Challenge your brain with Brain Cheeser!

Recommended Age:6+
Contents:48 challenges magnetic pieces
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Brain Cheeser is another great IQ-building game by SmartGames! Set up the puzzle using the Challenge pages which range from Starter to Master and then try to put the rest of the cheese in to solve the puzzle. Sounds easy but there are certain rules to follow and even the Starter ones are not all as easy as they look but they sure are fun to try!

SmartGames is well known for their 1 Player, IQ-building games and Brain Cheeser is one of the latest in that line. It is recommended for 6+ but my 4 year old can sort of play too. The best part is that + means it is good for any age! I am actually struggling with a Master Level Puzzle right now…literally right now.2014-10-05 19.37.38-5 copy

The game is designed to travel…I love that! It opens like a little book but with a button to keep it closed and it’s magnetic. This is great because the pieces won’t fall off or get lost in the car when on trips…or at my table when my daughter drops the game. The pieces are magnetic and the mouse circles are small so be weary of kids who eat small things…and dogs.

The Cheese pieces are basically yellow foam on top of a magnet with little holes and half circles cut out of them. These are the puzzle pieces. Downside to them is they can bend pretty easy although I am not sure if they can be torn apart easily as I didn’t try that and neither did either child…thankfully. However, you might keep an eye kids if the tend to do that sort of thing just in case.

In order to play the game you need to pick a Challenge from one of the two books that are on the inside left of the “book”.  The top book has Junior and Beginner levels while the bottom book has Expert and Master. I highly recommend starting at Beginner…trust me. You can always skip if the first few are too easy but it is a good idea so you don’t get frustrated too quickly. Not that I did….ok maybe I thought I could start on Expert and couldn’t. Maybe…

The Challenge shows you how to setup the board. Level 1 Challenge shows almost all the Cheeses on the board and you only have to find where two of them go. As the Challenges progress the Cheeses on the board decrease in number until you Expert which has no Cheeses on the board. My son is on this level…yeah he is 6 and doesn’t let me forget he does the puzzles that mommy does. I’m so proud…and annoyed.

There are a few things to keep in mind of course. What great puzzle game has no rules? The Cheese has half circles in them, except for one with a circle in the middle. You cannot have Cheese with half circles in the middle. ONLY on the edges of the board facing out. If you have a Cheese with a half circle facing a flat side of a Cheese then you did it wrong.2014-10-05 20.09.17-5 copy

No half circles except on edges and you can’t move the Mice. There is literally only ONE right answer. SmartGames is kind enough to supply the answer in the back of the books though…not that I needed to look at them or anything. I admit nothing…My son likes to check his work sometimes though and my daughter likes to just set it all up the way the picture shows. It is a way to learn how to play in a way.

My son is now on Expert level having skipped and beat the Junior and Beginner levels. He gets SO excited when he completes one especially if he wants to give up on a tough one but then pushes through and gets it. I love that these games teach him that you CAN solve a problem you just have to keep trying your best. The Diva is still learning this but she can work her way through some of the Junior levels and absolutely loves solving puzzles. I think I have to get a second one so they both can play…maybe even a third.

Brain Cheeser is easy enough for young kids to play but challenging enough for adults and hours of fun for either. You can take it with you anywhere and not lose the pieces! Just be careful in the car if you don’t use all the mice. My son didn’t want to do anything else when he played and he wants to play whenever he can. I love that he loves these types of games. It helps that I love them too.


“It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.”
~ Fred Rogers

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  1. We love logic games. It’s great to know that it’s fun for both kids and parents!!! Thanks for awesome review!!! Love this interesting game!!!

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