You won’t believe the things people come up with in the Game of Things!

Recommended Age:14+
Players:4 or More
Play Time:Depends on players and rounds decided on by the group.
Contents:300 Topic Cards, Response Pad, Score Pad, 8 Pencils, Instructions
Our Recommended Age:5+ (Able to read and write or have help and adults should check all cards before allowing children to play)
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Patch Products has some pretty outstanding games but if you are like me you assume most are for kids…not true. Not only do they have a lot of game options for adults but one one in particular stands out for us…the Game of Things. Read the card and everyone else writes their response on a piece of paper, then the reader gets to try to guess who said what!

The Game of Things is a super fun game for 4 or more players that is perfect for a game night or ice breaker game at a party! The cards all start with THINGS…and then they range from “humans are good at”, “that are red” to “that wouldn’t make a good Jell-O flavor” which is of course peas…bleh.

gameofthingsreview (1)We were given the Anniversary edition which came in a beautiful slide top box that was equally beautifully organized inside. It had this clear yellow plastic insert that had a spot for the answer sheets (which is on top of the 8 golden pencils…not real gold just colored)with a lid to that and a spot for the score pad which went on top of the answer sheet spot.

There were two separate spots for the cards that you can read…I do love organization like that!

The box is very well made and has a small metal plaque that says 10th anniversary on it. Not really part of it but still kind of cool. The cards are standard card material with black print and gold trim for decoration. I like the swirls and bubbles…I’m not sure why or what they are for but I like them.

The paper sheets are just that…paper and both tablets have perforated lines for easy tearing…which I still cannot use apparently as I tear sheets…I’m not allowed to remove them anymore. The pencils are the small ones with no erasers and are gold…they don’t write gold but are designed gold…but not out of gold…I’ll stop now and just move on to telling you how to play…


Have the most points at the end of the game! I’ll explain how to get those in a bit.


Decide who is going to keep score and give them a pencil and the score pad. Give everyone else a pencil and a sheet from the response pad. Shuffle the deck and put it face down where everyone can reach them. Then decide who will be the Reader for the first round.

2016-01-29 15.52.15Play:

The Reader picks a card and reads it out loud then everyone (including the Reader) writes a response on their sheet, folds it twice and gives it to the Reader.

Keep in mind there are NO correct answers since these “questions” are really topics so you can answer with whatever you want. We usually have kids around but when we play after bed time…well the answers get more interesting…and hilarious.

The Reader does their main job and reads all of the answers. Once if you are playing a more challenging game but otherwise as many times as necessary or you choose. They are also in charge of keeping the game moving and not letting players take too long on their turns. Side note: If you have easily recognizable handwriting you might try writing in block letters or make a rule that everyone writes in block letters to be fair.

The Player to the left of the Reader guesses first and tries to guess which player said what! If they guess correctly the Reader gives the sheet back to the player who wrote it and they guess again. If you are wrong the next player to your left gets to try guessing.gameofthingsreview (4)

Each Player stays in the round until they are matched up with their answer and then they are out. Once only one player has not been matched the round is over and the player to the left of the Reader is the new Reader. Points are given for correct guesses and for not being guessed…I like that.

One point for each correct guess and 2 points for the player who is left at the end of the round! Sometimes I like to write an answer that someone else might say to confuse the group but I’m not the only one that does that….which makes things more difficult and funny…it really is hilarious!


The game ends when you have completed the number of rounds agreed upon OR everyone has had a chance to be the Reader…this is great if there are a lot of people…like a party of a dozen or more. Add up everyone’s points and the player with the most wins!

gameofthingsreview (3)The game is recommended for ages 14 and up but if you can read and write then you can play this game. Parents should go through the cards and either select a stack for younger kids or remove the ones you don’t want your kids answering or reading…or hearing.

Things…”you like to do when you are naked” for example is not one I want my kids to read or answer…I am sure it would be silly but as far as they know you take a shower naked…and that is it. However, Things…”you want to be when you grow up”, “you would like to ask a scientist” or “you are afraid to try” are all perfect for kids of any age…and great conversation starters too.

Game of Things is hilarious for parties, get together s or even family game nights! My son is 7 and he plays with us sometimes. At the dinner table we like to ask and answer questions so my 5 year old can play too. Nobody wins or anything but it can be funny to hear their responses and gives us an opportunity to talk while we enjoy dinner together!

If you are looking for a fun game for the whole family or a party game for adults or teens Game of Things is the perfect choice!

Show us your questions and answers to various THINGS! @MyGeeklings @thingsthegame @PatchProducts


“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
~ Roald Dahl

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  1. I absolutely ADORE this game to pieces. It is definitely one of my favorites along with Cards Against Humanity and Balderdash….depending on who you play the game with, it can get very very wrong very quickly, but that’s the fun of it. 😀 Everyone should get this, it’s a ton of fun.

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