We had a truly historic adventure visiting Historic Jamestowne!

Company Site:historicjamestowne.org
Note:Admission includes Yorktown Battlefield
Hours:9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's days
Ticket Price:Adults (over age 15) $14.00 Children 15 and under, Active Military and Access Pass holders are all FREE. NPS/PV Pass Holders $5
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Historic Jamestowne is the site of the original Jamestown settlement from 1607! You can see actual artifacts from the original settlement, watch glass blowers, eat lunch along the James River and even see archaeology in action!

Virginia is full of history but none more important (in my opinion anyway) than Historic Jamestowne. Visiting this place has been on my top 5 lists of places since I was a teenager (let’s just say it was awhile ago) and I was finally able to see it! Even if you aren’t as crazy about history as I am you should make the trip to visit Historic Jamestowne at least once.

When you first get there and go in the building you will have to purchase your tickets and then someone goes over the map and shows you where everything is and also goes over the tour schedule for the day. This was great because we didn’t even know there was an archaeological tour and we were going to be able to look around for an hour before it started.

The Gentleman is set on being an Archaeologist…well at the moment. He sort of bounces between that, Paleontology and Geology but after this visit he is adamant about Archaeology. The Diva wants to either be a fashion designer or a Paleontologist but she was very interested in everything here as well. Both kids love history almost as much as me hehe.

We were too excited to visit the gallery area inside so we went straight outside towards the sites. There is a long bridge path that shows you a nice view of the…swamps. Looking at all of it I can’t imagine having to settle not far from that although it probably was good for keeping people out of that part of it. I wouldn’t walk in it.

Once you are on solid ground again you see the monument which is also the meeting place for the tours. It was built in 1907 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestowne. From here you can go in a few directions either towards the church and the Archaearium which is a must see. They have so many artifacts and information there it is incredible. They even have the skull and reconstruction of “Jane”.

You can see the actual site where they found her as well! It is a sad and tragic part of our history but it IS a part of our history. My kids learned so much from Historic Jamestowne. I won’t go into all the areas you can visit but I do recommend checking it all out! If you have time to take the tours I recommend that as well.

The Gentleman took a few pictures in between all his questions and exploring and wanted to share them. Check out Historic Jamestowne courtesy of The Gentleman!

We were only able to take the Archaeology tour but since the Gentleman wants to be an archaeologist that was the important one. He even interviewed an archaeologist while were there! We used a microphone and phones and he had a list of questions ready to go before we got there in a file. He even asked questions as they arose during the interview.

We had some video but I couldn’t get the full interview on video due to the Diva asking a million questions of the equally patient archaeologist Bruce McRoberts and my having to to help her and take her picture at request hehe. Here is a sample of the interview as well!

G – “What tools do you use?”
Lee – “The tools that I use are…sometimes we use picks, the big heavy picks if we’re breaking up something hard. And we use shovels and we use trowels which I can show you if you hang on just one second”

Below you can listen to the interview or read the transcript if your curious! Keep in mind it was the Gentleman’s very first interview ever…but he did great in my opinion! I might be biased though…

Click to view the TRANSCRIPT

It really was an amazing experience to see the places where the settlement was built and to learn just how hard it was to survive. Everyone should make the trip at least once in their life to learn about American history. They offer tours of course, you can check out the Glass House and watch glassblowers work, see representations (replicas) of buildings and some of the actual sites where they stood and even see archaeologists working on active real sites! That was our favorite part!

For those with kids they can become a Junior Ranger which is kind of neat as well. They get sworn in and everything! Also there is the Dale House Cafe where you can get food but they also have picnic tables set up around there so you can bring your own lunch. Either way you can enjoy a picnic next to the James River which was beautiful! We always bring our lunches…it means more souvenirs but it was nice to know there was an option.

Check out our epic historical adventure in Historic Jamestowne through our pictures!

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