Put zombies on time out while trying to escape for some playtime in Zombies Jr!

Recommended Age:12+
Play Time:45–60 Min
Our Recommended Age:5+ (reading is involved)
Company Site:www.twilightcreationsinc.com
Contents:6 plastic player figures, 50 plastic zombies, 15 tiles, 30 cards, Brain and "POW" tokens, 1 die.
Note:Parents should make sure children are ok with content by playing the game first. Also, there are small parts so supervision is needed with kids who put things in their mouth.
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Zombies!!! Jr. is the perfect family friendly game for any kid who loves Zombies! You can play as a team or every player for themselves which makes it fun for adults and older kids as well. All you wanted to do was play but your neighbors, family and friends are trying to bite you and need a serious time out! Make your way to the helipad with your team or by yourself and don’t get bit along the way.

Zombies!!! Jr. is a great Family Game Night game because we can all play either cooperatively or every player for themselves and it’s still a fair game. The Diva in fact won the game when we took pictures for this review! There is reading involved so if your child cannot read you can help them out.

It is recommended for ages 8+ but kids as young as 5 could easily play, especially if you play cooperatively. The mechanics are easy enough for kids about age 3 to understand but there are small parts so if they put things in their mouth…maybe watch them with this game. Also, Zombies so make sure your kid isn’t afraid of them or the cards.

This is the perfect Family Game Night game since the whole family can play and if you are worried about fairness or a certain player not winning simply play so you all work as a team. We go back and forth. The Diva loves this game though since she can win and sick zombies on her brother at the same time…kids!

The game comes in a standard lift top box made from pretty good quality so it doesn’t feel flimsy or anything. There is an insert that splits it into two sides. One for the cards and board pieces and the other for zombies and figures and things. Not as organized I love but still pretty good and better than just letting it go all over inside. It does keep the board pieces and cards in place so that’s nice.

The board pieces, POW tokens and Brain Tokens are all made out of good quality chipboard. The cards are pretty standard but a bit thicker and not standard size. They seem very good quality and can take kids handling them. The artwork is adorable and funny. Perfect for a kids zombie game. We all had as much fun playing them as we did reading them and seeing the artwork.

The zombies and the player pieces are all plastic but the good hard but smooth plastic. The good stuff. Although all the zombies look the exact same they are super adorable…or I mean scary..ahhhh…it has it’s tongue out! Love them! The kids are all identical except for color which is ok too. Love that they carry a baseball bat and have the Diva’s sometimes favorite color pink.

The Die is your typical white D6 or six sided die and nothing really special about that. That is all there is to the game and I have to say it is a very well made game. Good quality pieces and artwork that is adorable and perfect for the theme of the game. Now let’s get to the how to play section!


You can play 1 of 3 ways. Be the first to get to the center square on the helipad, OR work as a team and you and another player be the first to the center square, OR the No One Left Behind version where everyone must make to that spot to win. We normally do every player for themselves but with kids new to gaming the No One Left Behind is a great way to introduce them to the game or gaming at all…and might be more fair if the ages or skill levels are all different.


First every player gets a pawn. A kid with a baseball bat. You can choose from Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Red. My husband who normally chooses Green now has to settle for anything else hehe. I love that there are Purple and Pink tokens. We don’t do gender specific colors but I know a lot of girls prefer those two so it was great to see more inclusion of those colors.

Anyway, each player picks their color and gets 3 Brain Tokens and 2 POW Tokens. Put the other pawns in the box and the other two piles of Tokens set aside where players can reach them. Careful not to set them in the middle of the table, you will need this area for the game.

Now shuffle the cards and give 3 to each player. If you are playing cooperatively then just 1 card goes to each player. Put the rest aside and again off to the side but where players can reach. Now find the Town Square tile and place it in the very center of the table/play area.

Take the Helipad tile out and mix up the rest and put them in a pile. Put the Helipad at the bottom so it is the last tile to be drawn and then put the whole pile face-down where everyone can reach. Put all the Pawns in the middle square of the Town Square and the youngest player goes first…you are ready to battle zombies!!


On your turn you will do things in a very specific order. Sort of like Phases.

  1. Draw and place a Tile.
  2. Fight zombies in your current square if there are any.
  3. Draw back up to 3 cards if you have less.
  4. Roll the Die for your movement and move that many spaces.
  5. Roll a die for Zombie movement.

