Sync or Swim Launching on Kickstarter January 11th!

Play Time:30-45 minutes
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Louisville, TN. Dec 21, 2021

Bezier Games made a giant splash today announcing their 2022 title Sync Or Swim, a cooperative and engaging card game launching on Kickstarter January 11th! Bezier Games is thrilled to be starting off the new year with this campaign and is hoping to fulfill it by the end of this Summer. The Kickstarter version includes additional routines not included in the retail version (due later this year), so all the more reason to pledge early! 

Inspired by real life synchronized swimming, Sync Or Swim focuses on teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Each round, teammates plan the perfect routine while taking direction from the team captain. The clock starts and players start trading, placing, and diving for cards to get their performance just right! As your team progresses through each round, the routines become more challenging and throw all sorts of twists your way!

At the end of each level, the free app judges your performance based on your timing and accuracy – You and your friends will discover creative tactics for better strategies and scores each time you play! Sync Or Swim is for 3-6 players; each round takes only a few minutes and an entire routine lasts 30-45 minutes. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to go for the gold this year: Hit “Notify Me On Launch” on the Kickstarter Preview page to sync up with this fun new title from Bezier Games!

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Author: sandyz