BrickLoot: A monthly box of Brick related awesome!

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We were lucky enough to get one of the first boxes of BrickLoot in December when it launched. Since then they have been selling out the monthly subscriptions like crazy and for good reason. Tons of goodies in one box delivered right to your door (or at least mailbox) every month…and they all relate to LEGO type bricks!

The December BrickLoot box was the first one released and it was filled with such wonderful things! I will go through them for you as best I can but it really is an experience you should have for yourself if you are any type of LEGO fan at all.

The blue brick looking box is pretty sturdy as boxes go and the flip top lid closes neatly and securely into the bottom. It also makes everything that much easier to see when you first open it. You can check out our Un-boxing video below and then see more detailed look at what was inside. Remember though…this was just the FIRST one which means it will only get better and this one was awesome!

Pretty awesome right? That P-51 Mustang nanoblock was going to be a Xmas present for my husband…but it came in BrickLoot instead. Yes…that nanoblock set came in the December box of BrickLoot! That alone is worth more than the subscription in case you were wondering if it was worth the cost. Because yes it absolutely is.2015-01-25 15.57.35-3 copy

There were a few things in there that we wouldn’t use. Like coupon codes for LEGO books or for custom vinyl for your walls. Our walls are textured…which is a pain in the @%# so we can’t ever get those and the kids are not quite ready for books just yet…although we might start saving them for when they are.

Here are the contents of the December Box…since it isn’t spoiling anything I can announce it all now! In no particular order either.

  1. 1 Nanoblock – P-51 Mustang set
  2. 1 Custom build – Robot – from JK BrickWorks
  3. 1 Oyo Sports custom BrickLoot football player minifig
  4. 1 Brick Popper
  5. 1 Red 2×3 brick from Liteup Blocks
  6. 1 Brickforge accessory pack
  7. 1 Sample of vinyl decals from VinylIsYourFriend along with a discount code for BrickLooters
  8. 1 Discount code on the purchase of LEGO books.

2014-12-21 22.05.14 copyYou are probably wondering what some of this stuff is. I had never heard of a lot of these companies or items either but BrickLoot introduced us to some pretty neat items and companies to look for in the future.

Nanoblock is not so uncommon. Sold in stores like Barnes N Noble and Toys R Us these tiny bricks are JUST like LEGO bricks…but tiny. The December box came with a P-51 Mustang which as I mentioned was on my husband’s gift list.

Oyo Sports was one I had never heard of but they make brick figures from sports players. Which might be why I had never heard of them. I am not into sports…and that is putting it mildly. My husband recognized a lot of players and thought it was neat. This one was a custom BrickLoot figure with a football, helmet and water bottle.

The Robot custom build is from JK BrickWorks and uses actual LEGO pieces. There is a sheet with instructions on how to make him and he even comes with a gold coin and silver bar for his chest piece. My son loves robots so this was about as perfect as it could get. 

Interesting note: Our Robot was missing his feet and the part that went on his head. It was 4 of the same piece but when I contacted the company about they sent out the pieces immediately with apologies. I got them in the mail 3 days after I emailed. Talk about great customer service!

The Brick Popper is a little heavy and can only pop the bricks out from other pieces. If you have LEGO sets then you have an orange Brick…remover? Not sure the name but it has all kinds of ways to remove bricks and this is only one. However, the Brick Popper is actually easier to use to get flat pieces off and bricks are that just hard or stuck. The metal edge can get in easier and the handle is a lot easier to hold and use to maneuver.

2015-01-25 16.14.57 copyThe Litup Blocks brick is kind of cool. You push a button in on the side to turn it off and on but it is sort of hard to push in all the way. This one lit up Red and would be awesome to include as street lamps, headlights, or anything else you have ever wanted to light up when building. My son was using it as a siren for a police car.

The accessory pack from Brickforge is kind of cool. It literally is an outfit with accessory options for your LEGO minifigs. This one had a helmet, armor, 2 visor options, guns, hand cuffs and a dagger. The weapons were a clear blue and the armor was red.

VinylIsYourFriend had a set of stickers for the box. They looked sort of like a side view of a LEGO brick but also like a castle top. My kids liked them though and the discount to their store online was pretty neat too.

Here is a gallery of the December Box.

BrickLoot had more in the box than I thought it would and more items we liked than I thought there would be. We have tried a few monthly boxes and are almost always disappointed with about half or more of the box. The same cannot be said for this one. Truly worth it’s monthly cost for any LEGO, MEGAblox or other Brick builder type person. Plus it’s great for the whole family to spend time un-boxing and playing together!

“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
~ Ron Olson

Author: sandyz