3D sculpture of the Gentleman!

Contact:Email 3D sculpture of the Gentleman!
Company Site:www.bodastone.com
Location:933 B Curtiss St Downers Grove, IL 60515
Cost:Contact Katie Bartlett at katy@bodastone.com for a quote and for more information.
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Bodastone is a company that makes 3D sculptures of you. That’s right you can be immortalized as a figurine! You get a few second body scan of your chosen pose and in your chosen outfit (if you cosplay this is perfect for you!) and then you have to wait but it is oh so worth it!

We discovered them at Awesome Con where they scanned the Gentleman. They said he had to stand very still and not move…of course he moved his head once. Only once though and stood still the rest of the rotation for the scan. I was impressed. They had scanned enough of his face to sculpt it in 3D for the print. This is very impressive work and now I want one of myself…as a rogue.

2015-01-08 21.51.12 copyI don’t cosplay a lot mostly because it is expensive but I might go all out for a chance to be a small figure! I would always me “Me” in any board game from the moment I got it…which is what my son wants to do. Can’t blame him. It is awesome and now the Diva wants hers of course. She might sit quite so still for hers.

Primarily used for turning a digital model into an actual ceramic sculpture by high-end engineering and architecture firms for creating prototypes and scale models this same technology is now available for everyone to use for whatever they want. Bodastone is one of the first studio in the country to offer these sculptures as the technology is very new.

These are great for wedding toppers, keepsakes, memories or for use in various games…like D&D perhaps? My son plays Pathfinder and wants to use himself as a Human Warrior or Rogue. I told him he would need to make another one in an outfit for either class he chose…the Diva wants to be a warrior. She is small but mighty.2015-01-08 21.52.59 copy

The material is not smooth but not scratchy either. It’s sort of a rough sand paper feeling that isn’t annoying and doesn’t hurt…did that make sense? It seems pretty durable though we haven’t been too rough with it.

He doesn’t want it broken…but dropped it twice already. It landed on our carpet though and no signs of cracks, breaks or chips which is awesome. Trying not to take chances though.

If you want to get one of you, your kids, your pets or as a gift for someone you will have to contact Bodastone. They take appointments if you live in the Downers Grove area or are willing to travel.

You can also find them at various conventions but if you live far away and really want one you send in pictures and they can make it from those! The price is a little higher though.

2015-01-08 21.55.37 copyWhen they scan you the computer is doing all of the work but if you send in pictures someone has to create it digitally themselves. The computer scan is what my son did and didn’t take very long and someone looks it over and sends you a proof before they print.

You get to preview it before it gets printed so you know exactly what you are getting and are happy with it beforehand!

I wasn’t sure I was happy with the proof and they even worked with me until I was. Great customer service.

We don’t live in the Downers Grove area so I might end up taking pictures of my daughter over the summer and have her figure made for her birthday in fall. I am going to hold on to them until they are 18 or something and use them as cake toppers as a surprise!

I can’t imagine a more personal and fantastic gift or keepsake! These are truly one of a kind.


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
~ Roald Dahl

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