Fun with Hiccups! Not the kind you think…

Recommended Age:6+
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Hiccups in this case is a fun puzzle type ball by PlaSmart.  Start the little Red Ball at cup 1 and keep turning the ball at different speeds to get the Red Ball into each cup, in order. Sounds easy enough right? Well…it’s not that easy. It IS a lot of fun for all ages though!

Hiccups is a fun and challenging game that is sure to keep your little puzzler busy for hours…or yourself. Not that I know anything about that..ahem. You eventually adjust tilting the ball at different angles and speeds but trust me…that takes time but is so worth it.2014-10-24 16.06.15-1 copy

There really isn’t a lot of How To for this game so I can’t confuse you which is good. You can adjust for younger kids by not going in order but really that is all the adjustment you can actually make. I love how simple it is and how challenging it is at the same time.

To play hold the ball so that the cup marked 1 is on the bottom. You will know it is 1 because it isn’t a full cup. It has an opening on one side to slide the Red Ball right in without trying to shake the ball up and catch it. This doesn’t work well…not that I tried to get the Red Ball into cup 5 by shaking it up and down. Nope I didn’t try that at all…

Once you have the Red Ball in cup 1 you have to turn the ball so that the Red Ball falls into cup 2. There are arrows on the ball that point you to the next cup and each cup is numbered on the outside of the ball. Keep going until you miss…then start over. Eventually you will master a few cups and then keep working at the rest.

 Try to adjust how fast or slow you tilt and turn the ball to try to get the Red Ball into the next cup.  This is not just flip and flip and flip viola…like I thought it would be. Hiccups takes a bit more concentration than that. It is also addicting and tons of fun for as simple as it looks (but isn’t). I can’t seem to put it down and I had to convince my son he could try again later or the next day after he spent 45 minutes trying to get to cup 3 again.2014-10-24 16.26.47-4 copy

He almost gave up after 15 minutes of not getting to cup 2 but then he got it…and wanted to try for cup 3. The Gentleman only got the Red Ball into cup 3 once so far but that was enough to keep him wanting to try more and more.

My Diva on the other hand was excited when she got to cup 2. Which she only did about 3 times total in 45ish minutes. She did find cup 3 but missed and thought it was funny. Then she shook the ball which I explained would not work…not that I knew.

Hiccups is a fantastic game, toy, and puzzle rolled into one…no that was not intended…but I kept it. It says recommended for ages 6+ but my Diva is 4 and I honestly think a 2 year old would love trying to even control the ball enough to get the Red Ball into cup 1. Plus it’s safe enough for them to try! My whole family loves this game because it keeps us entertained and on our toes!hiccupsreview2

“The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius.”
~ Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

Author: sandyz