Our Awesome 2015 Brickworld Indy Adventure!

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Brickworld came to Indy again this year and we could not have been happier. Always awesome and always fun, Brickworld has something for every LEGO fan. Shopping, playing and LEGO creations that you can only dream about are all at this fantastic event and it isn’t JUST in Indy!

Brickworld takes place in Indy, Chicago, Tampa, and Fort Wayne. Hopefully they will be able to expand to other cities in the future but for now I will be grateful we live in Indianapolis and get to go! Now for those who don’t get to go…you should try to find a way to go but I’ll tell you about our adventure.

brickworld15 (27) copyThere really isn’t anything like being able to see entire scenes out of your favorite movie built entirely out of LEGO bricks and at Brickworld you can find exactly that. My favorite this year was probably the Hobbit and LOTR scenes but my favorite set was pretty much all of the Monster sets or anything to do with castles getting attacked by monsters…I like monsters.

My daughter and son both really loved the big city scene with super heroes and characters they knew all over the place in it. It was really pretty amazing. DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, and even the Simpsons were in it. Pretty Epic…I want to build a city scene like that but we don’t have the money…and no one would be allowed to play with it ever…

There was an Interactive Play area for Duplos and LEGO bricks, fighting robots and several Seek & Finds for some displays…the geeklings were too excited to stand still long enough to find more than 1 or 2….and vendors galore! You could find just about any LEGO minifig you were looking for here along with various sets, custom builds, custom engraved key chains made of a LEGO stick (is that what the 1 x 8 or so is called?) and Brick Loot even had a booth!

Ok my MOST favorite display of all time was the Isle of Thrinacia (from the tales of Homer’s Odyssey). They had the boat arriving, the cattle and an underwater scene that was phenomenal! LOVED it! Both of my kids absolute favorite sets were the Minecraft sets…we are all huge fans of the game. I seriously cannot describe half of the scenes that were there so here are a few pictures of our Brickworld Adventure.

Brickworld is an amazing event for any level of LEGO fan. The next events for 2015 are Chicago – June 20 – 21, Tampa Sept. 19 – 20, and Fort Wayne – Oct 24 – 25. Ticket Prices vary so check out the website for more informatoin on the event in your area. Tag/Tweet us with your favorite LEGO creations!

We didn’t get to do much with the interactive stuff but it looked like a LOT of fun…my kids seriously just wanted to look at everything…or buy everything. I think my kids are on a secret mission to own every minifig out there…they are well on their way. They had Doctor Who minifigs including Daleks which of course I wanted to collect…that or the Wolfman or Dracula ones…

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”
~ Walt Disney

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