A new twist on a favorite pastime – Puzzle Battle!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:15 minutes
Company Site:www.blueorangegames.com
Our Recommended Age:4+ With help or rule adjustments
Contents:2 Puzzles (30 pieces each), 2 Models, Illustrated Rules
Skills:Visual Perception Problem Solving Focus & Attention Processing Speed
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Blue Orange has a fantastic way for those who love puzzles, as our entire family does, to enjoy them further and add a little bit more of a challenge to them with Puzzle Battle. A game where two people face off in a race to complete their puzzle first. The catch? The pieces are all in the middle, similar shapes and the puzzles are only slightly different from each other!

Puzzle Battle is a bit more challenging for younger puzzlers than older but you could still do timed puzzle tests with them and remove the helping sheet that shows the complete pictures. More on that later. My son is 7 and my daughter is 5 and they love trying to race to complete the puzzle first although admittedly it is a bit easier for my son…for now anyway.

bogpuzzlebattleWe have the Pirate Puzzle Battle but there are of course other options. Two puzzles come in one crown shaped tin along with the instructions and two 2 piece puzzles to show the two different pictures.

You should notice the colors vary slightly and are mirrored images of each other but otherwise the same…the other part to that is the pieces actually fit into the other puzzle…just to make it more challenging!

The tin opens fairly easily and has the standard lift off lid that tins have and there is nothing organized about the inside…though there doesn’t need to be so that works out.

In fact it is better to keep the pieces in the tin when you play….maybe not better but easier or less messy…or just convenient. I’ll stop now and explain the actual way to play…


Be the first to complete your puzzle correctly.


Choose a picture to complete or pass them out randomly and keep them face down. Keep all puzzle pieces in the tin and mix them up and then either leave them there or dump them in a pile between both players. If you have younger kids they actually give you a couple suggestions on how to make it more fair.


The game is played at the same time so as soon as someone says go or a side is chosen the game begins. It is literally as easy as “Go!” and both players put their puzzle together as fast as they can. There is no holding pieces in your hand, hiding them, grabbing pieces from the other player’s side unless they are for sure for your puzzle and you can complete it, and you can only have 5 pieces next to your “work” area at a time.

bogpuzzlebattle (2)Simple and non-cheaty rules for a quick and very easy, except some what challenging, game. However, if you are playing with a younger kid or the kids are different ages you can adjust how you play.

Older kids or parents have to have one hand behind their back to put their puzzle together, you have to look at your picture and then when they say “Go!” flip it over and not peek again, OR start 10 seconds AFTER Go is said and the younger player begins.

You can increase the head start or use any combination of those suggestions to make it more fair depending on the age or skill level of the younger child. We have to use all of those suggestions and use our opposite writing hand to assemble the puzzle! Those were the rules of my kids anyway…They do actually win a decent amount that way as we don’t let them win anymore on any game.

You could also work together if you prefer more cooperative games for kids. Keep the pieces for both all together and simple help each other put both puzzles together by handing them pieces, working side by side to complete both or to add a challenge for older kids time both of them against an adult or to just beat their best time on assembling both puzzles. You could even add levels of difficulty by not peeking at the pictures.bogpuzzlebattle (3)


The first player to complete their puzzle correctly wins. Easy as that…unless you are playing cooperatively of course.

Puzzle Battle is a super easy to set up and put away which are two things I love about games. Also, kids don’t need an adult to play or supervise it which is fantastic. We can take it with us easy enough although probably not to a doctor office.

Super fun and educational! Have I mentioned I love that type of game? Kids learn problem solving skills and it helps with their focus and attention spans as well. If your kids are like mine they could always use help in those areas…

If you are looking for a new game for the whole family Puzzle Battle is perfect. With more than one version you can have a lot of battles or multiple battles going on at once!

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“The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.”
~ Reiner Knizia

Author: sandyz