Our jumping adventure with Waliki jumping balls!

Recommended Age:3+
Cost:$13.99 and up
Company Site:www.hopballs.com
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Waliki is the mastermind behind these amazingly fun Hop Balls. There are so many different designs and sizes that there is literally a Hop Ball for everyone…including adults! Yes even adults can (and love to…trust me) jump and have fun! Plus they are a great way to excercise!

Whenever you see one of these jumping balls in stores you KNOW you want to bounce on one! Everyone does and everyone can have one of their very own thanks to Waliki Hop Balls! We were VERY excited to get all of ours…except we only have ONE for an adult. My husband and I are ok at sharing…but we seriously need another one.

We have Toothy (adult size) Plush T-Rex Hopper, the plush T-Rex Hopper for 6-9 year olds and the plush Unicorn Hopper balls and each Ball came with an air pump! The air pump is easy to use and unless you are pumping up 2 smaller and 1 really large one…isn’t tiring at all. My husband decided he HAD to pump all of them up immediately…I mean he wasn’t wrong but his arms were sore.

The balls themselves are very soft plush with a floppy plush head that is huggable. The are 2 handles on the kids but a single wider handle on the adult one. I guess we fall off more…which may or may not be true…I admit nothing but if I DID fall off it would be because my feet barely hit the floor. I am a tad vertically challenged.

It feels like the same material that a medicine ball is made out of but thicker. Waliki even has a 30 day no pop guarantee! We have had ours for about 5 months and have bounced inside and outside and no signs of popping. Some dirt…that wipes off and my daughter made her unicorn prettier with marker make up but that is about it. Hop Balls are safety tested and all the children sized balls are free of banned phthalates.


Hop Balls are not only fun but are actually a great work out. You get some good cardio as well as a great leg work out…and your core in order to NOT fall off. They even sell specific ones for exercising! You can even get some with your own custom logo…My Geeklings Jumping Balls is sounding mighty awesome.

I like to sit on the large plush T-Rex Hopper and try to balance. This is actually perfect when I am working on my computer because it forces me to keep my back straight too…and I might bounce while I work.

The kids use theirs to play games, hop around and have fun or to just cross the room sometimes…because why not. If you add a balloon to the bouncing hilarity ensues…complete with lots of giggles and some falling off.

Check out our bouncing adventure and then go get one for yourself!! and your kid too….or you’ll have to share!

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”
~ Walt Disney

Author: sandyz