Tokens for when your kids do a Good Job!

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When you have kids there will be fighting, and not listening, and if you have a strong-willed child….sigh…Sometimes though your child or children will listen the first time, compromise, clean with out being told or do something that deserves praise and maybe a treat. I decided to make “tokens” for when my two deserve a special treat for being wonderful little human beings…not every time but once in awhile it is nice to reward them.

Here are the ones I used and a blank sheet to make your own. Use a 1.5 hole punch and 1.5 inch wood circles found at craft and hobby stores. Basically punch out what you print and Modge Podge them on or glue but I put a Matte Modge Podge coating on top to protect them and make them smooth.


The Treasure ones are there because we have a treasure chest filled with pencils, erasers (the fun shaped kind) and other small toys so they can pick one from that.

Download Good Job Token sheet

Download Blank token sheet


“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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