Show me the Kwan! A word game.

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:20 minutes (Varies)
Players:2-10 (Recommended 4-7)
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Show me the Kwan is a fun word game using dice…with a catch of course! A category is chosen, the dice are rolled and all the players have to call out things that fit in the category…the catch? another die is rolled that shows if you have to grab the die with the First, Second or Last letter in the word you say!

Griddly Games is behind this fun twist of a word game. They make a handful of other games and are focused on games that have an educational aspect but also are fun for the whole family. Show me the Kwan delivers on both of those.

It is recommended for ages 8+ according to their site and that is a good age if your child can spell decently…although you might also need to drop the timer for a bit til they get the hang of it. I would honestly say closer to 10 is a good age to play the game fully but 8ish is a great introductory age for this type of game.

ggkwanreview (2)It’s not that it is super hard and in fact the categories are great for adults or kids around 8 or so. One of our favorites are Lego, Fairytale Characters, Makes you laugh, Outer Space and Food. These categories are on the Green side and are easy enough for kids around 8 ish to be able to come up with answer for.

On the Red side you have things like At the Casino, Action movies, At the beach, The 80s, Crime TV Shows, Reasons to stay in bed and Gets you fired. Things a kid might not know yet…but adults surely will get. Of course there are categories on the Green side that adults would like to like Superheros or Movie villains!

I’m getting ahead of myself here…let’s talk about the game pieces. Show me the Kwan comes in a blue bag with an orange rope handle that zips along the side…or top depending on you look at it…There is also an insert that fits snug in the bag and it holds all the parts beautifully!

You COULD just dump it all in the bag…but then it is all just in the bag…not pretty in the insert…so it’s up to you really…Inside are the 12 dice with the letters on them and 1 with 1st, 2nd, and Last on it (2 each). All the dice are pretty standard but slightly larger than standard dice.ggkwanreview (8)

They also have either stickers or are painted with the letters…I don’t think it’s stickers. the timer is a standard plastic timer with an orange top and bottom filled with what looks like sugar but is probably a type of sand. The cards are pretty standard size but are not typical material. I think they are a type of cardstock paper.

Not the greatest quality and there is a typo on at least one of the cards but this is one of those cases where quality of the game itself outweighs the parts though. I love word and trivia games and Show me the Kwan seems to be a good balance of both.

We enjoy playing the game together and have adjusted it to not using the Order Die when our daughter plays so we can just come up with things that fit in the category. To give her an idea of how to play, practice and then we randomly roll the dice and ask her the 1st, 2nd, or Last letter in the word she said…for fun! I suppose I should give you an idea on how to play now…shall we?


Be the first player to get 50 points! You could also set your own goal for higher or lower points as needed or wanted.


Someone needs to be scorekeeper…they should be able to add and focus on writing scores down. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil…or something to write on and with. Set it up so you know where to write everyones points. Columns or whatever. Youngest goes first! Easy setup…love an easy setup!


Everyone plays at the same time so make sure everyone is paying attention. The player whose turn it is selects the category from the cards. You should agree on a side of the card to use too. We use the Green side(It says Yellow in the instructions but it’s Green) as it seems to have easier topics on it for the kids. Points are from the dice so the side of card doesn’t matter.

The current player then rolls the Order Die. This shows what letter position in the word you have to figure out. So if it says Last and you roll W,S,A,J and the category is Superheroes I would say Black Widow and grab the W which is worth 3 points.

Then the player rolls the Letter Dice, flips the timer and everyone starts trying to figure out letters based on what is rolled and the category selected…this is a lot harder than you would think! Timed games always get me…so much pressure on figuring out what SHOULD be an easy answer. I do LOVE the challenge of this game though…keeps me on my toes!

All you have to do is yell out your word and take the die and don’t flip it in the process…no cheating and you want your points! When the timer runs out or all the dice are gone whoever is keeping score can get everyone’s score, adds them up and the next round begins with play going to the left.

Now IF you can come up words that fit the category and use just 1 letter die in all three positions of 1st, 2nd, and Last you get to yell Show me the Kwan! and set the timer sideways on the table….then you actually have to say 3 different words using the 3 different positions but only using ONE letter die.ggkwanreview (3)

If you can do this you are my hero…I can do it…but not within the time limits…like ever. If you do succeed you get 3 times the letter value PLUS 5 points. You can use ANY die on the table even if someone else claimed it…in fact if you use theirs they can’t score on it!


The game ends when one person gets 50 points…and they win! Like I said you could adjust to go for lower points or higher. When my husband and I play or adults play we go higher..we like word and trivia games. When we play with the Diva we go lower and lose the timer…also she is the only one that doesn’t have to use the Order Die.

This is listed under Variations in the instructions. They show you how to adjust the game for more of a challenge or to make it easier for younger kids. I like the use all 5 categories on one card rule and play that way with the Comedian sometimes.

This game has some of my favorite qualities in a game. It is portable, fun for all of us, educational and is easy to learn. You can adjust it to play with adults, or with kids or with younger kids but in a way that everyone is challenged and everyone has fun!

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“All of life is a constant education.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Author: sandyz