My Geeklings Holiday Toy Guide 2015

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Who doesn’t love playing with toys! Toys are a perfect gift for anyone of any age and are fun for the whole family. It is a great way to spend quality time together and a nice break from electronics. Sometimes it can be hard finding the right toy for someone but hopefully this list will help with that. Here are the top choices for toys this holiday seasons!

There are a LOT of toys out there. Lots…more than even someone who focuses on games and toys knows about or gets a chance to play with…or see. With that in mind here are our picks of the top toys we discovered this year in no order whatsoever…I don’t like to rate things normally as there are always too many factors. Enjoy!

sm-meccanoMeccano – Spin Master

Recommended Age: Sets vary from 5+ and up
Our Recommended Age: 5+ (Beware of small parts and for harder sets adults are needed to help)
Cost: Varies depending on the set you purchase
Our Review: Coming Soon!

The Meccano Maker System is an amazing invention framework for kids of all ages (including us grown up kids). If you’re like me, you probably look at them and immediately think of Erector sets. Well, they are! The Meccano and Erector brands (each over 100 years old!) joined forces to bring even more power to inventors everywhere! The sets include everything from simple cars to pirate ships to rockets to programmable interactive robots! And like any good construction system, all the Meccano pieces work together to open up unlimited possibilities!

magformers - robot setMagformers  Walking Robot 45pc Set Magformers 

Recommended Age: 6+
Our Recommended Age:  4+ (Watch for small parts and kids might need help)
Cost: $109.99 (Each set varies in price)
Our Review: Coming Soon!

We love Magformers. A building toy that uses super-powered magnets to hold the pieces together and allows for a huge variety of constructions. They’ve put out quite a few different sets and introduced new pieces like wheels and construction equipment but our new favorite is the Toy Robot Building Kit. It comes with all the standard Magformer pieces you’d expect but also includes the STEAM engine block and walking accessories to build your very own walking robot! The set comes with a guidebook to get you started but the options are limitless! And like all Magformers it works with all the other sets and accessories for even more amazing robot creations!

PrintFlipster – Enlivenze LLC

Recommended Age: 7+
Our Recommended Age: 5+ (They will get frustrated and need help but will want to keep trying)
Cost: $24.95
Our Review: Coming Soon!

Flipster is a fantastic new way to do a puzzle. Imagine you’re doing a puzzle, but instead of just putting pieces together, the puzzle is inside a jar and the only way you can move the pieces is by using a stirring stick. Oh, and gravity. Shake it up, twist it around and stir like crazy to get the pieces lined up. There are two levels of difficulty and endless hours of fun!

wk - play setsWild Kratts Tortuga and 10 Pack – Kratt Brothers

Recommended Age: 
Our Recommended Age: 3+ (Beware any small parts)
Cost: Prices vary depending on sets.
Our Review: Wild Kratts Toys Review

Wild Kratts, a favorite show in our house, now has everything you ever need to go on a Creature Adventure with the Kratt Brothers and the whole gang at home! Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy help the brothers Kratt defeat Donita, Gourmand and Zac and save animals around the world and you can even play with the Tortuga! All new sets make any Creature Adventure an amazing journey for any Wild Kratts fan!

sm - zoomersZoomer Jester and Chomplingz  – Spin Master

Recommended Age: 5+
Our Recommended Age: 4+ (With some help for either Dino)
Cost: Jester – $99.99 / Chomplingz – $39.99
Our Review: Zoomer Jester and Chomplingz Review

Spin Master has some amazing toys and one of our favorites is Zoomer Dino. Now they have even more amazing Zoomer fun with Jester and Chomplingz! Jester is an interactive jokster of a dino and Chomplingz are like having a robot pet dinosaur that plays games and guards things for you! How much more awesome can these Zoomer’s get!?

gb - movie machineGoldieblox Move Machine – GoldieBlox 

Recommended Age: 6+
Our Recommended Age: 5+ (With a bit of help)
Cost: $29.99
Our Review: GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine Review

GoldieBlox makes fantastic sets that encourage girls to build and create and problem solve. Our favorite is the Movie Machine. Goldie and her friends come together to help save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being canceled. Read the story to find out what happens and along the way learn to build a Zoetrope!

jw - tube heroesTube Heroes – Jazwares

Recommended Age: 6+
Our Recommended Age: 4+ (With supervision as there are small parts)
Cost: Price varies depending on which one you buy.
Our Review: Tube Heroes Review

Tube Heroes plushies and action figures are now available to bring home so you can save the Digitalverse or at least your other toys. Laclan, Ali-A and a plushie TDM are among some of the fantastic figures and friends you can purchase and are perfect for your Tube Hero in training!

patch-starwars perplexusPerplexus Star Wars Death Star – Patch Products

Recommended Age: 8+
Our Recommended Age: 7+ (Any age can try but probably best for at least 7+)
Cost: $44.99
Review:  Perplexus Review (Not Death Star)

Perplexus Warp is fun puzzle by Patch Products that encourages thinking and patience. I love puzzles and things that challenge your brain and this is perfect for any puzzle enthusiast of any age! Now you can have that same challenging fun with The Star Wars Death Star! This one has awesome lights and sounds as you twist and turn your marble along the track to become a Jedi Master…of Perplexus.

littlepassportsLittle Passports: A Global Adventure – Little Passports

Recommended Age: 3-5, 6-10 & 7 – 12
Our Recommended Age: 3 and up
Cost: $11.95 – 15.95, depending
Review:  Little Passports Review

Little Passports is a monthly subscription that can send you either the World or the USA in a box each month. There are three different services: Early Explorers for ages 3-5, World Edition for ages 6-10 and USA Edition for ages 7-12. We’ve tried all three services and they all offer something unique for a budding traveler. Each month they send you information, activity sheets, a souvenir, letters from Sam and Sophia (the kids who go on magical adventures into these places) and stickers. All of that each month on different countries…how could you NOT be excited!

These are just a few of the amazing toys we have discovered THIS year and the ones my Geeklings choose over and over to play with. Check out our reviews and more from the above companies to discover even more toys and spend this Holiday season playing together as a family!

Happy Holidays!

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”
~ Dr. Seuss

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