You don’t need to know yoga but you do need to know how to laugh to play Yogi!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:20 minutes
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Yogi is the kind of game that even people who don’t play games will play. It is hilarious and really easy to learn…but sort of hard to master. This is due to what the cards have you do…which are a great many things that will test your balance, patience, and ability to not giggle or laugh so much that you drop your cards…which is harder than it looks!

Everyone in our family can play this game and loves to every family game night. The game is recommended for 8+ but kids as young as 5 or 6 could play as long as they can read…then again you can have someone help them read. Also, the pictures on the cards actually show you what you need to do so they probably don’t even need to know how to read….though they do need to know how to sit still a little or they won’t do well.

The hinged tin container it comes in is small enough to throw in your purse or bag and doesn’t come open on its own. The cover is slightly raised or embossed…however you word that. Inside there are two small hard plastic inserts that hold the cards in two decks, they are also the card holders when you play. There is just the one deck but you split it in two in order to store it.

All of the cards are pretty sturdy, standard size and full of fun cartoon-like artwork. Rules, cards, the card holders and the tin container are all there is to the game which is nice. Like I mentioned, easy to learn…now let’s see why it is harder to master.


Be the last player in the game.


First…Shuffle the cards! Split them into two piles and put them in the card holders. Put them in two locations so everyone can reach them. The game moves clockwise and the most Zen player gets to go first…which for us depends the day hehe.


On your turn, draw the top card from one of the piles, read it out loud and then do what it says. The catch is you have to STILL do what the previous cards say at the same time. Green cards are to be kept face up in front of you while the Orange cards will be touching your body some how…however it says on the card.

You are not allowed to hide cards under clothes and the game relies on players being honest and admitting if they fail to follow a card at any time whether someone sees them or not. You can move or adjust any part of yourself and even the cards as long as the rules of all of the cards are still being followed…this makes for some hilarious moments.

The cards show what you need to do but you can decide how you do it. You don’t have to follow the card exactly like the picture shows but more so what it says to do. If you cannot draw a card on your turn you are out of the game and if at any time you fail to do what any of your cards say you are out of the game so plan accordingly.


The last player in the game wins. It is that simple but this could take a little bit of time or a long time depending on how good everyone is and the luck of the draw of the cards.

The rules have two variants that you can play as well if you choose. The Sadistic variant and the Team variant. We have done the Team variant before which works out nicely. Form teams of 2 or 3 that are considered one player for this version. You can play the regular version or the Sadistic version as a team.

Anyone on the team can physically draw or play cards but at least one player on the team has to do each instruction. The nice thing is one player can take over doing challenges if you need it for a stretch or if it gets to hard with newer challenges.

We try to have every team member do all of them in the beginning until we get further in the game. This way if someone can no longer do a challenge then they can stop and the other player is still doing it.

The Sadistic version starts with every player getting two cards before you divide the rest of the deck into two piles. On your turn you play a card, read it out loud and then put it in front of someone else!

They have to follow that card now! Then you draw a card and the person who received your card goes next. Keep playing this way until there is one player left in the game.

We haven’t tried that version yet, but we like the classic version and the team version. I think the next adult game night we will try the Sadistic version…that should go over well! No matter how we play we always have fun and it always puts us in giggling fits…usually when we are trying to hold still and not drop cards…which ends in failure and more laughter.

This is the perfect game night game, ice breaker game, and family game to play pretty much any time and anywhere. Portable and easy to learn, Yogi, is a family favorite that we love to share with everyone.

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“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
~ Roald Dahl

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