Zingo! The fabulous game of telling time!

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Contents:1 Zingo! Zinger with Easy Cleanup! 32 Hour Tiles 32 Minute Tiles 6 Double-sided Zingo! Cards
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We play a lot of games. I mean a LOT of games, as you know if you have read even half of our reviews. This is the first game I have ever played or even seen that is fun but also teaches kids how to tell time. Yes. It teaches kids how to tell time AND is a lot of fun. You probably know by now that my favorite types of games are those that are fun AND educational and Zingo! Time-telling is 100% of both.

Zingo! Time-telling uses separate boards for each player with different times on them in digital and analog. These boards are really well made, smooth, and not bendy which equals not easily broken. The main part of Zingo! is the dispenser called the Zinger, I just love clever names for things. It is made of plastic and the whole top part slides forwards to dispense two tiles. The left tile is Blue and has the Hours on it while the right tile is Orange and has the Minutes. It will only dispense one at a time in each spot.

2014-08-22 22.06.26 copyThe tiles are plastic but the smooth hard plastic not the rough sharp plastic. The box is even well made of that nice cardboard with the flip up tuck in the sides style. That may have been confusing…the box opens from the front and has flaps that tuck into the main part of the box when you put the lid down. Better? Anyway I like that style because I don’t have to fight with the box to get it open.

The game itself is easy to learn and adjust for even 2 year olds. After just one game my 5 yr old son knew which was the hour side of a digital clock and which was the seconds side. He can usually tell on the analog parts too although he will mix them up occaisionally I am teaching my 3 yr old daughter too though she plays a little differently than we do. I will try to explain both versions because if you have a younger child there is no reason why they can’t start playing Zingo! Time-telling now.

Now on to the playing part!

Objective:2014-08-22 21.45.13-5 copy

Cover all of the spaces on your Zingo! card first.


First you need to shuffle up the Hour tiles and put them in the Zinger on the left side and then shuffle up the Minutes tiles and put them in the Zinger on the right side. Each player then gets a Zingo! card. If you are playing with kids just learning to tell time you will want to use the Beginner side but older kids can use the Advanced side. The difference is the Advanced side does NOT have the digital numbers showing.

Make sure everyone who is playing can see the Zinger and the tiles it dispenses. Each player has their board in front of them on the side they are using but not all players need to use the same side. This means older kids can play with younger kids!


One person should be the “Dealer” and is the only person who gets to use the Zinger! I would recommend this is the adult or an older child. The Zinger! is easy to use but younger kids tend to forget to hold the base and slide the top. To start the game simply have the Dealer slide the Zingo! to dispense two tiles. Now the fun part! I will try not to confuse you but I will show you how to adjust for really young kids here too.

Once tiles are in place from the Zinger! each player scans their card for the numbers shown. If they find a match in the Hours tile they have to say it out loud but in full for example: The Zinger! dispenses a 12 Hours tile and a 15 Minutes tile and you have the 12 Hours on your card you would say 12 Hours! and grab the tile and place it on the matching spot.2014-08-22 21.50.04-4 copy

The person who called out the tile first completely gets it but if two people tie then no one does and the Dealer puts it back in the Zinger! I don’t think I will ever get tired of saying that word. Every player has to immediately call out the Hour and the Minute if they complete a set on their board and if you complete your board you get to yell out Zingo! Whoever one can be the Dealer in the next round if you need to be fair.

For young kids you could simply play a matching game where they slide the Zinger! and look for a match on their board. This is fun and encourages number matching and recognition but also Hour and Minute recognition. When my kids play together my son helps his sister out even if it means she wins sometimes. She only really cares about her turn in sliding the Zinger! though.

When my son and I play sometimes we play during our lesson time. In this case we are finding matches, focusing on saying the Hours and Minutes AND learning them on the Analog clock as well. We go over each number’s alternate meaning on a clock, which is basically counting by 5’s starting at 1 = 5, 2=10 etc. Sometimes we just play for fun too but he likes learning how to tell time so he can “know when it’s time to have quiet time” he says..which means I can’t trick him anymore into thinking it’s sooner than it is.

If you are looking for a fun game for the whole family, an educational tool for time-telling, a game for younger children or any combination of those you will want this game. It is fun, teaches about clocks and time-telling, and will grow with your child thanks to the double sided boards. I can’t wait to get the other Zingo! games too!


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“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

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