Playing with Dragons Pt 2: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Toys

Recommended Age:3+
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Spin Master knows how to make good toys that kids love and there are so many wonderful toys from the movie How to Train your Dragon 2 but I never expected a toy set for the water! In fact I don’t see a lot of bath toys anymore that aren’t meant for really little toddlers and babies unless its painting in the tub. Hiccup and Toothless can have even more adventures in the tub or a pool and my kids couldn’t be happier.

The set comes with and an adorable Toothless, Hiccup, a viking boat and a set from Berk for them to play in. The boat and Toothless float but Hiccup sinks; however, he can float inside the boat. This little viking dragon boat is made of plastic but the nice harder stuff which made me think it wouldn’t float well but it does better than I expected.  I’m used to little boats that when you add anything they tip over or just sink so this was a nice surprise.2014-09-02 20.35.32 copy

The set suction cups to the wall of your bathroom which I have never liked because they always fall off. However, THIS set does not fall off! I was more excited about that than anything I think. We stuck it to the part of our wall just above the tub which is that smooth splash buffer and not only was it easy to stick but it stayed on while my not-so-easy-on-toys-yet daughter played with it. I couldn’t believe it.

Toothless is absolutely adorable and a water squirter! Yeah…my daughter showed me how it worked by saying “see?” and squirting it at me. Fun! It really is pretty neat though. It’s not too often you find a set that has so many options and ways to play without buying extra pieces. I love how much you get for your money with this set!

My kids don’t really take baths anymore , they take showers and if we tried taking this set to the pool at our Y the kids would have to share with 40 other kids and potentially lose pieces. We don’t have a small plastic pool to fill up although now we might get one, so instead my kids sometimes throw on their bathing suits and just play in the bathtub.

My Gentleman informed me that he was too big now for those types of toys…he’s 5 going on 13 but my little Diva was excited to play in the water with Dragon toys. Getting her out was the hardest part but after convincing her she could bring her new “favorite” toys with her she finally allowed us to get her out of the water. Check out the Diva playing with the set for what seemed like hours…but I wouldn’t let her stay in quite that long (and the video isn’t THAT long either)

The Berk Island Bathset has a slide for Hiccup or Toothless to slide down, a home for Toothless to play in or rest and windmill that spins if you add water to the top! My daughter found that out with a cup and it became her new favorite thing ever. Between Hiccup sliding down the slide or riding in the boat, Toothless going “nigh-night” or squirting Hiccup (or mommy), or the windmill spinning while pouring out water there was never a dull moment with this set.

If your kids love How to Train Your Dragon 1 or 2 and/or playing in the water this is the perfect toy set for them. Now if you have kids who love How to Train Your Dragon but don’t like baths so much I am willing to bet this Bath Set will get them in the tub. Hours of fun both inside and out of the water make this one of our favorite toy sets.HTTYD2berkbathsetreview2

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”
~ Kay Redfield Jamison

Author: sandyz