Quadrillion: A Solitaire puzzle game that’s challenging and fun for everyone!

Recommended Age:7 - 99
Company Site:www.smartgamesusa.com
Play Time:Varies depending on puzzle and player
Our Recommended Age:5 or 6 with help and start on easiest puzzles
Awards:Creative Child Magazine = Game of the year Award 2014
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Smart Toys & Games is known for making outstanding single player puzzle games for all ages and one of our favorites is Quadrillion. This stand out game has you set up a puzzle and fill in the pieces just like some of the other games by Smart Toys & Games but unlike those, Quadrillion has you use the board as part of the puzzle too!

Quadrillion is meant for ages 7 and up and this is probably a really good age to start this game. My Diva can do some of the Starter levels but she starts getting frustrated as they get harder. She lacks the patience…but it can help teach her that so we keep trying. She likes trying and gets super excited when she solves one so we’ll keep at it…the starter ones anyway.

stgquadrillionreviewMy Gentleman on the other hand thinks he is a master at this game…and can actually solve puzzles up to that level. He is starting on Master puzzles and they are quite challenging…for me too! We love puzzles though so this is the perfect game for us.

The box is a simple fold top lid that folds into the front side to secure it and is easy to open and close. Inside is a nice secure insert for the 4 board pieces and all the game pieces fit on top with a clear plastic cover that is shaped to fit the ball shaped pieces.

The lid is open in the middle so without that plastic cover the pieces will fall out and go everywhere…we forgot it one time…oops. The instructions fit right on top of the insert and don’t fall out of the open area unless you slide them up or down to far.

The board pieces are double sided, plastic and magnetic but pretty sturdy. All the pieces are various shapes and ball like and also made of plastic. Not the cheap breakable kind but the nice softer smoother kind. They also come in fun colors…which helps identify the shapes better…which might be the goal.stgquadrillionreview (2)

All in all this is a very well built game and box but there aren’t any other pieces…so now I can try to explain how to play. Remember this is a single player game but if you want to time yourself and another person it becomes a competition!…or a challenge if you want to beat your own score. Now…let’s learn!


Set up and then solve the puzzle by getting all the pieces on the boards.


Set up will depend on which puzzle you choose. There are different levels ranging from Starter to Wizard with a total of 5 levels and 60 puzzles…in the book. Simply choose a puzzle at a level you want to try and set up the boards.

Each puzzle shows you how to set up each of the 4 boards. They all have a Black side and a White side and each side has a number of the opposite color dots to line up. They also take up a spot so it is more of a challenge. Simple line them up based on the challenge picture then add the pieces based on the same picture.


The pieces you have left are the ones you have to try to fit in the empty spots. Turn them, try them in all the spots and never give up! The only rule is you have to put all the pieces on the boards in the circle spots and none can hang off the boards…or stand as my Diva tries to make them so they “fit”.

This game will frustrate you, challenge you, seem to easy and at the same time too hard but when you solve that puzzle…that one puzzle that had you pulling your hair out…you will feel joy like never before. You will yell “I did it!” or “yes” or “ha! got it!” as if you were a kid again….or is that just me?

It is great for kids and adults alike and perfect for teens. It is also a great “Odd man out” game on game nights! Quadrillion is a challenging and insanely fun and addictive puzzle game.

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