Just in time for Easter! GoldieBlox shows us something new.

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If you haven’t heard of GoldieBlox by now you have been living under a rock, without the internet or are in fact a hermit. GoldieBlox is taking the world by storm with their adorable girl empowering videos and amazing STEM based toys. We certainly love playing and building with them!

Here is their wonderful video just in time for Easter! This video is too cute and now we want to build what is shown in it…

“The video spotlights the difference between a young girl’s brain “on princess” vs. her brain “on STEM.” It’s an eye opener to the gender norms placed on young girls at an early age, and uses wheels, axles and engineering to highlight some jaw-dropping statistics related to the dearth of women in engineering.”

Wasn’t that awesome! I love that it highlights that girls are more than just princesses and the strong need for women to go into engineering. I didn’t know that girls lost confidence in math and science at such a young age. 7 years old! That is crazy given that kids of any gender still play at that age. Though I remember not liking science and math much around the age of 13. 


I love that my daughter at 3 years old dresses up and loves princesses, I mean it is adorable, but I also love that she likes to build with blocks, legos or duplos, and of course GoldieBlox. She dresses up as a princess and then has a sword fight, sometimes a tea party dressed as Batman or is a pirate on a grand (pretend) adventure. 

The fact that she is a princess doesn’t stop her from being anything else she wants to be and the fact that she is a girl doesn’t stop her from doing anything she wants to do. It also doesn’t stop us (as her parents) from letting her do things commonly known as “boy” things. For the record my 5 year old son watches My Little Pony with us, has a tea party and feeds a baby sometimes because boys shouldn’t be limited either.

I plan to expose both of my children to STEM toys and activities so that they have a chance at not losing interest in science or math. They don’t necessarily have to grow up to be engineers but they will get to see that it is possible and have the opportunity. 

I am very proud to help promote GoldieBlox in its quest to bring STEM toys to girls and new possibilities for futures for our little princess.goldiebloxbrainvideo2

“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated”
~ Rosalind Franklin

Author: sandyz