Making movies with GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Recommended Age:6+
Our Recommended Age:5+ (With help)
Note:All GoldieBlox building pieces are inter-compatible.
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GoldieBlox makes fantastic sets that encourage girls to build and create and problem solve. Our favorite is the Movie Machine. Goldie and her friends come together to help save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being canceled. Read the story to find out what happens and along the way learn to build a Zoetrope!

I absolutely LOVE Zoetrope machines and until we built this set I had never seen one in action…except on T.V. but that is NOT the same. These machines are why we have movies today. I love that GoldieBlox teaches my kids about them in a fun way.

Zoetropes are one of several pre-film animation devices that use a sequence of drawings or photographs to make it seem like a moving picture. Sort of like a spinning flip book. I always wanted to build a zoetrope when I was a kid and am so happy that my kids get to learn all about this fantastic machine….well Goldie’s version anyway.

moviemachinereviewThe set has a fold down and in type box. The kind that opens like a pizza box and is pretty sturdy so it doesn’t tear easily. Every single piece to this set has a spot in the plastic insert with the booklet resting nicely on top. I do love that level of organization plus it means the parts don’t spill all over the place.

We have three sets now and are considering a bin for all the pieces…then the kids can build whatever they want whenever they want…which is the point of the sets. The sets are designed to tell a story and let your child build along with it. They complete something specific.

At the same time the sets encourage children to build other sets or their own creations. There are examples of other things you can build with each set except this one.

This one has examples of how else you can create stories for your Movie Machine. I am sure you could use these pieces for other inventions but not sure what you would use the big parts for…then again that is the beauty of these sets, to create the things you think of.

The pieces are for the most part plastic. The nice and hard to bend plastic. The small stars seem to be made out of a soft but not really bendy rubber and the cat, Benjamin Cranklin, is made out of the soft bendy rubber. I think he just sits and watches…or you can spin him around when you use the machine.

The Zoetrope’s main part is the plastic purple picture holder, otherwise known as Valentina’s drum. The cards that come with the set are made out of a really thick card stock material. I’m sure you could print on something and use those but I would print on card stock at least so light doesn’t shine though very well.

moviemachinereview (2)I have never found a set that encourages kids to build and create inventions quite as much as these sets. Not only that but the characters are sort of a reverse of what we are used too.

Three girls and only one boy when normally one girl is among a group of guys. I like the role reversal without making him seem like one of the girls.

Each character has their own unique focus and none of that is on being a princess. My Diva bounces back between being an inventor (she wants to invent a kitten time machine…not sure yet what she means) and a marine biologist. She wants to swim with dolphins.

I believe that toys like GoldieBlox are part of the reason my daughter believes she can be anything and we will keep encouraging her and our son to believe that.

If you are looking for great way to encourage your child to invent, build and create GoldieBlox sets are perfect. The Movie Machine set is even better for those that also like entertaining and movies.gbmoviemachinereview2Show us your One Second Film in the comments or at @MyGeeklings @Goldieblox

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

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