2014 Holiday Toy & Game Guide for Ages 6+

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This year give your friends and family and especially kids the gift of a new game! There are SO many to choose from and from so many wonderful companies. I couldn’t fit all of them in one post so I created a separate post for games AND toys for kids under 5 and this one will include games and toys for kids 6+.

Here is our Holiday Toy & Game Guide for kids ages 6 and up and yes there are links to the companies so you can purchase your own copies! These are in no particular order what-so-ever and I can tell you it was hard to just choose these! So many wonderful games and toys are out there!

Zoomer Dino – From SpinMaster

full1 copy copyPurchase  $9.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Zoomer Dino has realistic movements that you can control (sometimes) with hand gestures or a remote. He can spin, chomp, pick himself up if he falls forward, sit, detect objects in front of him and even has a Dino Rave dance! Watch out though…he also has an angry mode! Perfect for your dinosaur fan!

Brick Loot
 – Website

logo-brickloot copySubscribe $27 + Shipping (1 Month subscription)  Check out our Dec un-boxing HERE!

Brick Loot is a monthly subscription of awesome in a box! Each month you will receive a box full of Brick related stuff! As in LEGO and other similar brands. You could get a T-shirt, a custom Brick Loot figure, a Custom Build with REAL LEGO Bricks (Instructions and Lego pieces) and any number of LEGO compatible products! Perfect for ANY LEGO fan!

Whoowasit? – From Ravensburger

22094_1 copyPurchase  $49.99  My Review

Whoowasit? is an interactive who-done-it board game that is fun for everyone. A magical ring is stolen from a king and you and your group work together to find it and the thief before the evil wizard arrives! Listening to clues and the needs of animals, remembering what each animal wants and eliminating suspects is all part of the game BUT you also have to avoid the ghost and beat the clock. Whoowasit is great for kids and fun for adults.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine – GoldieBlox

GB_BT005_MoviemachineHEROapp_920x920_144dpi_grande copy copyPurchase  $29.99  My Review Coming Soon!

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine teaches kids about a Zoetrope! In other words it teaches them how to make their own movies. I was most excited about this one! All the parts are compaitble with all other GoldieBlox toys and it was hard to just pick ONE to put on this list! Designed to get young girls interested in engineering these sets are great for girls and boys.

Spot It! Words Disney*Pixar – From Blue Orange Games

Capture-216 copy copyPurchase  $12.99  My Review Coming Soon!

All of your favorite Disney*Pixar characters in one game! Like all Spot It! games each card will match only ONE symbol on any other card! This time thought there are words to help your beginner readers or to give older kids a bit more of a fun challenge. Spot it! is the perfect gift for any gamer and it’s great for travel too!


Dungeon Roll – From Tasty Minstrel Games

download copy copyPurchase  $19.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Dungeon Roll is a fun adventure dice rolling game where your goal is to collect the most experience points by defeating monsters, battling the dragon, and getting treasure. During your turn roll the seven dice, while another player rolls a number of dungeon dice based on how far you have progressed through the dungeon. All this fighting in the dungeon is certain to attract the attention of the boss The Dragon!

Pocket Fuzzies – From PocketFuzzies

2013-12-02 15.59.28 copyPurchase  $11+  My Review

These adorable plush friends are not only cute and cuddly (and machine washable) but they help teach your children about endangered animals! Not only can you learn about these amazing creatures, and snuggle them while learning, but a percentage of all sales go towards organizations dedicated to education, raising awareness and preservation of endangered animals! A perfect gift for any animal lover!

Perplexus Warp – From Patch Products

t700_x1_29c67e8c5478f2c3ac6336d44205c71c copy copyPurchase  $24.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Perplexus Warp is a maze game like no other. The original was a sphere but Perplexus Warp has been warped into a spherical octahedron. This fun challenging game has six flagged check points and 80 challenging events. Perfect for any fan of mazes!

Zingo! Time-Telling – From ThinkFun

ZingoTime-7705-LoResSpill copyPurchase  $19.99  My Review

This is the first game I have ever played or even seen that is fun but also teaches kids how to tell time. Zingo! Time-telling uses separate boards for each player with different times on them in digital and analog format. This is fun and encourages number matching and recognition but also Hour and Minute recognition. Perfect  for anyone learning or wanting to learn to tell time and have fun!

