Awesome Con Indy was…Awesome!!!!

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Awesome Con was held in Indianapolis in September and it was pretty awesome. This convention has everything a geek could want. Comics, artists, vendors selling awesome toys, shirts, collectibles, art and jewelry, a game library, a costume contest, even one for kids and of course celebrity guests! Who wouldn’t want to go?

Let’s be clear about one thing really quick. This convention is NOT Gen Con and is NOT Comic Con or Wizard World. If you go to ANY convention expecting it to be like a major convention that is similar you will be disappointed. That being said, Awesome Con holds its own as a Comic/Pop Culture/All things Geek convention.

Registration online was easy and the lines at the convention were pretty short when we went. I liked the separate lines for each type of Badge pick up and Celebrity photo op as well. Made things easy to identify. What was really great was everything was in the same general area. The convention with the booths of vendors, artists, and celebrity row were in one hall and all the panels and extra events were in rooms across the hall.

Here is a gallery of some of the vendors items.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this type of convention and I have never been that into comics. I know…I know, but it’s true. I like the characters that have come from comics but never really got into reading them or collecting them in any way. My kids seem to enjoy them so I am at least somewhat around them. Awesome Con, while it doesn’t focus on just comics, did have an insane amount of artists.

Half the convention had artists…or so it seemed to me. Now, when I say artists I mean people who draw, paint, sculpt, etc. They had all that and people who crafted things! Crochet versions of Mario figures, companions cubes and My Little Ponies! I love stuff like that! The artists were amazing too and I now have more art for my walls. The Geeklings even picked out a few for their rooms! awesomecon copy (39)

Among them were Josh Lyman who did amazing art of Cheshire Cat and Maleficant which I now own…My Diva picked out a Corpse Bride piece that he did and she loves it….I love it too but was excited she picked it out on her own! We also now own Groot as Chewbacca and Rocket as Han Solo in poster art form as the Mad Hatter’s pick, the Diva picked the My Little Pony villains (and Angel Bunny) piece and the Gentleman picked a Spiderman/Venom piece where if it is one way Spidey is on top but if you flip it Venom is.

Musetap Studios had some amazing pieces as well. We may own a few of them. A beautiful piece with Darth Vader leaning a memorial of names, How to Train Your Dragon 2 Hiccup and Toothless that my son picked out and an awesome Shadow Link that I now own. So many pieces…so little money.

awesomecon copy (43)Phillip Young from my local Game Preserve store was there with his own booth and awesome art. The Art of Phil Young booth had a ton of awesome sketch cards of various characters and a Doctor Who piece, complete with Tardis and Crack in Time and Space. He will be working on sketch cards of my Geeklings! Cannot wait to share that with you!

The convention had a LOT to do besides wander the main hall. There was an artist Super Art Fight which had two of the artists there do battle! There was a comic version of this too. I had never really heard of an art fight that didn’t involve flinging paint or play doh…not that I have any idea what that is about either…ahem. Oh costume contests!

They had an adult contest of course and they had a kids costume contest. In face there were so many things for kids to do I am not sure we saw it all! When we first got there we were told to head to the K-Zone for a free comic each. Free. Comic. Each. They had Angry Birds and Skylanders…it’s like they knew my kids were going to be there.awesomecon copy (23)

After receiving said comics we noticed there were tables with crayons and color books, one with craft supplies on it and they were offering face painting. Typical kid stuff for conventions which saddened me. The 501st was there though, happy to let us take a picture with my Diva. She loves pictures with Star Wars. This was Friday and after getting the comics and being saddened by lack of things for kids we browsed the hall, met celebrities and headed home. Like I said that was Friday. Saturday was a whole different day.

We went back to check it all out again. It was a bit busier Saturday but not that annoying can’t see anything or move crowded so I liked that. When we went to the K-Zone for the free comic we noticed it was a little different. There were the color books and crafts and face painting but this time they had a person showing kids how to draw. They actually set up work shops of sorts for kids in the K-Zone!

awesomecon copy (35)I was honestly shocked because it was also FREE. Just show up and learn how to draw. Then there was a kids costume contest which my Geeklings entered but didn’t win. They had the kids parade around the K-Zone area but on the outside of it and then line up. Each up went up to the judges and spoke to the person running it, dressed as Elsa, and did a pose then waited for the rest of the kids. The line seemed to never end but it was adorable! The winner received a FREE 3D printed figure of themselves from Bodastone! Best. Prize. Ever!

My son actually got to do this as well and I cannot wait to share the figure with you when we get it! He is super excited and actually held really still for it. Which was surprising. His favorite part about Awesome Con was meeting the Rangers. The Yellow and Blue Rangers were there!  David Yost (Billy – Blue Ranger) and Karen Ashley (Aisha – Yellow Ranger after Trinity) were super nice to the kids. The Gentleman has a nice collection of autographs now.awesomecon copy (3)

He also met, Richard Horvitz, the voice of Alpha from that same show and learned what voice acting is and how one person can do different voices. I think it rocked his little mind when he was confronted with the voice of Alpha AND Kaos from Skylanders. Both kids liked Mark Sheppard who they knew from Doctor Who but of course I knew from there, and Supernatural and Firefly.

My Diva loved all the costumes. Being in the costume parade and putting on a show for people was also a highlight for her. Meeting the Yellow Ranger was exciting too and she had to run along Celebrity Row and say to anyone who would listen…which is of course anyone who wasn’t too engrossed in anything.

Over all Awesome Con had a lot to offer and was pretty fun. It was fantastic for kids though! So many things for them to do and engage in that I honestly will go back just for that alone next time! It literally had a little something for everyone and if it comes to your city I recommend checking it out.


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