Draw Tile Phase:

You will do those things if you can every turn in that order. Now a more detailed explanation. The first step is exactly as it says, draw and place a Tile. Some tiles will have a name and some number and letters under the name. You will add that many of each item to that Tile. Tokens get added first and then zombies. Z = Zombies, B = Brain Tokens, and P = POW Tokens.

The player whose turn it is places these items where they want to on the Tiles but there can be only one Token on a square and Zombies HAVE to be placed on a square where a Token is. Oh one more thing, the Tiles need to be placed so that no roads are blocked and the arrows match up. All roads need to connect.

Battle Phase:

To fight zombies that are in your square just roll the Die. If you roll a 4, 5, or 6 that zombie goes on a Time Out (moved off the board into the hoard) but if you do not you can choose to spend either POW Tokens to raise your roll to a 4 to beat it OR a Brain Token to re-roll the die.

You can choose and I would base this off of how many you have of each type. The Diva tends to collect a LOT of both since she tends to roll and beat them in the one roll. She is pretty good or lucky at this game.

Now if you have no Tokens of one kind you have to use the other and if you have no Tokens of either kind you “die” sort of. Put your Pawn back in the center of Town Square and you get 3 Brain and 2 POW Tokens and your turn is over. You do have to use any POW Tokens before using your very last Brain Token though. Keep that in mind.

If you do “die” or run out of Brain Tokens and have to start over you still have to finish the steps of your turn and move Zombies. You collect Brain and POW Tokens from the board when you land on them as long as their are no zombies there.

Draw Cards Phase:

You can play a card, but only ONE, per round. A round is considered from the start of your turn to the start of your NEXT turn. You can play them on yourself or another player depending on the card. This is why you can draw back up to 3 cards during that phase in your turn.

Rules about cards, since there are always rules. You can never discard a card without using it, you MUST draw back up to 3 cards during that phase, cards can only be used once and then are discarded and discarded cards are reshuffled to make a new draw deck as necessary. During cooperative games every player must play their one card on each turn. Makes it interesting!

Move Phase:

Now when you move your pawn you can move on to any square on the board but you cannot move diagonally or onto a square that has another player. To move from Tile to another you HAVE to use the arrows on the board which should be matched up.

You can only move the number of spaces that your roll says. If you roll a 5 you can only go 5 spaces, however, you can stop before that if you want to. You can also go through other players…sort of. You count their square as one of your moves but you can’t land on it…make sense? Good..moving on.

If you land on a square with a Zombie you have to stop until you either die or defeat it. Then you can continue your turn with whatever movement you have left. If you do die you do not get to move anymore though.

Zombie Movement:

Roll the Die and move either 1 Zombie that many spaces, or multiple Zombies any number of spaces to equal that number. If you roll a 3 you can choose to move 1 Zombie 3 spaces, 2 Zombies with A going 1 space and B going 2, OR 3 Zombies 1 space each.

They can move on to any square even there is a player…probably especially if there is another player. Just not one with another Zombie on it though.

If you are playing Co-op then all Zombies must move towards players and never away from them. Move the Zombies that are closest to the players first and they will move one square per turn.

The kids love moving the Zombies towards each other most but the Gentleman at least tries to get his dad or me with Zombies. The Diva pretty much focuses on her brother as much as possible. I think it’s payback for him winning for so long at games….or sibling spite maybe?


As I mentioned there are 3 ways to win. You should have decided on which way by now so either one player makes it to the center square of the Helipad (and defeats a Zombie there if there is one), or your team makes it there.

One at a time of course since only one pawn can occupy a square at a time OR everyone reaches the center square. Although in that last version if a player has to restart, or dies everyone loses. Yep you have to play the whole game with no one dying! Challenging!

There are some extra rules in the instructions and even card clarification if you need it, which we did a couple of times so check that as needed. The rules are pretty easy to follow and although it looks like a lot there isn’t much to the game honestly. Simple and easy to learn which is perfect for kids with short attention spans…like most of my family hehe.

Zombies!!! J.R. is probably our most played Family Game Night game and one we now bring to show other kids new games.  Kids can set it up, teach other kids and play without help from adults so you could have Kids Game Night and Adult Game Night at the same time! Most kids love zombies and games so this is a perfect combo.

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“I don’t think anyone wants to cuddle a zombie.”
~ Norman Reedus

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