 Doodle Art – From PlaSmart

main copyPurchase  $24.99  My Review

Doodle Art is perfect for anyone of any age and any artistic level. Our whole family loves these amazing posters to color! Each mini-kit or poster comes with 12 non-toxic, dual-tipped markers! One side is fine and the other calligraphy tipped and your imagination is your guide. This is also a great way to relieve stress!

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer – From SpinMaster

pTRU1-18195518_alternate2_dt copy copyPurchase  $39.99  

The Zero Gravity Laser Racer defies gravity, literally, as it races on your wall or ceiling! The patented Wall Climber Technology allows infrared sensors to chase a light all over the floor, the wall or even upside down on the ceiling allowing for endless hours of fun. Great gift for pretty much anyone!


Spy Alley Jr – From Spy Alley Partners llc

Spy Alley Spy Alley Junior Game copy copyPurchase  $19.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Spy Alley Jr is an adorable Guess what spy you are game that is not only easy to learn but quick to play. Draw a Spy card and assume that identity while rolling die and using move cards to move around the board. When you land on a matching color square to that of another play take a guess as to which spy they are! If you are right they are out of the game!

Morphology – From PlaSmart

91OC+RSB9-L._SY450_ copyPurchase  $29.99  My Review

Morphology is an amazing game of guess what it is but you have to use only the props that come with the game. Depending on what space you land on you can use just 5 pieces, all the pieces, yourself or just certain pieces to create what is on your card while others try to guess it! Perfect gift for anyone with an imagination!


BrickStix – From BrickStix

BS_web_logo_header-2 copyPurchase  $5.99+  My Review

BrickStix are amazing reusable stickers and decals for your bricks! As in LEGO and MEGA BLOKS! They do not leave residue, are repositionable and reusable and can add so much more to your creative play time! These perfect for any LEGO or MEGA BLOK fan of any age!

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies – From Rather Dashing Games

3d9b81_6e11b079c7a644f1bd0ce7f1bf9efd5a.png_srz_p_308_380_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 copyPurchase  $19.99  My Review

The age old question can finally be answered with this fun tile based game! Pirates, Ninjas, Robots and Zombies is a game for 2-4 players and is easy to learn and quick to play but so much fun. Choose your side and get the most points to win! Perfect for any gamer of all ages!


– From Set Enterprises

Karma-box-deck-k-cards-3-15-14 copy copyPurchase  $12.99  My Review Coming Soon!

Karma is a fun new card game by Set Enterprises. Each turn play a card of equal or higher value to avoid picking up the entire discard pile. You can sue KARMA cards but be careful because What Goes Around…Comes Around! Perfect for anyone who likes to play games and great for travel!

Brain Cheeser – From Smart Games

brain-cheeser_sgt250_pack-game_us copyPurchase  $19.99  My Review

Brain Cheeser is a fun travel puzzle game that is challenging for kids AND adults! Set up the board based on the level and see if you can put all the Cheese on the board with the Mice peeking out at the correct spots! The levels get harder as you go so there is always a challenge! The pieces are magnetic which makes this a great game for traveling!


Shark Mania – From SpinMaster

full2 copy copyPurchase  $19.99 

Shark Mania is a fast paced race to get the most gold AND make it to safety on the island before the shark gets you! If you get chomped you are out of the game but if you don’t have any gold coins you don’t win! Quick thinking is needed for this fun pirate adventure. Great gift for anyone who likes games!

Got Em! – From Calliope Games

Got-Em-2 copyPurchase  $28.00  My Review

Got Em! is a fun game of capture the player! The best part is there are two sides to the game board meaning there are TWO games in one! One side is brightly colored with cards to play in order to place pieces and move your pawn. The plain side is a more challenging version of strategic placement to trap the other players. Both are fun and great for the whole family!


This holiday season give the gift of fun to your children. There are so many wonderful games and toys out there that it will be hard to choose! Be sure to check out the company websites for even more games and toys! Happy Holidays!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Author: sandyz