Our Super Mom: A sort of True telling of parents everywhere

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Our Super Mom is a comic about a retired super hero raising a family. It captures the chaotic day to day life that is a stay at home parent (with a focus on Moms) with the added bonus of being able to avoid traffic jams and other handy abilities.

Paragon is a super hero who met the man of her dreams, retired from being a super hero and had a family. If you are a parent you can relate to the kids fighting in the car, rushing to get home or to the nearest potty during traffic jams. Some parents can relate to making that tough decision to quit your career or adjust to working from home or even part time in order to raise a family.

While Super Mom focuses on a mother of two giving up her career to raise her family there are a lot of men doing that same thing these days. In fact her own husband is a writer who sacrifices time for his family just as much as she does. It is a balancing act that most families can relate to only on a slightly larger and more comical scale.

Paragon, aka, Liza Lang-Ramiro worked as part of a super hero team for 12 years before she decided to hang up the super hero part of her identity. She got married and had two children and stayed out of the spotlight as best she could. Until now, that is, both worlds seem to collide and Liza needs to choose between staying the wife and mother of two or going back to being Paragon.

The comic is in black and white with each title pages (of Family Matters) in color along with the cover. Normally I prefer color comics but I got wrapped up in the story and didn’t actually notice the black and white. The artwork is well done. No ridiculously sized muscles or breasts and very detailed. The color portions of the comic are beautiful and I still think they should have a version in color.

The story is relate-able and fictional all at the same time which is part of its brilliance. Some of the dialogue involving the kids feels a bit forced or that they were trying to include almost TOO many instances of siblings not getting along and tormenting each other. Other than that the plot was interesting and I found myself relating to a lot of what her family was going through…minus the super hero part.


Super Mom is a fun comic to read and relate too. Your kids might just appreciate having it read to them too. It’s a nice break from the chaos of our every day lives and can make you appreciate your crazy life at home (or on the go) even more.

“Mothers are all slightly insane.”
~ J.D. Salinger

Author: sandyz