Dungeon Roll: Roll dice. Fight monsters. Defeat the Dragon and get the loot.

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:15 minutes
Company Site:playtmg.com
Board Game Geek:www.boardgamegeek.com
Contents:7 Black Dungeon Dice 7 White Party Dice 8 Hero Cards 4 Player Aid Cards 36 Treasure Tokens 24 Experience Tokens 1 10-sided level die 1 Rulebook 1 Book of Heroes
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Tasty Minstrel Games has created an amazing dice rolling adventure game, Dungeon Roll. Gather your party, defeat the Dragon and get the treasure, but to win you must have the most experience points…and you do all this with Dice!

Dungeon Roll is played with a few cards, tokens and mostly Dice. You literally roll to gather your party, another player rolls the enemies (which could be a Dragon) and you have to use your Dice to defeat monsters, gather scrolls and things or get treasure. Before I explain further let me tell you about how awesome the pieces are.

2015-04-07 21.44.26 copyThe box is shaped like a small treasure chest and designed to look like one with the game name on the top and information on the bottom. It opens just like one too with a small white cardboard on the inside to keep the lid closed. A small piece of card board separates the tokens from cards and dice which is kind of neat but if you flip the box upside down the tokens get scattered anyway.

The tokens are that wonderful sturdy cardboard type material with artwork on both sides. The Treasure tokens have a dragon head on one side (which says “In Dragon We Trust” in Latin!) and on the other the treasure item. The Experience tokens have roman numeral experience points on both sides, with each side having a different number.

The cards are pretty standard material but have two sides that are slightly different. The artwork is fantastic and is the same on both sides but for the Hero Cards the Hero is different and so are their abilities. This is because one side is for Novice and the other for Master…you start on the Novice side which is the brown or wooden sign side. There are also symbols on the bottom right that indicate which set the Hero is from…in my case they all have the Dragon.

Dice…the wonderful dice. These dice are Custom Molded Dice not the kind with stickers. Don’t get me wrong sometimes sticker dice are awesome especially if you want little pictures on them or something but I love engraved dice. Not sure why…possibly the weird in me but I just do. ALL the dice in this game are custom molded including the one you use to keep track of your levels during your Delve.

The white set (Party Dice) all have either a Fighter (2 swords crossed), a Cleric (the circle with the hammer), the Mage (witch hat!), a Thief (mask), a Champion (the helmet with wings), or a Scroll on them, one per side of course.

2015-04-07 21.39.40 copyThe black set (the Dungeon set) has a Goblin, (the goblin head), an Ooze (which has a blob like pile with its mouth open), a Skeleton (skull with helmet), a Chest (with a chest on it!), a Potion (with a potion on it) and of course the Dragon (with a Dragon head on it).

The game is meant for 8+ but my son knew how to play at 5 with no real adjustments. You could leave out the special abilities or do what we do and explain each characters ability when he gets the card. Now I can explain the fun part!


The player with the most experience points wins!


Take everything out of the box except for the Treasure Tokens and randomly give one Hero card to each player. Everyone can choose their own if that is how you want to play but either way you should begin on the Novice side of the card.2015-04-07 21.24.05-3 copy

So the first player is determined in a fun way: The player who was most recently underground will start as the Adventurer…does a basement count? The person to the left of this player will be the first Dungeon Lord (mwahahaha!)

You basically need enough room to roll dice, lay down Hero cards, put the Chest (game box) down and a place for the Graveyard and Dragon’s Lair (which is just a place to set diced that are used)


The Adventurer’s turn has 4 phases: The Monster Phase, the Loot Phase, the Dragon Phase, and the Regroup Phase. The ONLY guaranteed phase is the Regroup Phase. All others are based on the roll of the dice. The Dungeon Lord might not roll any Monsters, or Loot or the required 3 Dragons for the Dragon Phase but there is always a Regroup Phase.

2015-04-07 21.41.08 copyEach player (Adventurer) will first roll the 7 Party dice to get their party. The Dungeon Lord rolls 1 die for each level that the Adventurer has delved to. So the very first roll will be 1 and the 10 sided (D10) Level Die will be on 1. This Die is literally only used to keep track of the levels the Adventurers delve to. Now…on to the phases.

Monster Phase:

This is the part where you fight any monsters that were rolled. Your party consists of various companions based on your roll. You have to use these to defeat the monster or monsters.

The first round in a delve will have one Dungeon Die rolled so if it is a monster then you must use one companion die to defeat it. This companion then goes to the graveyard. Until the next delve this companion and any others that join him cannot be used for the remainder of the delve.2015-04-07 21.15.25-5 copy

Certain companions are better at defeating certain monsters than others.  For example, the Fighter can defeat 1 Ooze, 1 Skeleton, or any  number of Goblins. The Cleric can defeat 1 Goblin, 1 Ooze or any number of Skeletons, the Mage can defeat 1 Goblin, 1 Skeleton or any number of Oozes, the Thief can defeat 1 Goblin, 1 Skeleton or 1 Ooze and a Champion can defeat any number of Goblins, Skeletons or Oozes!

During this phase an Adventurer can also use a Scroll to re-roll any number of any set of dice except Dragon faces. The Scrolls are then moved to the graveyard. Basically any dice used get moved to the Graveyard until the end of the Delve.

Each player has a Hero card that they can activate during this phase as well. Remember to start with the Novice side if you have never played or are not comfortable with the game. You can use the Specialty at any time but the Ultimate Ability can only be used once per delve. Turn your card to the side to show it has been used.

2015-04-07 21.19.27-1 copyNow if all monsters are defeated or no monsters were rolled then you move on to the Loot Phase.

