We found it! The rainbow connection!!

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Ok maybe not but it WAS fun and colorful! My 3 year old son and I did the Color Run in Indy. I was so proud of him. He jogged about a half a mile and then we walked most of the rest of the way. I only had to carry him a little bit and then through the color splashes he rode on my shoulders. He finished with me though and we had so much fun!

His first 5k at 3 years old! It was only my second.

We woke up at 6 and were at the park about 7:15am. For ME that is early and for my 3 year old it was WAY early! My husband dropped us off a couple blocks away but it was nice out so we walked to the race too. My son was so excited about getting color on him like a rainbow.

The first color was Orange and he LOVED it until they threw it at his eye. He wore sun glasses but I think it freaked him out. He didn’t want to leave the race though so for the next color he rode on my shoulders. He still wanted to get colorful though so I guess it didn’t scare him that bad. I don’t recommend leaving your mouth open though, the stuff tastes awful.

About halfway through we paused and rested a minute. He still wanted to keep going so we only got to pause long enough to take a picture. We had only gone through Orange and Yellow at this point so you can’t see the color very well. It didn’t actually stick to our clothes anyway but it was a lot of fun.

Next color on the list was pink! Which was also light and only slightly more noticeable than the yellow. We grabbed some of it from the ground and put it on our shirts but it didn’t help much.

The lack of color was kind of annoying but over all the race was really fun. I was very proud of my son for completing his first 5k! At 3 years old! I don’t think I could have completed a 5k last year let alone at 3 years old. But he told his daddy at the 3rd (out of 4) color station, “I’ll see you at the finish line daddy!” and he did too! The end was a lot of fun with every 15 minutes people throwing color around in the air. We got more on us at the end than during the color stations lol.

I do believe we will be doing this race again next year together! Even if the color doesn’t come our of my scalp very well. It looks like I have some strange disease that causes pink and purple spots on my head and it looks even funnier on my son. Oh well it did come out easy enough of my clothes which was the one thing I didn’t want it to come out of.

“One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish!”
~ Dr Suess

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