Challenge your knowledge of Science, History and Spelling in Wise Alec!

Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:Varies
Our Recommended Age:6+ (with some help)
Skills:History, Science and Spelling. Physical activity
Contents:1 timer, 1 die, 1 playing board, 4 decks of cards, 6 player tokens, Instructions
Awards:10 Best Games, Best Picks 2013, Best Vacation Product, 100 Best Children's Products, 10 Best Educational Products,2013 Creativity Winner, Cognitive Processing Speed Winner, National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval program in 2011, 2013 and 2016, Creative Child Magazine's 2014 and 2008 Game of the Year
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Wise Alec is a fun trivia game for kids. Test your knowledge in subjects like History and Science, challenge yourself by doing some push ups or sit ups or see if you can spell various words and all for points! Players determine how a winner is chosen. First to an agreed upon total of points, highest points at the end of a determined time or everyone gets their own points to get to! This makes it fair for younger kids playing with older kids.

I love the options for an objective! We have usually done this on our own when playing with the Diva but this is the first game to include it in the instructions. This makes it the perfect family game night game as the adults can have a higher…much higher score to achieve than the kids.

It is recommended for ages 8+ but the Diva is 6 and plays mostly fine. There is reading involved and some of the questions are hard even on easy hehe but otherwise as long as a child can read they can probably play…just adjust their personal goal to win maybe.ggwisealecreview (1)

First the materials, the box is a standard lift top lid and pretty sturdy and the inside has my favorite insert with a space for everything.

There is a spot for each color deck of cards, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple Wise Alec cards. A spot for the Die, the Timer and one spot for each of the Player Tokens! You can choose from Red, White, Orange, Green, Purple or Blue.

In case you are dying to know what we choose, the Comedian is always Green, the Gentleman is always Blue, I am always Orange (in other games it is Orange or Yellow) and the Diva is always Purple (in other games she chooses Pink when she can). We each have our favorite colors…

The game board goes on top of everything and the instructions simply go on the board. The game board is made out of chipboard and not flimsy so pretty good quality. The Die and Timer are pretty standard and the Player Tokens are a light plastic.ggwisealecreview (26)

The cards are smaller than standard cards but otherwise pretty standard material. They are shiny or coated on one side but not the other which is odd to me. This makes the side not coated feel like paper. There were also a couple typos on some of the cards, some of the Name # of something seemed like you couldn’t name that many, and I think some of the – points should have been + points but otherwise nothing major.

Now let’s learn how to play…


You have to choose your objective! Love that about this game. Option 1 – Everyone chooses a point goal and the first player to reach it wins. Option 2 – Everyone chooses a time to play and the Player with the highest score when that time has ended wins. Option 3 – Use age or skill level to set up different goals for either kids and adults, younger kids or however you need to in order to make it fair.

We usually use Option 3 and the adults have to get 60 points, the Gentleman needs 40 and the Diva needs 25. She does know a lot of the science ones and can spell a surprising number of words for being 6 but she doesn’t quite know history…to be honest neither do the adults hehe. Time to brush up!


You will need a paper and pen or pencil to keep score…or in our case a dry erase board sometimes….the kids love using it for this game. You can decide to use the timer or not but do so now as a group. We don’t use it when playing with the Diva but will sometimes use it when playing with the Gentleman.

Make sure the game board is in the middle of everyone and select your Player Tokens. Put them on the starting space and decide who goes first. We roll a die to decide.

Now the instructions don’t say so but shuffle each deck of cards and put them near the board where everyone can reach them or at least can be handed one from someone. We line them up to one side but you can put them wherever is comfortable for you. Now the fun part!ggwisealecreview (5)


On your turn you will roll the Die, move that many spaces in any direction you want. The board is setup like a giant circle with other circles on it so you can around and back again if you want. Keep in mind that Red is History, Yellow is Spelling and Green is Science.

Purple squares are Wise Alec cards and Blue squares let you pick your own category. Orange squares has the person to your right choose a category for you…so maybe try to avoid those hehe.

You don’t draw the card though, that would be too easy, the person to your left draws a card based on what color square you land on. You can choose the easy one for 3 points or the harder one for 7 points. The person reading will read from that side and if you answer correctly you get that many points!

The Wise Alec squares are different. You pick up the card for this one and follow the directions. You might get a brain teaser or a tongue twister or even have to do an exercise! You can also win or lose points or have to make silly faces. There are a lot of possibilities and they are pretty fun….the Diva likes this category a lot and has one thanks to it before.

ggwisealecreview (3)Winning:

The game is over when your goal is reached no matter which goal you chose. Highest points at the end of time, first to reach a certain number of points or first to their personal goal…which is our way to play.

No matter which way you play there really can’t be a tie…I guess in the timer one there could be…I’d pick a category and play until there was a winner…basically til someone missed a question.

We use it in our homeschool lessons and sometimes will just do pop quizzes for quick points and just read the cards to the kids to answer. They both love this! It breaks up our day when we need to refocus or they just don’t want to do lessons that day…which happens. We play a game or pop quiz and then they are ready to go again!

This game is adorable and perfect for any family game night. You can level the playing field so to speak to make it more fair for younger kids and more interesting for adults. This also great if you want to help kids brush up on facts or spelling, learn new facts or spelling words and if you homeschool this is a perfect addition to games for education!

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Author: sandyz