Un-boxing Awesome March Edition!

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You probably know by now that subscribing to Brick Loot means having tons of goodies in one box delivered right to your door (or at least mailbox) every month…and they all relate to LEGO type bricks! Well we opened the March Box and could not love it more! Vehicles! Cars, Helicopter, Boat and more Cars! Check it out!

If you are a subscriber you already know how hard it is to wait for your little blue box to show up.

2015-03-19 20.26.15-1 copyMy son could literally not stop asking when this box would get there and at one point I had to explain that the mail person does not in fact know when your Brick Loot would arrive unless it was in there that day…which it wasn’t. Learning patience is still ongoing.

When we DID get the box I had to hide it until their daddy came home and we could all open it together and for the camera of course. He was so excited to see what was inside and to show his sister all of it as well.

Obviously my video is adjusted a bit but we only had to “cut” and start over on one item…because his sister decided to play with her eyes, nose and face by making gross faces. I saved you from that. Your welcome.

Here  is our Un-boxing Awesome March Edition! Review of items inside coming soon!

“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
~ Ron Olson

Author: sandyz