2014 Holiday Toy & Game Guide for Ages Teen+

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This year give your friends and family and especially kids the gift of a new game! There are SO many to choose from and from so many wonderful companies. I couldn’t fit all of them in one post so I created a separate post for games AND toys for kids ages 3-5 and 6+. This one will include games and toys for kids ages Teen and even adults!

Here is our Holiday Toy & Game Guide for kids ages Teen+ and yes there are links to the companies so you can purchase your own copies! These are in no particular order what-so-ever and I can tell you it was hard to just choose these! So many wonderful games and toys are out there!

Snake Oil – From Out of the Box

teenguide (14)Purchase  $19.99  My Review

Snake Oil is a hilarious game that reminds me of that old saying “If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.” Put two words together that best suits your customer and then give the best sales pitch for that made up item you can. This game is great for teens or even staff meeting!

Heroes Wanted – From Action Phase Games

teenguide (2)Purchase $19.99  My Review

Earn the most Fame. Defeat the Villain before he escapes!  If you are looking for a quality game that is insanely fun for all ages AND one you can replay without ever getting bored…this is your game come true.


Roll For It! – From Calliope

teenguide (4)Purchase  $15.00  My Review

Roll for It! is a dice management game so to speak. You have cards, get to roll dice and keep points…what more can you ask for in a game? Oh wait…there is more! It is inexpensive and portable and if you want to play with more than 4 people simply get the other color of the game! Roll for it! is a really fun game that is perfect for just about any age.

Selfie – From USAopoly

teenguide (13)Purchase  $14.95  My Review

Selfie is a playful game of taking silly selfies (or pretending to) by USAopoly that will have kids of all ages laughing and seeing who can have the silliest expression. You can even take an actual Selfie with your phone to pass around during the game or to keep and maybe post on social media sites.

Dwarven Miner 
– From Rather Dashing Games

teenguide (12)Purchase  $49.99  My Review Coming Soon!

“In Dwarven Miner, your job is to collect resources from your mine which are used to craft items for your patrons. Roll six custom dice in a push-your-luck style to see what can be pulled out of your mine.” Perfect for the gamer in your life!

Speedy Recall– From Maranda Games

teenguide (10)Purchase  $11.99  My Review

This is a game of quick thinking and fast talking. Speedy Recall is a fast paced, thought provoking game of who thought it (and said it) first. Speedy Recall is a fantastic game for all ages. You can even adjust for younger kids. It is a great way to start them on letters, or sounds or working out what letter words start with.


Brick Loot – Website

logo-brickloot copySubscribe $27 + Shipping (1 Month subscription)  Check out our Dec un-boxing HERE!

Brick Loot is a monthly subscription of awesome in a box! Each month you will receive a box full of Brick related stuff! As in LEGO and other similar brands. You could get a T-shirt, a custom Brick Loot figure, a Custom Build with REAL LEGO Bricks (Instructions and Lego pieces) and any number of LEGO compatible products! Perfect for ANY LEGO fan!

Zombie 15 – From iello

teenguide (1)Purchase  $79.99  My Review coming soon!

In Zombie 15′ you have 15 Minutes to Survive! Everyone above 18 has turn into zombies and only a handful of 15 year olds survived. This is a cooperative game that has easy rules but real choices, and you have to fast. A great game for an tween or teen that likes zombies!


Strike A Pose 
– From R & R Games

teenguide (3)Purchase  $19.95  My Review coming soon!

Get ready to strike up the fun & laughter! You’re the Statue Collector and it’s your job to figure out who (or what!) your frozen friends are posing as. Each round, the Statue Collector leaves the room while the other players freeze into a pose of a person, place or thing on a category card. Players must hold the pose until the Collector returns and tries to guess the poses. Can you pick out the Oreo or the Hula Hoop? The Termite or the Tarantula?”

Qwixx – From Gamewright

teenguide (6)Purchase  $10.99  My Review

6 dice, a score sheet, a little strategy, some luck and a whole lot of fun. Qwixx is a fun dice game that is simple enough for younger kids but challenging enough for teens and adults. If you are looking for a new family game or a portable game or a game to bring your teens back to the table this is perfect for you!


Boss Monster – From Brotherwise Games

teenguide (5)Purchase  $25.00  My Review

Your goal is to get adventurers into your dungeon and defeat them! A unique twist on card games, Boss Monster gives you the chance to kill the hero and be the ultimate villain by building the best dungeon. Because it is a card game you can pretty much play anywhere there is a little room and you have some time. Grab your copy today and see how can be the ultimate Boss Monster!

Pajaggle – From Pajaggle

teenguide (7)Purchase  $29.99  My Review

Pajaggle is more than just a fun word to say, it is also a fun puzzle, challenge and game. Play by yourself, against or with someone on one board or get more boards and make it a party game! So many ways to play and it is great for any age, how can you not love games like this?


The Game of Things 10th Anniversary Edition – From Patch Products

teenguide (15)Purchase  $39.99  My Review Coming Soon!

In the Game of Things you read a topic card and then write down your response. It can be anything that comes to mind, there’s no right or wrong answer! Then all the responses are read aloud and you have to figure out who said what!


Incredibrawl – From Vision 3 Games

teenguide (8)Purchase  $29.99  My Review

Incredibrawl is an awesome game of random laid back fun with a tad of chaos to spice things up. With three ways to play listed in the rule book this game is truly a game for all ages. The goal is to get the most Glory, which is the goal for any brawl really, but in this game you have to play your cards wisely and hope the other players don’t play better cards or that they don’t play Power-Up cards.

Nounsense – From Maranda Games

teenguide (11)Purchase  $19.99  My Review

Nounsense is a fun card game of quick thinking! You have to describe for your teammates the person, place or thing on one of the 60 cards in play. You keep describing until your minute is up and then pass the cards to the next team until you all run out of cards. Round? Same idea but you only get to use 3 words! A great family game night game!

This holiday season give the gift of fun to your children. There are so many wonderful games and toys out there that it will be hard to choose! Be sure to check out the company websites for even more games and toys! Happy Holidays!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Author: sandyz