2014 Holiday Toy & Game Guide for Ages 3 – 5

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This year give your friends and family and especially kids the gift of a new game! There are SO many to choose from and from so many wonderful companies. I couldn’t fit all of them in one post so I created a separate post for games AND toys for kids 6+ and Teens+. This one will include games and toys for kids ages 3-5.4

Here is our Holiday Toy & Game Guide for kids ages 3-5 and yes there are links to the companies so you can purchase your own copies! These are in no particular order what-so-ever and I can tell you it was hard to just choose these! So many wonderful games and toys are out there!

 GoldieBlox Action Figure – From GoldieBlox

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GoldieBlox finally has an action figure! Goldie has articulated shoulders, knees, hips and joints and specially designed hands that grip and feet that fit on axles. She comes with a kit to build a 13′ zip-line! Her kit comes with newly designed pieces but like all the other wonderful sets these work with each and every other set! This is the perfect gift for any budding engineer or for any kid that you want to introduce engineering too!

Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits – From Wild Kratts

preschoolguide (9)Purchase $19.99  My Review

Your kids can now go on their own creature adventure with these amazing Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits! The Vest and glove set are just like what Martin and Chris wear in the show complete with 2 power discs to get started on their adventures. Velcro straps on the sides of the vest make it easy to remove and put on but it doesn’t come off while playing. Perfect for any kid who loves Wild Kratts or loves going on animal adventures!

Monster Factory – From Rio Grande Games

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This is an adorable game where you create a monster using tiles. You can add a tile to your own monster or another player’s monster but the person with the most points wins. This is usually the player with the biggest monster! Easy enough for a 3 year old to play but can be challenging enough for your older kids. Great game for your little monster!

Kinetic Sand – From Spin Master

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Bring the beach to your house in a safe and not so messy way with Kinetic Sand! This kit comes with sand, 4 molds and a sand box tray to play in. It feels like wet sand and can be molded just like it but it isn’t as messy! This sand will not dry out or stick to fingers and it leaves no residue behind on surfaces! Perfect for any kid (who doesn’t eat sand)!

Trucky 3 – From Smart Games

preschoolguide (17)Purchase  $26.99  My Review

Smart Games makes fantastic one player toys and games and Trucky 3 is still one my daughters favorites. Younger kids will have fun loading up the trucks and driving them around but older kids can attempt the 48 challenges in the booklet.  This is a great toy and a puzzle in one package designed to keep your child entertained and learning! Perfect for any kid 2 and up!

Wonky Wheels – From PlaSmart

preschoolguide (18)Purchase  $9.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Wonky Wheels is a fun little car that helps kids develop fine motor skills. Try to control this car if you can! A lot of fun in one little toy car and the kids will want to play with it everywhere. It can go outside or stay indoors. It is all up to you!

Pocket Fuzzies – From PocketFuzzies

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These adorable plush friends are not only cute and cuddly (and machine washable) but they help teach your children about endangered animals! Not only can you learn about these amazing creatures, and snuggle them while learning, but a percentage of all sales go towards organizations dedicated to education, raising awareness and preservation of endangered animals! A perfect gift for any animal lover!

Set Junior – From Set Enterprises

preschoolguide (7)Purchase  $13.99  My Review

Set Junior is a perfect game for any age. There are two sides to this game and two ways to play it which means that as your child grows the game can grow with them! Side one’s object is to collect the most point chips while side two is more of a race to find as many Sets as possible! Great for kids of any age but perfect for your preschooler!

Pengaloo – From Blue Orange Games

preschoolguide (16)Purchase  $19.99  My Review

Pengoloo takes the Memory game to a whole new level of fun. Roll the dice and peek under the Penguins to see if you have a match to their eggs. Capture 6 Penguins this way to win! This game is easy to learn and fun to play (over and over and over again) and doesn’t get old or drive you crazy! Perfect for preschoolers!


