Figure out who the thief is before you get Outfoxed!

Recommended Age:5+
Play Time:15 Minutes (Roughly)
Our Recommended Age:4+ (With a bit of help)
Skills:Deduction Visual Discrimination Cooperation
Notes:Be careful with any child who puts things in their mouth. The Dice can fit and so can the Fox.
Awards:Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Dice Tower Approved National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Silver Award
Contents:16 suspect cards 16 thief cards 12 clue markers 4 detective hat pawns 3 custom dice 1 fox figurine 1 clue decoder 1 game board
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Outfoxed! is a super fun game for kids and one that parents will even enjoy playing (you know when you have to play over and over again…you won’t mind!)…at least we love it. GameWright is the genius behind this 2-4 player cooperative game of whodunit!

Outfoxed is the perfect family game for a wide range of ages. It is easy enough for a 4 or 5 year old to understand and enjoy but also interesting and fun enough to keep older kids engaged and wanting to play as well. Bonus: Parents will enjoy playing this one even if it is for the millionth time…not joking…well maybe about the millionth part.

Recommended for ages 5+ a 4 year old, especially a seasoned gamer, would be able to learn though they might need a little help. The Diva picked it up right away and is able to play with no help and she will be 6 soon. My soon to be 8 going on 13 year old son, the Gentleman, loves this game as well…I think he wants to be a spy when he grows up.

The game comes in a lift top box with adorable artwork on it of the sly fox and detective chickens…which might be my new favorite phrase…Detective Chickens reporting for duty! Ok…I’m still laughing…yes it was funny but I’ll move on now.

gwoutfoxedreview (18)Like my many favorite games this one also has a plastic insert that has a place for everything…I mean everything too. Every piece has a spot, every deck of cards have their spot and there are spots for the dice…individual ones. I LOVE this level of organizing. Not only is it oh so pretty but it keeps everything from spilling around all over the place….

The game board is a quad-fold up board with similar adorable artwork and square outlines all over…spaces for moving around. It looks like a little town and reminds me of Clue…but cuter. I am assuming it is chipboard and seems pretty sturdy too.

All of the cards are standard size but are like a glossy cardstock material. Pretty decent and not too thin. One set is the Thief which just has a name and some Red and Green circles in an oval shape…more on this later and the other is Suspect cards with adorable…sly foxes.

Each of the 16 suspect cards has a different color background and each fox on them has a different name and appearance. Some are wearing hats, gloves, scarves, glasses, a monocle, and some have a cane, or briefcase or even an umbrella. Each fox has a different set of items and all the artwork is perfect for the theme of this game.

The tokens which are the Clues are talk bubble shaped…it is the best description I have for it..with a half circle taken out of a part of it. This is relevant but for later…it’s part of the game. Each one has an item on it like a Top Hat or Umbrella. Three dice, the fox token and 4 detective hats are all that are left to this game.

All of the Detective Hats and the Fox are plastic although the Fox seems a bit lighter plastic material than the hats. The Clue Decoder is also plastic, orange which is fantastic color, and has an easy to use slide out part that works easily. The dice are pretty standard dice except the embossed (not engraved but like etched and painted in the dice) icons.Eyes and Paw Prints are all that are on the dice. Mostly one Paw Print there are a set of two on each die.

My ONLY complaint is that it is hard to see the color behind the Clue Marker on the card. It doesn’t line up exactly and shadows make it tricky to identify Red or Green sometimes. No one has had any issues though and as long as we hold the Clue Marker on there tight before we reveal we are just fine. The Diva can do it all no problems which, since she is the youngest, would be the only problem…and it isn’t…ok I’ll go over the how tos now…


Work together to figure out which Fox is the guilty one before they escape! You will all win or lose together in this one.

gwoutfoxedreview (4)Setup:

My kids can set this game up on their own…aside from shuffling cards that is. Put the board where everyone can reach the board or most of it anyway and have everyone choose a color of Detective Hat. Put these in the center of town…or that yellow square in the middle.

The Fox starts out on the edge next to his icon and will try to get to the opposite side at the pothole…again you don’t want this to happen. Shuffle the 16 Suspect cards and put them the side of the board 4 on each side face down. Choose 2 and flip them face up.

