Vapur: A new kind of water bottle.

Cost:Shades: $9.99 Element: $11.99 Eclipse: $11.99 Quencher: $9.99 Reflex: $9.99
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Vapur makes these amazing easy to travel water (or other beverage of choice) bottles and now that we own them, I cannot imagine life without. No more bulky travel cups or wondering how we will carry our cups and still enjoy anything and no more leaks or spills. These amazing water bottles are actually water bags and are fantastic!

We constantly have water bottles or a travel cup of some kind and are always on the go it seems. We take a lot of trips to various museums, conventions, the zoo or road trips and always bring water or juice with us. If we are walking a lot we drink water.

438 copyUp until we discovered Vapur bottles we used all kinds of cups with straws or the kind that you can pop up the cap to drink from but they all were bulky and not very portable unless you put them in a backpack…where they could leak. Vapur bottles are bags that when empty can roll up and store so easily you forget you have them at all. Plus…their caps ensure they do not leak!

As an added bonus they each come with a carabiner clip so you can hook them to your pants, your purse, your backpack or a stroller and not worry about carrying them either! I don’t know how we made it around before these things, honestly they have made our travels so much easier. My kids love that they can attach them to their backpacks when we go places and actually I love that too. I don’t have to carry them!

They have a line just for kids too which are adorable and fantastic for kids who can use those pop up type tops. They call it the Quencher and there are 4 types to choose from. Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash. Yes those are names and they look like monsters but the catch is the kids get to decorate their own.

These particular bottles come with stickers so kids can use their imagination and create their own monster or design on their bottles. My kids loved this part! For those worried about plastics, dishwashers and the like, the site says the following:

“Quenchers are made from a BPA free plastic that are taste-free and odor resistant, dishwasher safe and, of course, reusable.”

2014-09-23 18.58.47-5 copyI can personally vouch for the odor resistant, taste-free, dishwasher safe (including washing with the stickers! They stay on!) and of course the reusable part. We have taken these things to the zoo, the museums, hay rides, conventions and car rides. We also take them for martial arts and swimming. They are not too big but not small either. 14 ounces is about the perfect size though for my kids.

My only complaint about the kids bottles is the caps are not like the rest. My Diva can’t quite get the pop up or pull up type lids yet but can use my cap flawlessly. We have had a few spills due to not closing properly and in a car I can’t open them for them. My son is able to get his and I am sure most kids will due fine especially around 6+. My Diva is only 4 so she doesn’t quite have the strength yet.2014-10-24 21.52.13-2 copy

I have the Shades in the cool orange and blue maze pattern and my husband has the Eclipse in the olive green. The Shades is a bit shorter at 18 oz and the Eclipse is 23 oz. The caps are the same and we discovered on accident that they work on the other’s bottles. All the bottles are BPA free and taste-free and odor resistant and dishwasher safe.

I LOVE the portability of the bottles…or bags…Vapur calls them Anti-bottles and that is both hilarious and perfect. I clip mine to my purse, my backpack when at conventions or the museum or a stroller when babysitting and my kids can hook their own on to themselves which means less for me to carry. My son even incorporated his into his Safari costume for Halloween!

The bottles stand up even when nearly empty which is a bonus for me. I would hate to have it fall over and spill everywhere because I don’t always remember to close the cap. They are easy to wash, remove caps and no looking for straws in the dishwasher make them perfect for our family.

Vapur is very focused on eliminating the disposable plastic water bottle and helping others gain access to water through various partner involvement. Here are three ways Vapur aims to help the world.

2014-11-07 16.00.01 copyDrops of Hope: “Vapur has created a community-giving program called, Drops of Hope. Partnering with likeminded companies and organizations, Vapur aims to make disposable bottles obsolete and clean water more accessible than ever.”

Fundraising: “In 2010, Vapur and RandomKid partnered to create “The Anti-Bottle Project,” a fundraising tool for youth to sell Vapur Anti-Bottles and help sponsor their causes to better the world. Together, RandomKid youth have funded water pumps, built schools, provided medical care, and all the while, fostered peace. RandomKid has been designated a United Nations Champion of Intercultural Innovation.”

Vapur Refill Station Program: “With billions of disposable bottles of water consumed globally and dehydration being one of the most common and prevalent dangers to hikers each year, Vapur set out to find a hydration solution beyond the bottle. In 2011, Vapur partnered with Elkay to create the Vapur Refill Station Program.”

Not only do you get a portable, reusable, easily washable water anti-bottle but you can help others through 1 of 3 organizations and with so many styles to choose from and so many benefits I can’t imagine anyone not wanting one. In fact I need to get everyone another set soon.

“Proudly manufactured in the United States, Vapur Anti-Bottles are durable, freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.”


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead

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