My First Science Textbook: Chemistry Story Books for Kids

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Genius Games continues to make extraordinary science games but now they are taking their talents a step further and creating Chemistry Books for Kids! The My First Chemistry Book series are about three tiny particles and they make up the world we experience every day. The first book follows Pete the Proton and Ned the Neutron as they get together to build…EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

I am super excited about these books. Science is one of my favorite subjects but also one of my weakest. I want to learn all the things but I sort of struggle with actually learning and retaining anything to do with it. I get basic things, ideas and can understand quite a bit but it doesn’t always stay with me. I do love science though…so I’ll keep learning even if it means learning it over and over until it sticks!ggfirstchembookpr (3)

Thanks to Genius Games games like Ion (click the name for our review) I actually do start remembering things more and more.

My kids share my love for science so when I heard about these books I was ecstatic! I love books that my kids can read (or we can read together) that are fun and educational at the same time.

These books will fuel your kids curiosity for science and are great for starting conversations about how the world works. The way they are written makes it easy for kids to understand and easy for those of us who don’t always “get” science easily to not only understand but also explain and teach our kids as well.

If you want to know about these wonderful books check out the info below or go straight to their Kickstarter page HERE.

ggfirstchembookpr“My First Chemistry Textbooks are hardcover children’s books, each with 32 or more full color paper pages. Our goal is to add a  few additional workbook pages at the end of the books so adults and kids can play, interact and discuss the content covered throughout the books.”

Why John Coveyou created these books –

“I spend a lot of time reading to my two-year old daughter and am amazed at how quickly she soaks up information about the world around her; colors, numbers, and even incredible detail about the characters in stories…

I’ve also spent a lot of time teaching chemistry, and no matter what age my students are, they all face similar difficulties – the most common hurdle hindering their progress is a perception of science and chemistry as intimidating.

I wanted to find a fun and memorable way to introduce my daughter to this same content, before she developed that perception!

ggfirstchembookpr (2)Whether I’m teaching 5th grade, or teaching a college course, the basics of chemistry are all the same.The world we live in is made out of essentially three tiny particles: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.

I know it might sound crazy, but I’m convinced that even a toddler can begin to understand some of these basics of chemistry and science. . . there’s just currently no context in which to teach it to them!

The My First Chemistry Textbook series provides that context to introduce science and chemistry to kids of all ages!

They put together an extremely talented team that all helped bring these books to life. Writer, Mary Wissinger and Shelley who has been working tirelessly to coordinate and manage everything, Illustrator, Harriet Kim Anh Rodis, and of course John Coveyou, creator and editor.

I cannot wait for these to come out and in the mean time will be checking out the digital copy of the first book in the series, Protons & Neutrons with my kids! Share the fun and love of Science with your kids…or your friends kids, or grandkids, nieces, nephews, students or any kid nearby who is listening when you read it out loud!ggfirstchembookpr (4)

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
~ Dr. Seuss

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