Shuffle the Thief cards, choose one randomly and without peeking put it in the Clue Decoder with its slider closed. Put the rest of the Thief cards away, mix up and then stack the Clue Markers, face down, in a stack and put the dice nearby. You are ready to begin! Last player to eat pie goes first!


On your turn you can either look for Clues or Reveal Suspects (this just means flipping more Suspect cards over). You HAVE to announce which one you are doing though before you roll. You will have 3 chances, or rolls, to try to get the matching dice. Three of either the Eyes if you are wanting to Reveal Suspects or the Paw Prints if you want to search for Clues.gwoutfoxedreview (8)

Roll the first time after you announce which you are doing and set any dice aside that match your task. It IS possible to roll all three in the very first roll…this is always worthy of cheering or saying “oh yeah!” If you do not roll them all on that first roll, set the ones that do match and aside and roll the rest.

Repeat that process one more time and if you succeed you can Search for Clues or Reveal a Suspect…which is really TWO suspects and all you do if you succeed here is flip two Suspect cards of your choice face up. Make sure to check these new Suspects with any Clues already revealed so you can remove them if they are not the Thief.

If you succeed in Searching for Clues you take the top Clue Marker you add up the Paw Prints on the dice anywhere from 3 – 6 is possible and move your Detective Hat that many spaces towards or onto a Clue Marker space on the board.

Then take the top Clue Marker and put it face up in the Clue Decoder and then slide the window open to see if you see a Green or Red dot inside. If it is Green the Thief is NOT wearing this item…I know Green usually means Go but in this case it means more like Go Away you aren’t the Thief…

If it is Red that means the Thief IS wearing this item. You should remove any Suspects that are revealed that do NOT have this item…if it was Green simply remove any Suspects that ARE wearing that item. Does that make sense?gwoutfoxedreview (3)
The Diva Searched for Clues and the Clue Marker is a Top Hat. She lines it up in the Decoder and it shows a Green dot. Any Suspects wearing a Top Hat are now removed from the game as the Thief is NOT wearing that item. Double check all the Suspects on the board either way to eliminate Suspects based on the Clues.

That sly Fox will get to move THREE spaces every time you do NOT succeed in your roll so watch out! Not that you can do much about it since it relies on rolling dice. I didn’t get a single set of three that I needed for 5 turns in a row and because of that the Fox was 15 spaces further along the board! It’s like I was helping him!…but I wasn’t…I promise…

Your turn ends after you either Succeed in Revealing Suspects or Searching for Clues or don’t and end up moving the Fox. Play continues Clockwise. Yes you can move on to any space on the board including the path for the Fox and yes you can exit a Clue square from a different point then you entered.


The game ends when someone tries to guess the Thief. Announce what you are doing, say the name of the Suspected Thief out loud and then reveal the Thief card from the Decoder. A match means you all win! If not the Fox gets away…oops…gwoutfoxedreview (9)

You can also win by eliminating all the Suspects besides one from around the board. Just verify with the Decoder that this is the Thief then shout Huzzah! as you have all won…or don’t but a celebration should happen. The game can also end if the Fox makes it to the foxhole…this, however, means you lost…all of you…it’s a team effort.

If this happens, which it has for us, simply claim someone was helping and shun the…no wait…simply say good try detectives and try again…you’ll get them this time!

The instructions have variations in the game you can adjust for but just to have the Fox move 4 or 5 spaces instead of 3. You really cannot make this game easier for younger kids as 4 or 5 years old will be able to follow along easy enough and understand all the mechanics. I’d help a bit if you have a newly 5 or younger child at least at first.

We absolutely LOVE Outfoxed! It is the perfect edition to our Family Game Nights each week and even more perfect as my kids can play on their own without adults! Although it isn’t very portable or travel friendly (as in your purse or something) if you are going on vacation you should take this one with you!

Show us how how you caught the Thief or got Outfoxed! !MyGeeklings @GameWright #Outfoxedgwoutfoxedreview2

“Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.”
~ Sherlock Holmes Quote

Author: sandyz