The Geeklings conquer Wizard World Comic Con Indy

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We have never been to Comic Con before but have always wanted to go and this year we were finally able to! Well…sort of. Wizard World holds Comic Con in San Diego which is where we want to go to when the Geeklings are older but they held one in Indy this year which we DID get to go to.

Before I tell you about our adventure let me be clear that Comic Con Indy is NOT to be compared with the one in San Diego…and don’t compare it to Gen Con either. The event in San Diego has been going on for years and the one in Indy is new and Gen Con is a completely different type of convention entirely. That being said it was a lot of fun and had a lot to see and do.

ww15indy (29)There are many reasons to go to a Comic Con and there is literally something for every geek…even Geeklings. Celebrities, comic books, artists, vendors with awesome things to purchase and all kinds of fun panels to check out. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I tried to have an open and clear mind when we went. It is very easy to compare every convention to Gen Con…which isn’t fair.

They had the ticket pick up in one hall and everything but the panels in two others. This made things easier and less crowded and we didn’t have to wait long to get our wristbands. Trying to keep my Geeklings from getting TOO bored in lines is a challenge so I am always grateful for fast moving lines.

There was one entrance into the hall where you had to show your wristbands and badges. The staff was pretty good about checking too. When it looked a little crowded near the doors one guy just yelled “wristbands up!” and everyone threw their hand with their wristbands on up and were able to move through faster. Very efficient.ww15indy (15)

A huge welcome sign greeted you above the booth for Wizard World Comic Con items for sale. We like to walk up and down all the aisles and explore everything so we picked a side and began our journey. Once again the Diva was on a mission to get her picture with every Cosplayer she saw. The Gentleman’s ONLY mission was to meet the Green Ranger.

We adults were mostly curious and looking for new art for our walls and other awesome collectibles. The area towards the entrance doors had all the vendors and towards the back were the artists followed by the celebrities and the Photo Ops area. We explored the vendors and artists first.

There were LEGO mini figs, Steam Punk gear like goggles, weapons and other accessories. Some booths had socks, blankets, backpacks, shirts, and keychains. There was one that had handmade necklaces from various fandoms dangling from a beautiful crystal looking tree. We found one booth that had these amazing handmade leather masks. I’ll tell you more about those in an upcoming review.

 They had a Zombie Shooting range INSIDE the hall! It was like a huge blow up range where you chose your zombie target and got to shoot it with BB’s. It was safe and fun for all ages but we chose not to do it. Mostly because the kids didn’t want to go in the tunnel looking range even a little bit…which is understandable but I imagine as they get older they will want to do this.

We were talked into purchasing a light up noise making laser gun and a spinning wand thing…though the kids didn’t have to twist our arms too much. A handful of LEGO mini figs were purchased which for $5 each or 5 for $20 was a really good price. Then we went to the artists area…and everyone picked a poster…or two.ww15indy (4)

There were a lot of artists and amazing artwork to see so we spent a bit of time around there. Local artists Phil Young (The Art of Phil Young) and Todd Dunn (The Art of Todd Dunn) had a booth displaying sketch cards and many things that everyone in my family wanted. I’ll be bringing you their work in upcoming reviews too!

Tony Santiago had an Iron Man poster my son HAD to have and I was not about to pass up his Dracula poster in black and white. You can check out his work on his website.

Of course we were interested in the celebrity area but we didn’t have a lot of money for autographs or photo ops. Autographs allow you have your favorite people’s signature but Photo Ops give you a unique photo with your favorite star.

We were looking forward to getting an autograph from Jason David Frank for the Gentleman. He has a small collection of autographed photos from other rangers. JDF changed plans for some reason and was appearing Saturday only instead of the whole weekend…and we were unable to attend Saturday due to other plans.

ww15indy (14)Fortunately we were able to work out the ONE photo op he had scheduled for Saturday morning. Celeb Photo Ops does an amazing job on photos. We literally had just enough time to get in, wait in line, get his picture with JDF and get out to be where we needed to be.

They were professional, organized, fast but not pushy, and the photos and staff were amazing. My son got to meet one of his favorite rangers to get his picture and he was allowed to hold the white helmet…which matched his white ranger shirt he wore. He bragged about that photo to anyone who would listen for over a week afterwards and none of that would have been possible if not for Celeb Photo Ops.

We didn’t want to intrude on the celebrities since we didn’t have a lot of money but the Gentleman came across an old picture of him with Sean Patrick Flanery and wanted to show him the picture. His line was calm on Sunday so we stopped by to say hi and show him the photo.

Sean is seriously one of the nicest people we have met. His assistant gave the kids candy (adoring fans were giving him valentine presents all weekend) and Sean talked to us for a bit. He even insisted we update the photo of him and the Gentleman. Needless to say the Gentleman was excited even though he really doesn’t know what a celebrity is.

The last thing we did before we left on Sunday was catch a game of Quidditch. Yes….Quidditch. Obviously not flying on brooms but there were sticks they had to hold and the rest of the rules were the same. It was amazing to watch. We sat down to watch but then a few people stood in our way. I politely made one of them move so the kids could see only to realize later it was Liam McIntyre….oops.

I am not sure what other Wizard World Comic Con events are like but if they are half of what the Indy event was you will not want to miss it. Our whole family had so much fun and now have so many wonderful memories..and collectibles.

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“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”
~ Amelia Earhart

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