Our Rocking Adventure with Kee Kee the Monkey!

Recommended Age:3+
Play Time:10 minutes
Our Recommended Age:3 is actually perfect
Skills:Fine Motor Social Play
Company Site:www.blueorangegames.com
Contents:1 Wooden Monkey 24 Wooden Balls Illustrated Rules
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Kee Kee the Rocking Monkey is a fun game of balancing balls on a monkey…that is on a banana! The goal is to be the last person to put a ball on Kee Kee WITHOUT making any of them fall off! There is one catch though…other players pick the ball you have to put on Kee Kee! Learning to balance is hard work but so much fun with Kee Kee the Rocking Monkey!

Blue Orange has a history of making super adorable, well made and fun games…although not all the games are adorable and are instead cool. Kee Kee the Rocking Monkey is among those adorable games. It is all wood and very well made and of course it is super fun.

Kee Kee is made of either a different wood than the pieces or the paint and top coat are different. I honestly cannot tell but I thought it was plastic at first. No matter what it is made of it IS very well put together and can withstand multiple times of falling over. Also it fits into a nice insert inside the fairly sturdy box!

keekeereviewThe balls are really more like cylinders and are also wooden. These are type of wood I am used to and have come to love the quality of. They are painted in fun colors, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange and come in various sizes. The different sizes make the game more interesting and can mean Kee Kee tipping over or not!

There really isn’t much to this game which makes it perfect for younger kids. The size of the balls are great for little hands and the game teaches them about balance, weight and suspense! Watching them when Kee Kee rocks is hilarious and yes I have a video so you can enjoy the fun too…but for now let’s learn how to play!


Be the last person to place a ball on Kee Kee without having one or more fall off…or make Kee Kee tip over. So basically if you put a ball on and Kee Kee stays up but the next player puts one on and he falls over or a ball or more falls off then you win!


Um…put Kee Kee where all the players can reach him easily. Put all the balls in a spot where everyone can reach them. Done. I know I’ve said easiest set up ever but I think this might actually be it.


Each player takes a similar turn. You choose a ball and hand it to the player on your left and that player puts the ball on Kee Kee. You can put it wherever you want, on his arms, hands, the small banana on his head or the big one he is standing on. Just place it carefully.


He does rock back and forth…which makes my kids giggly nervous….and cracks me up. If even one ball falls off while he does this you lose. The player before you is the winner and you can start a new game.

Easy game to learn and so much fun to play…or watch kids play it. You can even try to play by yourself. Simply try to put as many balls on Kee Kee as you can without any falling off. Check out how my kids played in the video below!

They both love this game. My son is a bit old for it but he still likes to play sometimes while the Diva loves to choose this game to play with friends. Both them think it is hilarious when Kee Kee tips over and think it is a win no matter who caused it…it is pretty amusing though.

If you are looking for a game for your younger kids for fun or family game night this is a perfect game. Kee Kee the Rocking Monkey is also great if you are teaching colors, helping with motor skills and learning about balancing. It is a super fun game that has quickly become a favorite choice for the Diva!


Show us how many balls you can stack on Kee Kee! @MyGeeklings @BlueOrangeGames

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz