The Three Little Pigs – Not the story you’re thinking…

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:20 Minutes
Contents:5 special dice | 1 Wolf wheel
36 House tiles | 6 Goal cards
1 Tale Booklet |1 Rule Booklet
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You remember hearing the story when you were a kid? All the little pigs made to their brother’s brick house and the wolf lost? This is not that story. In fact it’s a game based off of a version of that story. A good game based off of a short but great version of a familiar story.

Three Little Pigs by Iello is one of the more unique games I have been able to play. I came across it at (of course!) Gen Con 2013 and my son and I loved it. I have always loved new twists on classics and this game and its story are entertaining and so much fun.

2014-02-08 21.27.36 copyThe box looks like a book which is adorable. Games just work better on shelves like this. Every piece inside the book box has its own little spot too. I love when games do this. You can keep everything stored in its nice compartments inside the box but you can do it vertically. It is made of pretty sturdy packaging too so its not easily bendable. My daughter tried to “read” it…

The game is easy enough to learn and I didn’t have to adjust the game for my son who is 5. My daughter who is 3 did have to have some adjustments but she enjoyed making houses for the pigs too. I will go over how to play normally and then the adjustments after!


Have the most points at the end of the game.


First split up the house tiles into 3 columns of Brick, Wood and Straw. Each column should have 3 rows of Roof, Window and Door. Now shuffle each pile up a bit and put the dice and breath spinner where everyone can reach them. 2014-02-08 21.14.24 copy

Determine who goes first by finding out who saw pigs or wolves most recently. I love First Person rules like this! Play goes in a clockwise direction (I still think its the other…).


On your turn you will roll the dice and build one or more houses (or pieces of a house). You are allowed to roll 3 times unless you get 2 wolf faces. I’ll go over that in a sec but if you notice 2 out of the 5 dice are white and 3 black. This means nothing except the white dice do not have a wolf face on them.

Start by rolling all 5 dice. Yes all 5 of them. Set aside the dice with the part you want to try to build. If you rolled 2 Doors, 1 Window and 2 Roof symbols you can choose which part you want to try to get more symbols for.

Straw tiles require 2 of a symbol, Wood requires 3 and Brick requires 4. So if you roll 4 Door tiles you could build a Brick Door for your house.

If possible you must ALWAYS buy at least one house tile but you are allowed to buy more than one if you have the dice for it. For example if you rolled 3 Door symbols and 2 Window symbols you could build a Wood Door AND a Straw Window.

Pause for Building a House rules!


  • A house must always start with a Door or Window.
  • Once a Roof is placed on a House that House is complete and you cannot add more parts.
  • A House can be complete even with no Door.
  • A Window has to be above a Door unless it is the first piece of a House and there is a Roof on top of it.
  • A roof always goes above a Door or Window.
  • Straw, Wood and Brick CAN be mixed in together to build a House.
  • You can build more than one House at a time but only completed Houses count for points at the end of the game.

Now back to how to play…2014-02-08 21.09.29-3 copy

After your first roll you have a choice. You can choose to end your turn and cash in your dice OR reroll the dice you are not trying for up to 2 more times. If your first roll is 4 of one symbol I would cash those in for a Brick of whatever it is. If you choose to reroll then you can stop after the second reroll or your turn ends after the third and you have to cash in then.

If you roll a Wolf face set it aside as you cannot reroll it the rest of this turn. So if you roll 2 Doors, 1 Roof, 1 Window and 1 Wolf then you would set the Wolf and the 2 Doors (assuming you are going for Doors) aside and reroll the Roof and Window dice.

If you roll a second Wolf symbol then you become the Big Bad Wolf!! But only for a second.

2014-02-09 13.07.47 copyThe Wolf is coming!

When someone rolls 2 or more Wolf faces it is time to bring out the Big Bad Wolf. The player who rolled the Wolf symbols cannot buy House tiles and their turn is over. Instead they choose a Player and select one of their Houses. It can be a completed House or an unfinished one.

Then spin the Breath Spinner or huff and puff and blow on the spinner! You are (temporarily) the Big Bad Wolf afterall. When the spinner stops it will be on either Straw, Wood or Brick. Brick is the hardest to get because it is so strong. Whichever material the spinner lands on is the material that will be removed from the House that was chosen from the Player selected. Ouch!

My son selected one of my Houses with a nice mix of all three so it was guaranteed to remove something. Clever little….munchkin…I actually didn’t show any mercy in this game as it is largely left up to chance anyway. He still beat me but we won’t talk about that.


Once the game ends you add up Victory Points to see who wins. The game ends when a certain number of House Tiles are gone. The # depends on how many Players there are.

  • For 2 Players the game ends when 2 stacks (of any material) are empty.
  • For 3 Players the game ends when 3 stacks (of any material) are empty.
  • For 4 Players the game ends when 4 stacks (of any material) are empty.
  • For 5 Players the game ends when 5 stacks (of any material) are empty.


2014-02-08 21.24.24 copy

First get rid of any Houses that do not have a Roof. They won’t count as complete and do not count for points. For any completed Houses each tile is worth the amount of Pigs on it.

  • Straw is worth 2 points
  • Wood is worth 3 points
  • Brick is worth 4 points
  • Each Flower Pot on a tile is worth 1 point
  • Each completed House is worth 1 point

The player with the most Victory Points is the winner! In the event of a tie then the person who built the most Houses wins and if there is STILL a tie then both of the Players win! Yay!!

That is the normal way to play and the Rule Book even has a harder version for older kids (or adults) to play. The game comes with 6 Award cards which you set out so everyone can see. Some you can earn during the game and some you only get at the end of the game. In this game there are no bonus points for Flower Pots or completed Houses. It is a bit more challenging but I think it works great for older kids.2014-02-09 17.37.15-1 copy

Now for younger kids. My daughter is 3 and really wanted to play so I adjusted the game a bit for her. When I adjust games I try not to change rules…just leave them out or parts of them out. In this case I left out the points and focused on the completed houses. Whoever had the most completed houses wins. We also left out the wolf and Breath Spinner.

On her turn she rolled all 5 dice 1 time. Whatever she had the most of was what she had to pick. So if she rolled 3 Doors, 2 Windows and 1 Roof or Wolf she had to pick a Door for her house. In the event of a tie like 2 Doors and 2 Windows the Player can choose 1 of them.

Take turns doing this until 1 Player completes 1 House. The game should go by quickly but not TOO fast. You don’t want it to drag on forever of course. This way of playing will get your child used to picking out the most of a symbol and eventually you can add in the correct ways to play.

2014-02-09 17.38.25-4 copyAs my daughter gets better at this way of playing I will add in that 2 Wolf faces means you don’t get to pick anything. The original rule is if you role 2 Wolf faces your turn is over and you have to use the Breath Spinner so this is a good start for that. After that we will increase the rolling to selecting the most and rolling the rest 2 more times. Except 1 Wolf means you just don’t get to roll that dice.

Slowly you will be able to add in each part and eventually your child will be able to play the correct way. This means you can get the game for you to play and your kids can start playing too. It will grow with them so you get a lot more out of your money.

If you are looking for a unique and fun game to play with your friends or family (or both) then this is a good choice. It stores really well, is sturdy, adaptable for many age and playing levels and is a lot of fun. littlepigscomic2


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
~ Albert Einstein

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