Eliminate Your Opponents and Rule the Galaxy in Alien Wars!

Recommended Age:6+
Category:Family Game
Our Recommended Age:5+ (With help)
Play Time:10 Minutes (roughly)
Company Site:iellogames.com
Contents:1 UFO box to identify the active player 3 Nano Minefields 6 Alien Fleets of 9 cards each (54 total) 6 Shooting Discs (one for each fleet) 1 rulebook
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Alien Wars is a family favorite because all four of us can play together. It is easy to learn, quick to set up and super fun to play! I’m sure by now you know we sort of love iello games but I think this might be our favorite. It is everything we love in a game!

When I say everything we love, I mean it. It is not only fun, easy to learn and quick to play but it is very portable, and a bit educational as well. Of course when I say educational you might think I’m crazy but it is a bit! You have to try to remember where your cards and the mines are, you need to flick a card with your pinky still touching another and try to remember where everyone else’s cards are too…to eliminate them.

I am getting ahead of myself…first the contents! Alien Wars comes in a small metal tin shaped like a UFO…yes it is shaped like a UFO. iello is fantastic at making game boxes. Even the square ones have entertaining art on them and are sturdy but some, like this one, come in fun shaped boxes…err tins.

ielloalienwarsreview (12)The tin is metal and would take a lot to bend, however it is a pain to open. I’m sure over time it will get easier but right now even as much as we play it the thing is hard to open. Literally that’s my only complaint with the game and I suppose I would rather have this than the opposite problem…I’d hate a loose lid that let the cards spill out…perspective.

There are 54 cards total and all of them are standard card material…but circle. Nothing fancy about them but the artwork is perfect for the look and feel of the game.

Each color has it’s own alien army and each is different. Pigs, Green aliens it big heads, Blue cyclops type aliens, Cthulhu looking aliens, some Skull looking one with an arrow on its head, and a fox looking one…which is my favorite.

Each set of 9 has their own alien type, planets and explosion card that you use for attacking…more on that later. I love the artwork on all of them. The aliens have their own personality and the art reflects that. There is a lot of detail for each set from the way the alien looks, to the planet and even the type and color of the explosion on the Shooting Disc reflects each type of alien well. Now…let’s focus on how to play!


Become the ruler of the Galaxy! Well at least be the last person with cards in the game.


Each player chooses an alien race and gets all the cards for it. You can look at them and will in fact be placing them soon so try to plan out areas where you want specific cards…not that I ever remember but still. Set the Shooting Disc aside for now.

Put the three Minefield cards in the play area, which should be a table or flat surface. You have to make them in a sort of triangle and 10 inches(25 cm) apart. Use a ruler or do your best guess…it doesn’t have to be exact but try to make them even.

Each player all at the same time will place their cards face down in the playing area but of course there are rules. You cannot touch another card, or be too far away from another card, or overlap another card…ever during the game.ielloalienwarsreview (9)

You can, however, look at the cards you place…it is encouraged and you will want to try to remember where you placed what…I can’t ever but there’s hope for others.

If at any point a card gets moved and touches or overlaps another card simply slide it back a bit. Should be less than half an inch away. If at any point cards are too far away from the main group of cards…which will happen…move those cards closer to the main area and follow the no touching but not too close rules…called Gravity Rules.

These must be followed at all times and before game continues…so if after you shoot and a card is eliminated adjust for Gravity before continuing. Now you are ready!


The first player to finish placing their cards goes first but you have to wait until all the cards are in place of course. On your turn select a card and flip it face up and leave it where it is. Now for the fun part…

If it is your own card activate its effect. The little target thing means you can shoot and if there are 2 then you can shoot 2 times. The Planet card has a ship with a + on it. This means you can take the Planet card and put a card already eliminated back in the playing field face-down.ielloalienwarsreview (19)

If it has the target / eyes in [ ] then you can either shoot OR take a sneak peek at 2 cards…don’t show anyone else though. The one with the target / skull target means you can shoot but if this card gets eliminated then you can also shoot at that time…it’s a death shot!

NOW if it is NOT your card then the person whose card it is gets to activate it! Meaning if you flip another players card and it has a target on it, THEY get to shoot…and could eliminate your card….it happens to me a lot. You could also flip a Minefield which can shift thanks to the Gravity Rules. If you flip it nothing happens…if you shoot and flip it then your card is out…either way flip the Minefield card back over and it stays in play.

You probably want to know how to Shoot…it isn’t hard and it kind of is…let me explain. Pick up your Shooting Disc and put your pinky finger of the hand you are using on the card that was flipped. Then lightly flick or toss or just let it drop if you want so it goes to another card or cards….careful not to over shoot it.

The Gentleman has this problem…when he isn’t nailing someone’s card he remembered the location of…kid is too good at this game. Sometimes he needs help or he ends up sliding the flipped over card all over…but he’s getting better.ielloalienwarsreview (20)

The Diva still needs help with the shooting…and remembering…and focus but she likes the game and wants to play a lot. I’m sure she will be beating me in no time.

Unless you select a Minefield card, which would mean your card is eliminated, then the card you select is eliminated and yours gets flipped back over face-down.

Downside is now people know where one of your cards is…my son loves using that against us…which I guess is the point. I feel like he will rule the Galaxy one day.


Once all of your cards are eliminated you are out of the game. Play continues skipping you each time and reminding you of how you are out…well maybe that’s just me. Once only one person has cards left they are the winner and ruler of the Galaxy becoming the Supreme Commander!

Alien Wars by iello is now a must have for any of our Game Nights and especially our Family Game Nights. There are always smiles, giggles a plenty (I love when I can say that!) and some crap talking and bragging…but in a fun way, whenever we play. I don’t usually have this much fun when I lose a game!

Show us your Supreme Commander pic! #AlienWars @iellogamesielloalienwarsreview2

“Everybody wants to rule the world”
~ Tears for Fears

Author: sandyz