Think Again! You might be right but you could still be wrong…

Recommended Age:10+
Play Time:20 Minutes (Varies depending on players)
Notes:Think Again! is developed by LE SCORPION MASQUÉ and distributed by iello.
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Think Again! is a quick triviaish game that will have you laughing, grumbling and slightly confused all at the same time you are having a lot of fun. Yeah it’s confusingly entertaining like that. Be the first to answer the question correctly but be careful because your Right answer might be Wrong and your Wrong answer might just be right.

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Confused yet? It really isn’t that complicated I just like confusing people now and then. Moving on! The laughing happens when you say a wrong answer on purpose and it is as silly as you want it to be. This can be pretty amusing. Sometimes I get so excited that I know the answer I say it before I realize I was supposed to not know the answer….that is the grumbling. Confusion sets in when you know an answer but aren’t sure if you are supposed to know it and say it or say a wrong answer. At least this is how it works for me when I play.2014-04-23 09.39.24 copy

This game comes in this fun little magnetic box that has a plastic molded to the card shape insert specifically for the cards. It is fairly small and sturdy so you can throw it in your purse to play a few rounds while you wait for a Doctor appointment or for a friendly game night. If you are looking for a game to play with your tween or teen this is a great one! This game is one of those meant for 3 or more players instead of 2. My son can’t read yet so we can really only play this with other adult friends or our nephews who are 10 and 12. This is great because we don’t have too many games for older kids. You can also play in teams as well which is a lot of fun. I will do my best to explain how to play both in teams and without but I apologize in advance if I get confusing.

2014-04-23 09.59.39 copySetup:

Shuffle the cards and pick the first Reader. Yep…that easy though you might want a pencil/pen and some paper for keeping track of points. You can also keep score by giving the player who gets the point the card. They can leave it question side up for +1 point and question side down for -1 point.


The Reader takes the top card of the deck in one hand and quickly covers the back. This is basically so it doesn’t confuse guessers. The rest of the deck goes into the Reader’s opposite hand question side down but be careful not to let the Guessers see the back of it. Choose a question and ask it out loud. When you have finished asking the question show the back of the card that is on the top of the deck.

This will have either a Right, Green Circle or Genius guy (he is the one with the tie and his finger pointing up) if you have to give a Correct answer. If there is a Wrong, Red Square, or Dunce (the guy with the dunce cap on) you need to give a Wrong answer. That is where it gets confusing! You hear the question and in your head you might know the RIGHT answer but if the Reader shows one for a Wrong answer your brain gets all confused.

Sometimes I say the Right answer out of habit and sometimes, if I catch it, I say the Wrong one but usually that is whatever ridiculous word pops into my head at that exact moment. That is where the laughing comes in. I think I yelled out Pickle, Sasquatch and even some random combination of words like Hacklebeam. Yeah, don’t ask but considering there isn’t a rule for that sort of thing we actually made one. We have to say an actual word and not a made up one. Boo. Whoever is the first to speak is the one that counts but they might not be right and instead can end up losing a point.2014-04-23 09.39.16 copy

The Reader reads 5 questions in a row from 5 different cards. So choose your 1 question from each card carefully. I like to base it on what would give the silliest wrong answers. That gets amusing. There are a few rules as well. The cards will have the correct answer (or answers in some cases) under the questions in green. A blue answer means the question is considered an absurd question. An absurd question is something like “What is the 28th letter of the alphabet?” or “Name one of Cinderella’s dwarfs.” I giggle reading those…

Once all the players have been the Reader the game is over. Add up all the points and the one with the most wins! If you only have 3 people playing you can always read more questions or do what we do and go for 2-3 rounds. This makes the game take longer but can be really fun too. We have also done a first to 13 or whatever random number choose. Keeps it interesting, though the game does that on its own just fine.

Setup Teams:

Shuffle the cards, setup teams of 2 (there is a rule set up for odd player teams) and pick the first Reader. Yep…still that easy though you might want a pencil/pen and some paper for keeping track of points. For teams it is easier than tracking by face up or down cards. Our teams are usually women vs men but unfortunately the men have the bragging rights for now. For. Now.


In each round each player has 30 seconds to answer as many questions as they can that their teammate reads. The other teams check answers. Every correct answer is worth 1 point. Teams do not lose points for incorrect answers though.

In the second round each player has 30 seconds along with the same rules but each correct answer is worth 2 points this time. Also, and this is important (so I will bold it!), the first wrong answer will end that player’s turn regardless of time left! Yeah…that’s tough.2014-04-23 09.38.35 copy

The third and final round has each player reading three questions to every person playing and each person can try to answer. Every correct answer is worth a huge 3 points each BUT each incorrect answer will lose that team 3 points! Be careful here.

This version of playing makes it more of a party game which is nice for our wine and game nights. Some of our friends don’t play the more geeky games so this is a great one to have on hand.

To be honest my husband and I play two players sometimes too. We take turns reading each other questions for points and sometimes we do a 30 seconds who answers the most game. We just really like fun trivia games. I wouldn’t recommend this game for kids under about 7 or 8 years old. Probably closer to the 9 or 10 year old range only because kids younger than that probably can’t answer some of the questions.

If you have teenagers and are looking for a fun new party type game this is a good one to play. Trivia, quick thinking and silliness makes for a great family or game night.

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“Life is more fun if you play games.”
~ Roald Dahl

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