Loot Phase:

This is the fun phase where you get treasure or can use potions. A Thief or Champion can be used to open any number of Chests in the current level but any other companion can only open one Chest. Each Chest that is opened you get to take one Treasure Token from the box. If there is ever a point where there are no Treasure Tokens you would get to draw an Experience Token instead….this doesn’t happen often and I have never seen it.

If you are able and want to use a Potion or Scroll to remove 1 Party die from the Graveyard and put it back into your party you can and you get to choose what it is.2015-04-07 21.29.29-2 copy

If any Chest or Potion die are not used they go back into the available dice before moving to the Dragon Phase….I always get Treasure and use Potions when I can…my husband sort of splits on Treasure which to me is weird..

Each item can do different things like the Ring of Invisibility lets you return all the dice from the Dragon’s Lair to the active pool of Dungeon dice but you cannot collect an Exp Token or draw a Treasure. Dragon Scales are worth 2 Exp Tokens per pair, Potions allow you to get one dice from the Graveyard and choose its face, Dragon Bait transforms all monsters into Dragon faces which get moved into the Dragon’s Lair and the Town Portal lets you end a Delve and collect Exp Tokens based on the current Level.

2015-04-07 21.36.46 copyDragon Phase:

IF you are lucky…or unlucky enough to roll 3 Dragon faces you must defeat the Dragon…or try at least. You must use three different types of companions to defeat the Dragon, a Treasure that acts as a companion can also be used. However, if you fail to defeat the Dragon you must flee the Dungeon and you get nothing. NOTHING! No experience points or anything.

In the event that you attracted the Dragon and won there are a few things that happen. All Dungeon dice in the Dragon’s Lair get returned to the pool of dice, the Adventurer gets to draw 1 Treasure Token and earns 1 Experience token. Huzzah!

If there is no Monster Phase you move to the Loot Phase and if there is no Loot Phase you move to the Dragon Phase and if there are no Dragon faces (or at least not 3) then you move to the Regroup Phase.2015-04-07 21.15.01-1 copy

Regroup Phase:

If there are still Dragon dice in the Lair they stay there but all the rest are available to roll. Now you have a choice to make. You can Retire to the Tavern by collecting Experience tokens equal to the Level Die. So if you made it to level 5 you would get 5 tokens and the Delve is over.

You can choose to Seek Glory by going to the next Level in the Dungeon. If you choose this you do not get to reroll your Party Dice. Any dice used and in the Graveyard remain there except if removed by Potion or Scrolls.

The Dungeon Dice that remain are rolled but only the same amount as that on the Level Dice. So on the first Level only one Die is rolled, Level two there would be two Dice, etc. If you choose this path be warned…once the Dungeon dice are rolled there is no turning back mwahahaha!

Seriously though, that’s it and you’ll have to defeat what ever is rolled. You will start again at Monster Phase, then Loot Phase, then Dragon Phase and again the Regroup Phase. Again, any one of those Phases might not happen every time and that is fine.

Now if you reach Level 10 you HAVE to Retire and you are awesome….or very lucky. Collect 10 Experience Tokens and the Delve is over.

Once the Delve is over due to retiring or fleeing all Party dice are passed to the Left and the Dungeon Lord is the Adventurer and the person to their left is the new Dungeon Lord. The Adventurer forms their party and the cycle begins again. Once every player has Delved into the Dungeon 3 times each the game is over and a winner must be chosen.


The goal is Experience tokens and you can earn some at the end of the game as well as during. Each unused Treasure is worth 1 Exp Token except the Town Portal which is worth 2.

2015-04-07 21.31.41-2 copyDragon Scales are worth 2 Exp Tokens for each pair you have. Whoever has the most Exp points wins! If there is a tie then the person with the fewest Treasure Tokens is the winner….if there is STILL a tie then they both win!..and the peasants rejoice.

The rule book even has a way of playing by yourself which basically has you as the Adventurer and the Dungeon Lord but you keep trying to get the best score based on a cool points chart. My son sometimes will play by himself if we don’t want to play with him or can’t. Due to lucky rolling he tends to win more often than me…I’m not so good at dice.

You can even try to get all the listed Achievements like Dragon Bait where you roll 3 Dragon faces at once….my son did that and beat the Dragon…lucky kid. I want to try for Never Tell Me the Odds! which you get if you roll all seven Dungeon dice at once and live! Hasn’t happened yet but it’s important to have goals.

Dungeon Roll is pretty easy to learn despite my probably confusing How To guide above. I swear I don’t try to confuse people…I’m apparently natural at it or at least I feel like I am.

My daughter (age 4.5) is starting to learn how to play but so far we are leaving off the Hero specialties and will eventually add them in by telling her ahead of time and offering opportunities to use the abilities. This will help her learn what each one does and when to use them.2015-04-07 21.37.17 copy

You can’t really adjust much else but you could just play with dice and roll a Party and the Dungeon dice as normal but not keep score. It will help kids figure out what beats what and what each symbol means. Very little to no reading is involved which is awesome. Also, it is very portable in its awesome treasure chest shaped box…though it does make a bit of noise when shaken.

Dungeon Roll is a fantastic game and a favorite at Family Game Nights both at our house and at stores we host at. Adults and kids alike love defeating monsters, getting loot and of course winning. Kids really like it because they have as good of a chance of winning as adults do and we are learning that my son is fairly lucky with his dice rolling…he didn’t get that from me.

Let us know which Achievements you’ve unlocked and if you play Solo let us know if you can become the Hero of Ages!


“The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.”
~ Reiner Knizia

Author: sandyz