Tell an epic Batman story with Rory’s Story Cubes!

Recommended Age:8+
Players:1 or more
Contents:9 story cubes, Travel case, Instructions
Play Time:15 Minutes (will vary depending on players)
Skills:Visual Discrimination Creativity & Imagination
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We love coming up with stories as a family and I tend to come up with some when it’s bed time so Story Cubes are PERFECT for our family! The fact that they have Batman ones is just a brilliant bonus…we love super heroes around here as well. Rory’s Batman Story Cubes are the perfect game for all ages!

Story cubes are dice that have pictures on them instead of pips. In this case pictures related to Batman! Nine dice total and each has various items, buildings, people and even actions like punch. None of the pictures is of Batman though but with all the other things…he or Batgirl has to be in the story…or not. There is no wrong way to use these dice…well not really.

We use them as part of our homeschool lessons as writing prompts. Instead of just journaling or just writing whatever, we write stories. Not all the time because it takes about a month to complete unless the kids want to work straight through on it. They actually do sometimes but we try to space out parts to a “book” so they don’t get burned out quickly…or hate writing.

gwbatmanstoryreview-6There is a little black case to keep the dice in which is perfect for taking with you. This game is great to play while waiting in a doctors office or even in the car…you would need a box to roll the dice in though. They are also great for bed time stories, large group get togethers or Batman themed parties.

The case is plastic but the sturdy stuff so it doesn’t really bend and it even has simple instructions in the lid! Literally, Roll, Look, Talk haha! Love it! The bottom part, also good quality plastic, has a raised grid pattern with a spot for each of the 9 dice. Beautiful.

Each dice is white with black embossed? or engraved or carved in..I’ll learn the correct term one day, icons. They are slightly larger than average dice and a bit heavier but very good quality all around. The pictures on the dice remind me of old comic drawing style art…which is cool. You can tell what each thing is though which is nice but if you aren’t sure you can check the instructions.

Instructions are the only thing that do not fit in the little case but you don’t really need them and after you know what the pictures are you really don’t need them again…we keep them to look at the pictures now and then and because we are borderline wannabe hoarders…

As far as my normal explaining goes, that isn’t going to happen here. There is no setup, no winner or loser and no wrong way to play. The possibilities are endless or as many as your imagination can come up with. Literally just roll, look and tell a story. However, if you are looking for a bit more I’ll explain a little…example time!

Like I said, we use these for our homeschool lessons as part of our writing. The first week we roll the dice and in our Story Journals we write down the Characters in the story, the Villains, the location, the quest or mission (rescue someone who was tied up etc) and items involved. This allows us to use all 9 dice per story and gets all the details outlined first.

Week two we start the rough draft of the story. We lay out the beginning of the story and middle if it isn’t too long…the kids can get carried away sometimes and either come up with a long elaborate story or a very very quick one…that we have to force them to extend. It seriously depends on their mood and what dice they roll hehe. We do not allow for rerolls but you can if you want.

gwbatmanstoryreview-3Week 3 and 4 are finishing up the Rough Draft or the editing phase. Adults read the rough draft, go over capitalization and punctuation and any spelling errors. He really needs to work on his handwriting…it’s a process.

We also check to make sure all the dice are somehow in the story and that the story makes sense. It isn’t a professional book though so it only has to make sense to an 8ish year old…I try not to get too picky on this part.

Then they write the final draft and draw pictures for it complete with a cover page, staple and viola we have a book! They LOVE making books! We are keeping them for them and I love reading them.

You can also simply roll the dice and tell a story out loud. You can use the dice by yourself or in a group of any size. If you have less then 9 divide the dice up evenly and pick a starter and they roll and start the story using their dice or die, then the next person rolls and continues the story. This is a lot of fun to do!

If you have more than 9 just pass around the dice after someone’s turn is over so everyone gets at least one die to roll. Also, keep in mind you have to use what is on the dice but not necessarily exactly what is on the dice. If you roll a File Cabinet you can use it as the filing cabinet, or a file, or storage of some kind for small things, a drawer, a dresser or anything else you can think of that comes to mind when seeing the File Cabinet.gwbatmanstoryreview-8

The Diva likes to turn a lot of the villains and people in to women so she can relate to the story better…and as she says, girls can be bad guys too. She isn’t wrong and I love that she adjusts the story for herself. The Gentleman will do this sometimes if there are too many bad guys some will be women…occasionally one will be the Diva hehe…they have a lot of fun with it and that is the whole point.

If you are looking for a fun creative group activity, writing prompt for school work or just to get the imagination going Rory’s Story Cubes Batman (or not) are perfect!

Now, the following is a story the Gentleman came up with recently for our Story Journal part of our lessons. He is 8 and it is one of his short stories. Enjoy!

Bat Hero by The Gentleman

Gorden uses the Bat Signal to tell Batman that someone is causing trouble. Batman hops into the Bat Mobile to drive to the location. He drove right to where Harley Quinn was smashing the gates at the docks!

Batman captures Harley Quinn and drives her to jail when the Bat Signal goes off again. Batman hops in his Bat Mobile and heads to the new location. This time it is the Joker and he is heading to Arkham Asylum.

Batman followed Joker to Arkham Asylum and was able to capture him and put him back in his cell. The Joker escapes soon after but Batman is able to capture him again and put him back in his cell.

The End.

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