The Children’s Museum Store: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Recommended Age:8+
Hours:Mon.–Sun., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Cost:Price: $15.95 Member Price: $13.56
Note:Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs
Location:3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208-4716
Notes:Look for other types of putty at the Children's Museum Store!
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First this stuff is weird and looks gross to touch…but it isn’t, it’s Amazing! It can do so many cool things like bounce like a bouncy ball, mold like play-doh, it glows when light shines on it and you can stretch it, tear it, or shatter it! I didn’t know a material like this existed but this Putty is amazing and I see why it made #3 on the list at the Children’s Museum Store.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty or Foxfire Glow Putty is about the coolest thing I have seen. Seriously it is awesome and I find myself just messing with it randomly…my husband too and pretty much anyone who sees it spends time playing with it.

2015-01-11 17.06.29-4 copyThe putty comes in a tin about 1/5 lbs of putty along with the special black light key-chain. The tin is pretty sturdy but is a standard tin so it can dent but nothing drastic. We have dropped it a few times and it has a slight dent it in but it doesn’t affect the putty or really anything.The putty itself is just weird feeling. It looks like it will feel gross and slimy but it doesn’t.

Kids can learn about phosphorescence by playing with this putty. It glows due to the black light key-chain shining UV light on it and the putty itself has a sort of sparkly look to it which looks awesome under that same light.

We did several “experiments” with it which the kids loved because they got to be scientists and wear safety goggles for some of them. They really liked that it glowed when you shined the light on it and had fun writing in it and bouncing it and playing with it. I can try to explain it a little but then I’ll show you how we played.

2015-01-11 16.07.04-1 copyIt Glows!

It is a mint green color until you shine the light on it and then it turns to a blueish purple with a green glow in the middle. Very neat! Kids can practice letters or write messages or even draw pictures in it and it will stay that way for at least a little bit. The speed at which the color fades back varies but the more light shined on it or the longer it is the longer it will stay that way.

It Bounces!

Yep it sure does! You can roll it into a ball or square or whatever shape you want and bounce it on the floor like a ball. Now it doesn’t bounce as high as say a bouncy ball but it bounces enough and is lots of fun! Especially if you bounce it in a weird shape!

 It Molds!

You can mold the putty into any shape you want. It doesn’t mold as easily as play doh and after a LONG time it will go flat on it’s own but it is still pretty cool. We make different shapes with them or flatten it and draw in it. If you roll it up into a ball and put it in the tin it will eventually be completely flat! It took over 30 minutes but it is so cool that it does that on it’s own!

It Stretches!

If you pull it apart it can get really stretchy which is awesome. The kids loved doing this to see how many pieces it would stretch into.

2015-01-11 16.30.08-5 copyIt Tears!

You can also pull it apart and watch it snap in a clean break. Seriously it goes from stretchy to snapping in the same 30 seconds. IF you are quick enough. That is the hard part about trying to snap it is you have to do it just right or have the pieces smaller.

It Shatters!

I didn’t believe this one. How can something that you can mold, bounce and that reacts to UV light also shatter? I am not sure on the science behind that or any of it really. This putty is amazing..but we did try to shatter it! It didn’t work out quite as well as some of the videos because we didn’t use concrete and only had our house hammer. It was still cool to try though!

Watch our video to see how we played and experimented with Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: Foxfire Glow Putty!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz