Create new adventures with well loved characters with Tell Tale:Toy Story

Recommended Age:5+
Play Time:20 minutes
Cost:$14.99 (Prices may vary)
Contents:50 Cards Illustrated Rules
Skills:Speech and Language Creativity Social Play
Our Recommended Age:3 or 4 with help if they have seen the movies.
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Who doesn’t love Pixar’s Toy Story? I mean you have 3 movies (4 soon?) to choose from and probably know the story to each by heart. What if I told you the fun didn’t have to end with the movies? Blue Orange Games has a series called Tell Tale and one version is Toy Story. You and a few friends can make up your own stories for the your beloved toys using cards…and it is the best thing ever!

Yes it is meant for kids but I am a big kid and love listening to and making up stories with my kids. I like writing and used to make up stories when I was a kid so this “game” was seriously the best thing I have found. I have created Story Dice that we use to tell stories and my son writes them in a Story Journal but this has cards with scenes from the movies and you can tell stories using characters we know and love!

botoystorytelltalereview (5)There really isn’t much to the game. Cards. Lots of beautiful cards with scenes from the Toy Story Movies on them. Both sides have either a scene or picture of a character or two. It is the same pictures/artwork you love and remember from the films. The cards themselves are standard card material so don’t bend them or tear them.

The box they come in is a super cute design that looks like a book. It even sort of opens like one! There is a tab on the right that is magnetic so you can open it like you would a book.

The cards are in a clear insert that hold them all in one place with instructions and has a clear cover to go on top to keep them there. It is the type of box organization that I love!

There are a few ways to play this game listed in the instructions. Storytime, Showtime, and Storyboard. I will briefly explain all three…and of course point out the Geeklings favorites.botoystorytelltalereview (2)


There is no winner or loser. That isn’t the point of this game and I love that. Create your own story using the cards and do your best. THAT is the point.

To get kids imagination and creativity flowing and there are not enough games like that…but I personally think you can never have enough anyway. You can even tell stories as a team (which works perfect for kids around 3-4 years old)


Simply shuffle the cards. Each game option has its own number of cards to use and if playing in teams simply decide in a fair way which team gets to start the story but work together on your team to tell the story.


Storytime: Grab a few cards and put them in any order you want. Tell your story using these cards, once you decide on the order, and try to make it the most adventurous, scary or silly story ever! My kids think their stories are amazing! Sometimes they are not wrong hehe. The Gentleman likes this way of the game because he can choose more for his story…and it isn’t sharing a story with his sister.

Adults can also use them to create a new bedtime story at night. Have your child choose a few card and then tell your story based on those. They could even hand you cards one at a time or all at once and can help you tell the story! I can’t do this as my kids don’t sleep and try to add parts of the story which is great but keeps them up…we stick to stories that they like but have read a bunch of times…for sleep.

Showtime: Each player takes 4 cards and puts them in a pile in front of them. The first player takes the top card and begins the story. They can choose which side of the card they want. The next person uses their top card to add to the story and you keep going around until everyone uses all the cards. This is a fun way to tell stories..and very silly too.

My Diva likes this way because she isn’t the greatest at telling her own stories just yet. She DOES like having control of her own stories but she tends to forget to tell her own and starts telling the story on the card from the movie. Downside of having seen them a number of times.botoystorytelltalereview (4)

Storyboard: Everyone takes 6 cards and puts them in whatever order they want and from either side. Take turns telling your story from those cards. This is another of my son’s favorites because again he tells HIS story the way HE wants to…he might have control issues…a bit.

You can play Storyboard in teams with 2 players on each. Teams make up a story using the 6 cards and the teammates take turns telling it. We don’t play this way…for reasons explained above but it seems cute.


The goal of this game is to have fun…so you “win” if fun was accomplished! As a bonus for parents…your child’s imagination and creativity are flowing and this is how young readers start out. Check out our Geeklings stories in the video below!

Tell Tale: Toy Story is a fantastic game for younger kids (or adults) and is not only great for imagination and creativity but very portable too! If you are looking for a fun game to get your kids interested in reading, storytelling or just to have fun playing this is a great one and one of our favorites.

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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”
~ Walt Disney

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