Fun on the Farm with Fun Farm!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:15 min
Contents:• 6 Foam Animals : 1 blue sheep, 1 green goat, 1 pink pig, 1 red horse, 1 black & white cow and 1 yellow chicken • 24 Cards • 2 dice • 1 Rule book
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IELLO makes some pretty awesome games and one of their newer ones, Fun Farm, is no exception. Be the first to spot the matching card and grab the animal to score the card. Sounds easy right? When competing for that animal with other players it comes down to who spots the match first and has the fastest reflexes.

Fun Farm is easy to learn and fun to play for all ages. Yes, it is a kids game but that doesn’t stop my husband and me from playing! I mean how many games remind you of slap jack? Not many and although you aren’t slapping anything you do have to be quick to grab the animal before anyone else does. I have faster reflexes but sometimes not by much and my husband has longer arms. We might be a tad competitive when playing some games.

2014-08-29 20.15.01 copyThe animals are a black and white Cow, a pink Pig, a blue (not black!) Sheep, a green Goat, a yellow Chick, and a red Horse and are adorable. They are made out of that soft foam material that stress balls are made out of and I may or may not have to squeeze them every time we play… Each has its very own shaped spot in the box for easy storage. Well, if you are like me then have to fit each in its specific spot but you don’t necessarily HAVE to since they will all fit just fine in any spot.

Two dice, one white and one black,  with various color circles on them and a deck of cards with dice and animals on them also have a specific spot in the box. I swear I don’t have OCD but that sort of packaging still makes me happy. I really don’t like the “throw it in however” boxes…I’m pretty sure I don’t have OCD anyway. Still having everything in its place (maybe I do…) is nice because it means less mess, less figuring out where everything is in the box and less time trying to org2014-08-29 21.45.59-1 copyanize it all in order to play. Basically faster start time and kids learn to put things away in specific spots!

The game itself says 6+ but my 3 year old (4 in a month) can play with minor adjustments. I’ll explain those along with how to play and then tell you briefly how you can play with a 2 year old! Though make sure they aren’t the eating toys type before playing. At 2 my daughter was sooo the toys in the mouth type of kid. Luckily she outgrew that and can safely play games. In fact because this game is easy to learn means our whole family can play together! Now on to the How To’s and whatnots!


Be as fast as you can to grab the correct animal first to win the card and get the most cards to win.

2014-08-29 20.07.22 copySetup:

First shuffle the cards! Put them in the middle of everyone but not the center of the play area. If playing with young kids you can always be the card flipper and not worry about it. Next set each of the animals in a circle with enough space for a hand to reach around it. Make sure everyone can reach each animal easily enough. The cards are outside of this circle with enough room to flip more than one as needed. This will be the setup up even when adjusting slightly.


The person who cuddled an animal last gets to go first. How cute is that! It actually says that in the rules! I love stuff like that…moving on. Each player on their turn is called the Farmer and will flip over one card and roll the dice. The dice should be rolled inside the animal circle. Now for the fun part!

Each card has two dice on it, one in white and one in black with a random color circle in the middle. They also each have a different animal on it in the middle. If one die matches the corresponding die on the card that card becomes “activated” and its a race to grab the animal whose picture is on the card. Whoever grabs it, and holds on to it, first gets the card for their pile. For example:

A card is flipped with a  Pig on it and the black die (in the top left) shows Red and the white die (bottom right) shows Blue. You roll both dice and the black die is Yellow and the white die shows Blue that card would be activated and you could grab the Pig from the circle.Whoever grabs it first and doesn’t drop it gets the card. I give my daughter a chance to pay attention and recognize a match before we race for the animal. Sometimes she spots it right off and snatches the animal before I even know it’s a match! However, sometimes I have to make her pay attention a little closer…she is 3 after all.

Here is some of our game time.

Continue playing until all the cards from the deck are flipped. Not claimed, however, just that last card flipped over is the last round. Count up your cards to determine a winner. When playing with daughter we usually try to give her a chance to identify the dice and look at the cards before we grab the animal if there is a match. Even my Gentleman gives her plenty of chances but her attention span is…not that great.

Now if you are playing with a younger kid who isn’t quite ready to match dice or colors yet you can simply have a race to grab the correct animal pictured. Another way is to have them identify the animal, its color, grab it and make its animal noise. You can start adding in the dice by laying out a few cards and having them roll and identify any matches on the cards. Once they roll a die that matches a card have them identify the animal, grab it and still make the sounds. Because animal noises are awesome…and fun.

The game doesn’t take much time to learn or teach kids. Kids pick up on matching very quickly and what kid can pass up making animal noises? I can’t even pass that up! Fun Farm is a fantastic game. It’s easy to learn, quick to play and fun for even adults. I don’t just mean squishing the animals either, the grabbing as fast as you can is really fun! Especially with my ninja-like reflexes! Ok…that might be in my head but it IS a lot of fun.

Both of my kids LOVE it when they get the animal faster than me. It’s funny most of the time because I’m slower on purpose…it’s when I’m trying to get it first but they get there seconds before me that it gets embarrassing. Really though I love playing this game with everyone. It isn’t very portable unless you take it all out of the box (which we have done) but it is one of our favorites because we can ALL play together. If you are looking for a fun family game you should grab Fun Farm from iello.

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“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz