A great way to learn and play, The Teddy Bear Game.

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The Teddy Bear game is an adorably fun way for younger kids to learn (or reinforce) their numbers, alphabet, colors and a great introduction to board games. Roll the die and move your Teddy Bear and collect letters and numbers as you make your way to the finish line.

This is a super cute game and a great introduction to gaming. Kids can learn about taking turns and following simple instructions. It is also great for little ones to learn their letters, numbers and colors. The bears are super cute and fun to play with as well!

teddy-bear-game-review-1The game comes in a lift top lid box with a white insert that has one strip in the middle for the letters, numbers and bears…and the die of course. I love the insert because without it the box would be too big for all the parts and they would rattle everywhere.

The Board is made out of chipboard and the Die is pretty standard but instead of pips it has colored swirls on it. The Letters and Numbers are plastic like the alphabet magnets from the fridge but minus the magnets. There are 4 Teddy Bears and they are sort of a soft rubbery or plastic…not sure exactly what they are made of but it is great for little kids.

The game plays well and is easy to learn and understand but you can of course always adjust it as needed. I would recommend going over the board, the path, letters and numbers before introducting the Die. For kids new to board games start by simply taking turns to roll the Die, identify the color and using your finger or the bear follow the path to the next of that color in line.

This can help kids learn the mechanics of the game without adding too much, worrying about pieces and you can gauge their focus and attention spans…which might not be that long. Now let’s see how to play the game.


Have the most points or letters and numbers at the end of the game.teddy-bear-game-review-16


Open the board up so everyone can reach and then have everyone choose a bear. Put the players bears in the Cave at the start and then put all the Letters and Numbers on their spaces around the board. They go in order from A to Z then 0 to 9. Youngest goes first!


Take turns rolling the Die, identify the color and move your bear to the next space of that color along the Path. If you land ON a space with a Letter or Number simply pick it up and put in a pile near you then it is the player to your Left’s turn. If you don’t land on a space with a Letter or Number then you are just there.


The game ends when one player reaches the end space. Once this player reaches it, everyone gets one more turn including this person and then the game is over.teddy-bear-game-review-7

Count up your Letters and Numbers and whoever has the most wins! There are no negatives to this game and you can even say get to the cave to win regardless of how many letters or numbers you have which makes it a great “Gateway Game”.

In the event of a tie those two (or three?) players start at the Cave again and move until one of them gets to pick up a Letter or Number. That person is the official winner! That is a fun way to determine a winner.

My kids are both a bit old for this one but my daughter enjoyed it and loved the bears. I wish I discovered this game when my kids were little though. This was exactly the type of game I was looking for at the time.

My 2.5 year old nephew doesn’t have the focus for a FULL game but he does like playing so we don’t put as many Letters and Numbers on the board just yet. We do roll the die and identify colors and spend more time on matching them with their space on the board.

The Teddy Bear game is, overall, a great introduction to gaming for little ones and perfect for preschoolers and kids learning their alphabet and number identification.

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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

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