Wild Kratts 11 inch talking plush Martin or Chris – From Wild Kratts

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Let your little ones go on a Creature Adventure and take Chris or Martin (or both!) along with them! These plush friends are cuddly and say various phrases well known from the show. Wild Kratts 11 inch talking plush dolls of Chris and Martin Kratt are a perfect gift for your Wild Kratt!

Feed the Kitty – From Gamewright

preschoolguide (12)Purchase  $11.99  My Review

Feed the Kitty is a cute game where you roll the dice and pass or take Mice on your turn. Be the last player to have Mice and you win! This game is easy to learn and fun for all ages. A perfect game to get your preschooler started on gaming!


Dragons 2 Berk Bath Set – From Spin Master

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I don’t see a lot of bath toys anymore that aren’t meant for really little toddlers and babies unless its painting in the tub. Hiccup and Toothless can have even more adventures in the tub or a pool. The set comes with and an adorable Toothless, Hiccup, a viking boat and a set from Berk for them to play in. Perfect for any preschooler!

Fun Farm – From iello

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Be the first to spot the matching card and grab the animal to score the card. Sounds easy right? When competing for that animal with other players it comes down to who spots the match first and has the fastest reflexes. Fun Farm is easy to learn and fun to play for all ages. A perfect game to introduce your toddler to matching and gaming!


Viva Topo! – From Rio Grande Games

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Viva Topo! is an adorable game that takes getting Cheesy to a whole new level. Avoid the Cat and be the mouse family to get the most cheese to win but as you play the Cat moves faster! It’s perfect for kids as young as 4 and a you can modify a bit for 2 or 3 year olds.

Promise Monsters – From Promise Monsters

preschoolguide (3)Purchase  $11.95+  My Review

Promise Monsters has a wonderful collection of cute and cuddly little monsters. Each Monster comes with its own Act of Kindness for you to complete and then upload to the website for a little prize! What better gift for your kids than a cute cuddly monster and to teach them to GIVE by doing an act of kindness! Perfect for anyone!


Birds, Bugs, and Beans – From R & R Games

preschoolguide (6)Purchase  $6.95  My Review

Birds, Bugs and Beans is a silly and fun game by R & R Games. A card game meant for ages 6 and up (but the Diva at 4 can play too!) that has you slapping, clapping and making the Pfftt noise while laughing and having a great time. Who doesn’t like to make a Raspberry noise?

Hop Balls – From Waliki

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Hop Balls are so much fun and a great for active play time.There are so many different designs and sizes that there is literally a Hop Ball for everyone…including adults! Yes even adults can (and love to…trust me) jump and have fun! Plus they are a great way to excercise! Perfect for anyone of all ages.


Wild Kratts Creature Power 4 pack Swimmers Set – From Wild Kratts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPurchase  $9.99  My Review Coming Soon!

More from Wild Kratts! These Creature Power 4 Pack – Swimmers Set is just one of many sets of figures. Each pack includes a 3 inch Creature Power Kratts brother action figure, three 4-6 inch power animal action figures and four collectable 1 inch creature power discs that work with the suits!

Spot It! Junior – From Blue Orange Games

preschoolguide (8)Purchase  $28.00  My Review

Spot It! Junior is a fun matching game that is perfect for preschoolers. Each of the 31 circle cards has 6 animals on it in various sizes. There are more than 30 different animals total and one (and only one) animal match exists between any two cards.



Quack-A-Doodle-Moo – From Out of the Box

QDM-box-render-1st-try copy copyPurchase  $19.99   My Review Coming Soon!

This game is super fun! Everyone gets to make animal noises!  In Quack-a-doodle-Moo each player gets a Barn Card with a random farm animal.  As cards are quickly flipped over, tongue-tied players stumble and stutter to blurt out the animal sounds of other players. Great for any preschooler especially if you are teaching them animal noises!


This holiday season give the gift of fun to your children. There are so many wonderful games and toys out there that it will be hard to choose! Be sure to check out the company websites for even more games and toys! Happy Holidays!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

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