Twinkle, Little Star, How I wonder where you are?

Recommended Age:8-98
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I absolutely love search type games! Word Search, I Spy and Seek and Find games were always my favorite but I have always either had to use a computer or pencil and paper. Until I discovered Find It Games. Find It® games, “Starry Night” is a fun Item Search game that my kids and I both love to play.

All of the Find It games have little pellets inside in various themed colors. In Starry Night they are various blues, yellow and white and mixed in with those pellets are 40 different items. They also hide a penny in each Find It game which is not that easy to find!

showImageEcom copyAll the items (except the penny) are things you would find in the night sky, planets, moon rocks, comet, aliens, rocket, and a ton of other things. I haven’t even found them all yet! But I do find new ones whenever I play…except that penny. I only found that once…sometimes I see it briefly but not often.

The tube feels really thick so I don’t really worry about it breaking but the top and bottom are also hard plastic. The bottom of ours broke a little though. It was accidentally dropped on a hard floor and it cracked. I am pretty sure the top and bottom are mostly for stability in standing up but the tube part is really pretty thick. A little electrical tape and we were back in business…safely.

There isn’t much to the game and I can’t really give you instructions on how to play because it is REALLY easy to play…challenging to beat though. It is literally a small pad of paper with the items on it like a check list and the tube itself. That is it! Easiest setup ever! And if you run out of the little pad the items are listed on the top of it.


I feel like this is more of a single player game since only one person can hold the thing at a time but if you want to make it challenging you can at a timer and see how many each person can find in say 30 seconds or 1 minute. My husband and I have fun doing that.

2014-03-21 19.17.19 copy

My 5 year old loves playing with this because he just had Space week at his Preschool and recognized some of the items in there but my 3 year old doesn’t know quite all of them yet. We play differently with each child.

The Gentleman plays normally but we don’t use a timer and I have to show him the word on his pad to check off. My Diva on the other hand finds an item and I tell her what it is and we check it off her list. She is learning what the space and sky items are and having fun finding new items.

It is insanely difficult to find that Penny or four of the planets and I have yet to find that Moon Rock! I swear they forgot to put it in there. Probably not but it was crazy hard to find the Penny…and they weighted those planets! Other than my frustration at not finding that Moon Rock the game is a lot of fun.

2014-03-21 19.22.33-2 copy

It is recommended for ages 8+ but younger kids can play if they can identify all the items or have the help of an adult and can then learn all the items they can find. Plus if you tell a 5 year old to find the Penny they will sit and look at that thing for a very long time. This makes for a peaceful and relaxing bit of time…until the endless shaking begins.

If you are lucky enough to find ALL the objects (please send proof of that elusive Moon Rock) you can always try again and see if you can do it faster. It is kind of neat to take on a car trip too because it gives you…er the kids something to focus on besides fighting, screaming, or otherwise annoying you. The only problem then is if you only have ONE Find It game!

All ages will enjoy shaking the tube and trying to find everything and it can be a lot of fun to have a competition. I think we are going to get the Find It Wild Life when it comes out! So many options and endless fun.


“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

Author: sandyz