Be the first to reach the top of the tree house in Q’s Race to the top!

Our Recommended Age:3+
Recommended Age:3+
Play Time:Play times will vary
Skills:Behavior, Social Skills, Physical Coordination
Contents:150 fun question and action cards The first storybook, Q’s Wild Ride 4 Q The Monkey figurines 1 big green dice Gameboard
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Q’s race to the top is an adorable and extremely educational game for kids as young as three. Your goal is to help Q reach to the top of his tree house. Along the way you perform silly actions, answer questions on manners, coping skills and managing emotions to name a few. This game is designed to be fun and at the same time help kids learn how to succeed at life!

Plenty of games out there teach kids various skills, primarily math but few teach manners, how to deal with emotions, social skills, identifying and verbalizing feelings and manners…I love the manners part. The game is meant for ages 3+ and kids up to about age 9 will have a lot of fun with it still. Probably kids older as well…though they might not admit it.

Included with the game is a book about and sort of an introduction to Q. A dusky leaf monkey who is super smart but still has a lot to learn about life. The story is absolutely adorable and I love the artwork. Read the story with the kids before playing…or after…or both!

The game comes in a lift top box with that sturdy material and shiny coating. An insert to hold the 3 card decks and the Die and Q’s figures lies under the fold up game board. The board is chipboard, has adorable artwork with Q and his tree house and has that nice shiny top coat.

The Q figures are plastic but the soft kind and in the shape of Q in the colors Blue, Green, Purple and Orange…one for each of our family! The Diva settles for purple when pink is absent.

The Die is larger than standard with rounded corners but otherwise similar in materials. The cards are a nice card stock with a font that is easy to read and not blocky. Over all the game is well put together..and super cute. There are not a lot of instructions but there isn’t a lot to learn so here we go!


Be the first to reach the top of the tree house!


First put the game board where everyone can see it and reach it. Shuffle the You deck and put it next to the board, shuffle the Q deck and put it next to the You deck and then shuffle the Do deck and put it by the other two. Everyone chooses a Q and puts it on the starting color..which is Red on the bottom left of the board. Roll the Die to see who goes first or let the youngest go first…it is up to you.


On your turn roll the Die and move that many spaces along the path. If you land on a space with a white Q face follow the dotted line to the space it points to. This can take you further along or send you back. If your child is not ready for negative consequences just skip the dotted lines for now and add them in later.

If you land on a Blue space you will draw a You card and answer the question. If you land on a Green space you will draw a Q card and answer that question and if you land on a Red space you will draw a Do card and perform the silly action it says. You can take as much time as you need to work through to the questions. Here are a few examples…

You card:

“Do grown-ups learn new things or are they done learning? Why is it important to keep learning?”

Gentleman: “You always can learn new things, grown-ups are not close to being done learning. You can learn what to do in disasters, or new recipes or about science. There are a lot more things you can learn”

“Q said “yum!” when his mom gave him an ice cream but he forgot to say “thank you.” Why is it important to say thank you?”

Diva: “Because it is polite and important to say thank you”

Do Card:

“What does your face do when you’re confused? What do your hands and shoulders do when you’re saying “I don’t know?”

“Have a staring contest with another player. Whoever keeps from blinking wins.”

“Can  you touch your nose with your tongue? Can you cross your eyes by looking at your nose?”

Q Card:

“Q was disappointed that he didn’t get to choose which game to play with his brother and sisters. Why is it good to take turns deciding which game to play?”

Diva: “Because when you are taking turns is fair.”

“Q woke up very upset because he had a bad dream. What can you tell Q about bad dreams? How can you make him feel better?”

Gentleman: “That you can control your dreams. You can bring someone to save the day or make whatever is making it a bad dream disappear and turn it into a good dream.”

This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about things like manners, positive behavior, coping skills and managing emotions. We always take time when answering questions. Well not all or that would take forever but we pause, reflect or discuss every so often.


Play continues clockwise until someone reaches the top of the tree house. They are the winner! Yay you!

Q’s Race to the top is a super fun and super easy game to learn and play. Great for kids of all ages and perfect as an educational tool…the kids don’t need to know that part though.

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“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”
~ Stacia Tauscher

Author: sandyz