilderbeast Final Battle Set!

My kids of course love toys, what kid doesn’t. These two were going crazy after seeing the movie…twice and kept wanting to see it again. Aside from a coloring book we didn’t have anything else to play with from the movie, so when they saw the Bewilderbeast and Toothless set to play with they immediately forgot all their other toys..until the Bewilderbeast was going to eat them. They are creative that is for sure.2014-08-20 19.06.58-2 copy

The packaging was secure and not nearly as annoying as some toys are to get out of the box. Not that I could get it out easily…I fail at removing toys from boxes without resorting to tearing, scissors, cursing or some form of all three. This particular toy was taken out of its box with 95% of its box still in tact. That is a record for me but shows how easily it came out.

The toys themselves are plastic except for his wings and tail but fairly sturdy and have a few fun features. The Bewilderbeast has a handle in the back which is perfect to me. You can grab hold of him without that same hand getting in the way and knocking over anything you had set up. Also, you have that nice illusion of flying using the handle. The best part though is it roars! Keep in mind there is no off switch but it doesn’t just roar whenever it feels like it. It will roar when you move his tail, lift his head or fire his ice missile. Did I mention it fires an Ice Missile? Yep…it sure does.

2014-08-20 19.12.21-5 copy

My son loves making it roar and fire the missile…go figure right? More importantly he likes firing the missile at his sister…well he says its at Toothless but I know the truth. Toothless is made of that soft bendy material that is fantastic for toys. It means he won’t break easily, especially when “flying” through the air…into my son because my Diva was just “flying”. Like I said creative kids….but they do have fun with these toys. They even take turns happily! My only complaint about this set is that Toothless has a full red tail instead of half. Small nit picky item that doesn’t really affect anything and the kids only noticed once and moved past it. Other than that the whole set is awesome!

On one adventure Toothless will win but sometimes he doesn’t win. He will instead get hit with the ice missiles…sometimes random heroes help and sometimes there are zombies. The possibilities are endless and I LOVE that about these toys. They give you the good guy and the bad guy in one box so you won’t have to worry about tracking down two separate toys. You can follow the movie story and recreate it or you can create your own story.

Here is a bit of the action from my kids playing.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet you really really need to and if you have then you are going to want these toys. Endless fun and imaginative play that keep your kids playing for hours if you let them.

HTTYD2 BewilderbeastSetReview2

“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
~ Ron Olson

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