Flurry the Bear: The Land of the Sourpie

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We’ve mentioned our love of reading a time or two and thankfully that’s continued as time has gone by. Luckily though there are a ton of great books out there to engross us including the continued adventures of one of our favorite characters: Flurry the Bear in his second book The Land of the Sourpie.

In the original Flurry the Bear novel, Flurry the Bear & The Christmas Wish, J.S. Skye introduced us to Flurry, a teddy bear from the North Pole with a knack for getting into trouble. He quickly became a favorite in our house so we were definitely excited to see what kinds of predicaments he got into next.

Let me tell you, we were not disappointed! The Land of the Sourpie introduces us to some new friends – our favorite is the polar bear teddy bear Caboose – and sends Flurry on yet another exciting exploit. Without giving too much away, Flurry returns to Ursus for a visit and discovers to his great dismay that he has a baby sister, Fall. After his jealous reaction to the news Flurry, Fall and Caboose find themselves in possession of a map to the land of the Sourpie and that’s where the real adventure starts!

Like in The Christmas Wish, J.S Skye tells a story in The Land of the Sourpie that’s entertaining and accessible for both kids and adults. Kids will enjoy the humor and excitement while learning important lessons about forgiveness and understanding. The way that Skye weaves a similar story both in Flurry’s own life and in the setting of the adventure allows young readers and opportunity to see how the book’s themes are important in both small and large situations.

The vocabulary in The Land of the Sourpie hovers somewhere between young reader and adult. There are portions of the book that most readers will get through without pause but others will have them asking plenty of questions. This leads to plenty of learning opportunities, something we are always on the lookout for!

Much like The Christmas Wish, I’d say The Land of the Sourpie will stick around with us for quite some time. Luckily  there’s plenty more of Flurry and his friends waiting for us ahead!

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
~ Voltaire

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