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Create a story or go on an adventure with DIY Story Dice!

We love going on adventures around our house! Using your imagination you could be a Pirate sailing the vast sea of..outer space looking for the…

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Gonna go Wild Wild Kratts!

Birthday party that is! My son absolutely LOVES this show! If you are not familiar with it set your DVR to record it or check…

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Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!

My daughter, The Diva, turned 3 in September and since she LOVES playing with her mini loopsy dolls that was the theme we went with….

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Calling all Super Heroes!

My son has been obsessed with super heroes and saving the day since he was two. He recently turned four so it has been going…

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Little hands make big presents.

These cute little handmade decorations make fantastic ornaments or magnets. No one can resist handmade items from kids and they are fun to make! They…

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Making Play-doh!

And then playing with it! Play-doh is easy to make at home, and fun for kids of all ages. Trust me, I know. Ahem… Here’s…

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