Cardline Dinosaur: Play your cards right to become the champion.

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:15 Minutes
Our Recommended Age:5+ (With a bit of help at first)
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Cardline Dinosaurs is an educational card game that is now both of my kids go to game. There are 110 cards and all of them have a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature on them. If THAT isn’t interesting enough they also have factual information about those animals so you can learn while you play. How awesome is that?

Your goal is to be the first and only player to play all of your cards in one round by basically guessing if the animal your playing is either heavier or lighter than one of the animals already played OR if they are taller or shorter than one. You basically are creating a line of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that goes from either lightest to heaviest or shortest to tallest.

cardlinedinoreview (2)The game is recommended for ages seven and up but my 5 year old Diva can play too. She still needs a little help with the guessing but she is getting the hang of it. Up to eight people can play which makes this one of the most family friendly games we have ever played. Not many games can be played with that many and certainly not many that a 5 year old could play.

It comes in this small square tin with embossed art on the lid. Inside is one of my most favorite things in games…and organized tray that holds all the cards in two spots in a velvety feeling insert. There are of course spots for your thumb or finger to pull the card decks out easily enough.

You can play a game in 15 minutes and it can fit in your purse or a kids backpack which makes this one of the best travel games we have seen. Again, it is also educational. Did you know the Sabertooth Tiger could get to 12 ft in length? I didn’t…but I saw the card and googled it…and sure enough it can!

The information on the card is accurate but by no means the only possible length or weights for these animals. While scientists can get a pretty good idea on an animals length based on bones and fossils no one really knows how much most of these fantastic creatures actually weighed. In some cases the cards won’t have any weight listed because there is not enough information on that particular animal to add one.

The cards are a bit better than the standard card material and have some amazing artwork. The image of the animal is on both sides of the card along with the name and their diet information. However, on one side the length and weight are listed as well as their geological era…meaning at what point in history they were alive.

The game is pretty easy to learn and kids can play on their own without adult help after they understand how…which in my kids case was after about 3 turns but I was still allowed to play. They are so generous…


To be the first and only person to play all of your cards correctly in one round.

cardlinedinoreview (1)Setup:

Try to have everyone sort of around where the cardline is going to be so they can reach it.

Figure out who is going to go first by rolling a die, flipping a coin, guessing the weight closest to the correct number on the bottom card in the deck or by simply agreeing on a person to go first…we can’t do that one often but the Gentleman did let his sister go first a couple times.

Now you have to all agree on which characteristic you are going to use for the game, length or weight. We like to mix it up every time we play but I think guessing either is fairly challenging. The artwork doesn’t exactly give you scale…which is awesome…and frustrating.

It’s a card game….shuffle all the cards. Then give each player four cards but be sure the side with all the info is face down…no peeking! You can give a few more cards if everyone agrees and has played a bit before…like a challenge.

Put the rest of the deck in a place where at least some players can reach, again face down. They can pass cards along as needed. Take the top card in the deck and flip it characteristic side up and in the middle of all the players. This is the start of the cardline and the animal that you will base your guess on. Now…let’s play!cardlinedinoreview (4)


Each player will take one card from their cardline and play it where they think it fits in the main cardline. If going by weight you would place it either heavier or lighter than the first card played. Heavier to the right and lighter to the left. Once placed you flip over the card to see if you are correct.

If you are right, first yay you!, and second your turn is over and the card stays in the line. However, if you guess wrong that card gets removed from the game (just put it in the box) and you have to draw another card.

Example time! Pretend we are going by weight…no women usually says that I know..but let’s pretend. The cardline has from left to right a Oviraptor (66 lbs), Deinonychus (137 lbs), Sabertooth Tiger (845 lbs) and the Dilophosaurus (859 lbs) and the card you are trying to play is Gallimimus.

You have no idea what the Gallimimus weighs…unless you are an expert on dinosaurs and then I call shenanigans… There are five places you could place this dinosaur. In front of the cardline or at the very end if you think it is the heaviest of all so far. You could also place it in between any two animals in the cardline if you think it weighs less than the one to its right and more than the one on its left….

PSST…it weighs 717 lbs. I wouldn’t have guessed that and I’d have had to draw a card.

cardlinedinoreview (3)Winning:

“The first player to be the only one to have played their last card in a turn is the winner” There is a reason it is worded like that. There can be a tie. You have to be the ONLY person to play all of your cards (well your last one anyway) in a single turn.

If two or more players play their last card during a round then all other players are out and the remaining ones get to draw one more card to play until there is only one winner. There can be only one! If you get that reference you are awesome.

Not only is this game super fun, educational, portable and organized but a group of people of varying ages could play and have a fair chance at winning. It’s the thing I love the most about this game (and there are a lot of things to love). My 5 year old and my 7 year old can play together and have an equal chance at winning. Not many games offer that.

If you are looking for a new game the whole family will enjoy time and time again, this is a perfect choice. There are even other themes for the Cardline series and they are compatible with Dinosaurs!  Well the Cardline Animal series are anyway.cardlinedinoreview2Show us your Cardline Dinosaurs line up! @MyGeeklings @Asmodee_USA

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

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